All-Asian Intervarsity Debating Championships

Motions for All-Asians 15th NSU(North South University)
All-Asians 2008 Test Debate THBT it is wrong to punish the act of holocaust-denial.
Round 0 THBT Bangladesh should have free and open elections within six months.
THW recognize Tamil Eelam as an independent nation.
THW create a permanent UN Security Council seat for India that includes veto power.

Round 1: ENERGY
THBT biofuels do more harm than good.
TH supports the privatization of all energy production and distribution.
THW no longer price oil in US dollars.

Round 2: 21st CENTURY
TH advocates human colonization of outer space.
THW restrict research and development of artificial intelligence.
THBT humanity will not reach the 22nd Century.

THW allow both men and women to have multiple spouses.
THW allow divorce for any reason. THW eliminate age restrictions for marriage.

THW abolish zoos.
THW make the fur trade illegal. THW not eat whales and sharks.

THW not enforce labor laws on SMEs.
THBT trade liberalization hurts SMEs.
THBT SMEs should not be allowed to hire foreign workers.

THW recognize choice of gender identity as a fundamental human right.
THW disqualify transsexuals from professional sporting events.
THW reserve one-third of seats for women in national legislatures.

Round 7: EDUCATION THBT standardized testing is the enemy of learning.
TH prefers need based higher education scholarships to affirmative action in admissions.
THW require all elementary and secondary schools to include debating in the curriculum.

Octo Finals + EFL Semi Finals: LITERATURE
THBT Asian governments have a duty to support literature in their native language.
THW institute an annual prize for the best pornographic novel.
THBT politicians should not be allowed to publish their autobiographies during their lifetimes.

Quarter Finals: MIGRATION
THBT human trafficking should be made a capital offence.
THBT the migration of high-skilled workers creates ‘brain-gain’ for the sending country.
THBT the ASEAN countries must have an ‘open border’ labour migration policy.

Semi Finals + EFL Final: BUDDHISM
THBT the Dalai Lama uses his position for personal gain.
THBT all Buddhist orders should ordain woman as monks.
THBT non-violent Buddhist social movements do not lead to social change.

Final: MEDIA
TH opposes state run media.
THBT commercial media advertising degrades the quality of life.
THBT celebrities do not have a right to privacy.

14th CAU(Chung Ang University) All-Asians 2007

Round 0: Debate
THW eliminate the humor round from All Asians.
THW allow coaching during preparation time.
THS affirmative action for women in debate.

Round 1: Bioethics
THS the trade of human organs.
THW encourage for profit surrogate motherhood.
THW make genetic screening of fetuses illegal.

Round 2: Terrorism
THW try Guantanamo Bay detainess in their home country.
THW bypass Pakistani authorities in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.
THW export suspected terrorists to countries that allow torture.

Round 3: Elections
THBT the next American President should be elected by a popular vote.
THW adopt fixed election dates in parliamentary democracies.
THW ban campaign finance contributions from corporate lobby groups.

Round 4: Pop Culture
THS the politicization of Hollywood.
THW exempt celebrities from national service.
THW legalize animated child pornography.

Round 5: Refugees
THS the repatriation of North Korean refugees.
THBT Palestinian refugees should be allowed to return to their homeland.
THS the abolition of refugee detention centers in Australia.

Round 6: Obesity
THW prohibit the sale of junk food in school.
THS the establishment of weight requirements for models in the fashion industry.
THW place obese children under the care of the state.

Round 7: War and Technology
THBT America’s allies should reject BMD.
THBT media facilities are legitimate targets in war.

Round 8: Sexual Politics

THBT male to female trans-sexuals should be allowed to compete in sporting events as a woman.
THW abolish statutory rape laws for teenagers.
THW ban the use of social networking websites in catching paedophiles.

Double Octo Finals: The Internet
THW ban websites that encourage suicide.
THW keep copyright law out of You Tube.
THW require pornographic websites to use “.XXX” domain names.

Octo Finals: Environment
THBT airline passengers should be required to pay a carbon emissions tax.
THW require compulsory environmental service for all citizens.
THW end exploration for new sources of oil.

Quarter Finals: NE Asia
THW comfort the comfort women.
THW assassinate Kim Jong Ill.
THBT Taiwan should rejoin China.

Semi Finals: Religion
THW not allow religious organizations to run orphanages.
THBT shariah courts have no place in Islamic democracy.
THBT parents should not have the right to deny medical treatment to their children on religious grounds.

EFL Final: Universities
TH rejects corporate sponsorship of academic research.
TH would prohibit military recruitment on university campuses.
THBT affirmative action in universities should be based on economic class rather than race.

Final: Independence and Conflict
THW forcibly disarm the Tamil Tigers.
THW partition Iraq.
THBT the UN should recognize an independent Kosovo.

13th UPM(Universiti Putra Malaysia) Langkawi All-Asians 2006

Round 0: Southeast Asia
THBT regionalism is the way to go.
THBT ASEAN has failed with Myanmar.
THBT the defense of the Straits of Malacca should be shared.

Round 1: Science & Technology
THW support embryonic stem-cell research.
THW ignore patents to protect lives.
THBT scientists are more valuable to a country than soldiers.

Round 2: Law and Punishment
THBT illegal racers should be whipped.
THBT we should publicly humiliate those who litter.
THW legalize drugs for personal use.

Round 3: Nuclear Power
THBT North Korea has the right to develop nuclear weapons
THW bomb Iran.
THW build more nuclear reactors for the generation of energy.

Round 4: Animal Rights
THW eat whales.
THW ban the fur trade.
THW commit violence to protect animal rights.

Round 5: Immigration Law
THW send illegal immigrants back to where they are from.
THBT immigrants should adapt to the values of the host country.
THW accept political refugee.

Round 6: Humor
THB in little green men.
THW take off their bikini.
THW encourage spanking.

Round 7: Environmental Issue
THBT corporate poachers should be charged with manslaughter. (Mistakenly announced. The word “poachers” was supposed to be “polluters”.)
THW double taxation on fossil fuels.
THBT developed nations should pay for the environment cleanup.

Round 8: International Relations
TH supports the Maoist uprising in Nepal.
THW pay reparations to the victims of colonization.
THW create a Southeast Asia supe-state.

EFL Semi Finals: Media
THBT freedom of speech should prevail over sensitivity.
THW jail spammers.
THW share its music.

EFL Final: Trade
THBT free trade hurts the developing world.
THW allow Taiwan to join the WTO.
THW prosecute currency speculators.

Octo Finals: Society
THW prioritize the rights of society over the rights of an individual.
THW use pornography.
TH supports coercion in the interest of national unity.

Quarter Finals: Finance and Banking
THW not allow foreign ownership of banks.
THW buy dollars.
THW throw money changers out of the temple.

Semi Finals: Small States
THW give independence to Southern Thailand.
THW unite Ireland.
THBT small states should combine for sporting.

THBT US should cut its military expenditure.

11th Assumption All-Asians 2004

Round 0: Sports
THBT sporting associations should suspend indicted sports figures.
TH supports the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports.
THBT the prolonged dominance of competitors harm sports.

Round 1: Sin
THBT governments should profit from their citizen’s sin.
THW keep the punishment of abusive priests private.
THBT people who abuse sin products should be of lesser priority for organ transplants.

Round 2: Monopolies THBT government funded research should be patent free.
THW allow foreign ownership of public utilities.
THW break up Microsoft.

Round 3: Regime Change
THW offer amnesty to hasten regime change.
THW exchange debt for democracy.
THW force the democratization of Myanmar.

Round 4: Women
THW force government enact legislation against domestic abuse.
THBT the women’s movement should celebrate the right of women to portray themselves as sex objects.
THW support women-only corporations.

Round 5: Pop Culture
THBT creative awards are bad for the arts.
THBT pornographic material should be included in all public libraries.
THW reject reality TV.

Round 6-a: Alternative Life Styles (cancelled)
THBT the best way to protect gay rights in the United States is through federal not state policy.
THBT the Government should put a tax on fat.
THW ban paedophilia in a literature.

Round 6-b: Thailand
THBT Thailand should stay out from English Premire League.
THBT the ends justify the means when it comes to fighting drugs.
THBT Thailand should not legislate morality.

Round 7: Ethnicity & Nationalism
THW ban all race-based parties.
THW support dual citizenship.
THBT globalization is in best interest of ethnic minority.

Round 8: More Alternative Life Styles
THBT “Don’t ask. Don’t tell” is a step backward for gay right.
TH supports government funded heroin shooting centers.
THBT cults should be given the same rights as organized religion.

Masters Final: THW ban pedophilia in a literature.

Octo Finals: Environment
THBT the environment should have a seat in Parliament.
THW tax consumer products that harm the environment.
THBT animal rights activists should respect the right of religious practice.

Quarter Finals: Machiavelli & the Military
THW support political assassinations.
THBT disarmament is in the best interest of separatist groups.
THW respect the right to sell nuclear arms.

Semi Finals
THW give eternally displaced persons equal right with international refugee.
THBT the developed world should embrace outsourcing.
THBT the EU should prefer workers from new member state over those from former colony.