Asian Bridge

Motions for Asian Bridge

THBT parents should be legally liable for the criminal acts committed by their children.
THW criminalize gang membership.
THW prohibit corporations from accessing criminal record of job applicants.


THW introduce 100% inheritance tax.
THW not give financial assistance for the reconstruction of disaster prone areas.
THW eliminate Anti Homeless Architecture.
Anti Homeless Architecture refers to a controversial urban design trend in which public spaces are constructed or altered to discourage people from using them in a way not intended by the owner. It is most typically associated with discrimination against the homeless in the form of “anti-homeless spikes” — studs embedded in flat surfaces to make sleeping rough impractical.


THBT feminist movement should actively promote female participation in military.
THBT the feminist movement should actively discourage women to take risky behavior (wearing seductive cloting, drinking alcohol etc.) in order to avoid sexual assault.
THW ban all forms of pornography.


THW limit airtime/coverage for terrorist incidents to only reporting of statistics.
Assuming feasibility, THW replace all adjudicators with AI.
THBT public universities in liberal developing countries.


THW allow public servants to criticize their government.
THBT top officials affected by personal scandal should resign.
THW ban celebrities from participating in politics.


TH oppose tiger-parenting as a form of education.
THBT the feminist movement should oppose fairy tales which portray traditional gender roles.
THW allow minorities to design and teach their own history curriculum in schools.


Asian Bridge 2018
THBT universities should never prohibit research or teaching on he grounds of sexist, racist or otherwise discriminatory implications.
THBT parents and educators should actively encourage children to invest in their physical appearance and attractiveness.
THW ban private schools.


THW allow immigrants to vote in all elections.
THBT it is legitimate for indigenous communities to take armed resistance against development projects which affects their communities.
THW establish exclusive schools for the LGBTQ.


THBT US should ban the private ownership of all guns.
TH, as Okinawan people, would seek for independence from Japan.
THW torture terrorist for information.


Asian Bridge 2017
R1 Theme: Money
In times of economic crisis, THBT governments should withhold information that negatively affects the economy from the public.
THBT governments which societies have gender gap should financially incentivize men to be house-husbands.
In the context of post conflict area, THW financially incentivize interracial and interfaith marriage.


R2 Theme: 古典
THW prohibit methods of animal slaughter prescribed by religions that cause prolonged pain to the animals involved.
THW legalize the usage of all recreational drugs including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, and MDMA.
THW require all schools to provide sex education.


R3 Theme: Discourse
THW ban broadcasting crimes which supposed togain public attention.
As a scientist who found new mental disease,THW not name that disease.
THBT LGBT community should oppose hook upculture.


Asian Bridge 2016
THW introduce female quota to the number of executive board of companies.
THBT apparence is legitimate criteria for employment.
THW prohibit price gounging after natural disasters.


THW include graphic images of the process and consequence of abortion in the teaching of sex education in public schools.
THW abolish the minimum age requirement for marriage.
THBT the disability rights movement should exploit rather than oppose “inspiration porn.”


THBT juries should only include individuals that are from the same socio-economic class as the defendant.
THW abolish vernacular schools.
THBT governments should prioritize the influx of immingrants rather than incentivizing higher rates of children from citizens.


Asian Bridge 2015
THW ban the public display of sacrilegious art.
THW prohibit methods of animal slaughter prescribed by religions that cause prolonged pain to the animal.
THW ban enterprises that seek to gain profit from the supernatural(such as fortune telling, ghost busters etc)


THW no longer require the victim’s onsent to prosecute those guilty of committing domestic violence.
THW establish exclusive schools for the LGBTQ.
THW exempt indigenous communities from laws relating to environmental protection.


THW ban advertisements which utilize traditional gender roles.
THBT female movements should seek a ban on pornogrphy.
THBT army bases should have their own brothels.


Asian Bridge 2014
THW abolish school uniform.
THBT parents should not have the right to deny medical treatment to their children on religioud grounds.
THW criminalize the payment of ransom.


R2: Freedom and choices
THW legalize sadomasochism.
THBT those on organ transplant waiting lists should be prioritized according to lifestyle options.
THW ban smoking in public places.


R3: The power and influence
THBT there should be a minimum Body Mass Index (BMI) for women on television.
THBT political parties do more harm than good to democratic elections.
THBT the feminism movement should condemn female popstars’ sexually provocative performances.


Asian Bridge 2013

R1: Democracy Now!
THW make voting mandatory.
THBT democratic reform is more important than economic growth for China.
THW televise court trials.


R2: Goodbye, Authorities
THW prohibit religious organizations from establishing schools.
THW cap the number of patents which one company can simultaneously hold.
THBT parents whose children are grossly obese should be punished for child abuse.


R3: Love & Sex
THW allow surrogacy for profit in developing countries.
THBT the media should not fabricate extra-marital affairs.
THBT doctors should reveal the information about patients’ sexual transmitted diseases to their partners even without their consents.


Asian道場 2012
Round 1
Theme: School with Authority
THBT employers should not have access to job applicants’ academic background.
THW ban homeschooling.
THBT developing states should prioritize the education for the mass over the education for creating elites.


Round 2
Theme: Radical Ways
THW impose physical castration on sex offenders.
THBT rape trials should be presided exclusively by female judges/juries.
THW legalize bestiality.


Round 3
Theme: Social Movements
THBT gay parade does more harm than good to gay community.
THBT feminist movements should not campaign against polygamy in poor countries.
THBT social movements should use the courts rather than the legislature to advance social change.