Aoyama Women’s Cup

Aoyama Women’s Cup (2018)
THW introduce female gender quota for judges.


THBT the feminist movement should actively oppose norms of stable monogamous relationships


THW not restrict sexual expressions in public (e.g. public nudity, displayal of pornographic images.)


Info Slide: Sex-selective abortion is the practive of terminating a pregnancy based upon the predicted sex of the infant. The selective abortion of female fetuses is most common where male children are valued over female children.
THW ban sex selective abortion


Women’s national (2017)
An international financial institution is an institution that provides finantial and professional advising for the purpose of development. For example, the World Bank has financed many project to build infrastructures.
The Gender Inequality Index measures the quantity of loss of achievement within a counrty due to gender Inequality. It measures the loss on three dimensions of reproductive health, empowerment, and labor market participation of women. The lower the Gender Inequality Index, the more gender equal the society
THBT international finantial institutions (eg World Bank, ADB, AIIB tec) should prioritize projects in nations and regions that have lower gender inequaity index( = prioritize gender equal countries)

TH as privileged (intellectual/good family back ground /having a well payed job….etc) feminist, would not marry males with higher social statuses.

Given the recent decline of popularity of feminism, TH as a woman who believes in the need to advocate for gender equality, would not call oneself a “feminist”

THBT the feminst movement should celebrate the decline of birth rate


Aoyama Women’s Cup (2016) 
As black feminists*, TH welcomes one INTERracial feminist movement as opposed to many INTERracial feminist movements.
Info Slide:
Black feminism is a school of thought which argues that sexism, class oppression, gender identity and racism are inextricably bound together. The movement was formed in an effort to meet the needs of black women.

THW extract the deceased’s sperm for artificial insemination with the partner’s request, regardless of prior consent.

THR “trend” in fasion.

Assuming technology exists, THW erase all memory and history regarding racial and sexual discrimination that have ever existed throughout the human history.


Aoyama Women’s Cup (2015)
As feminist movement, THW campaign for the removal of expression which glorifies weight-loss (such as, but not limited to dieting advertisements, pro-anorexic websites).

In a Western liberal democratic country which accepts substantial number of immigrants, THW adopt assimilation policy as oppose to multiculturalism policy.

TH regrets Amnesty International’s decision to advocate decriminalization of sex work.

In countries where abortion is a crime, TH supports doctors who perform it underground.


Aoyama Women’s Cup (2014)
THW ban any technologies which test human embryos/fetuses for their genetic characteristics.

THW shut down all online dating site which promote adultery (such as Ashley Madison).

THBT companies should not take public stances on LGBT rights issues.

THBT feminist movement should support the use of sex appeal for commercial incentives.