Amsterdam Open

Motions for Amsterdam Open
Amsterdam Open 2009
R1: THW give terminally ill patients the right to demand experimental treatment.
R2: THW deny all cash-based welfare benefits to immigrants until they have been a resident for at least five years.
R3: THBT the ICC should never indict individuals who are part of ongoing conflicts for war crimes.
R4: THW give family members the legal right to forcibly commit drug addicts and alcoholics to rehab clinics.
R5: THBT the cutting off of fuel or gas is an illegitimate tool of peacetime foreign policy.
GF: THBT the EU should legally empower separatist regions to secede from member states.


Amsterdam Open 2008
R1: THW criminalize the act of having sex with a heroin-addicted prostitute.
R2: THW not allow political parties to be based on religious grounds.
R3: THW publicly recognize the right of the Tibetan people to national independence.
R4: THW limit the voting rights of the elderly.
R5: THW ban the practice of S&M.
SF: THW mandate multinational companies operating from the EU to provide a reasonable level of education to their workforce in the third world.
GF: THW allow the police to use racial profiling.

Amsterdam Open 2007
R1: THW withdraw state funding for gay pride events.
R2: THBT the state should fund the establishment of imam training colleges in Europe.
R3: THBT the state should provide basic income to all its citizens.
R4: THW introduce an EU-wide system of tradable quotas for asylum seekers.
R5: THBT the state has a right to limit individual freedoms even when there is no harm to third parties.
SF: THBT the EU should adopt different categories of membership.
GF: THW hold biological parents to the same standards as adoptive ones.