Asian Debate Institute

Motions for Asian Debate Institute

Asian Debate Institute Summer 2017

R1A:THW cut funding to secondary school for low graduate rates
R1B:THBT school systems should build curricula in a way that emphasis
national pride.
R2A:TH regrets the rise of the political discussion in social media.(facebook
twitter )
R2B: THBT movement should prioritize using social media over socializing physical movement

R3A:(Info slide) ・Minority groups are often known for a certain positive but
exaggerated stereotypes
-e.g. Chinese people have a culture of studying really hard and
are good at math
-e.g. African-American are better at sport because black kids
have a culture of playing a lot of basketball.
TH,as a minority group, supports widespread positive but inaccurate
depiction of culture in a mainstream media.
R3B:THB in the censorship of art.
R4A:THW torture terrorist for information.
R4B:TH supports political movements using violent action when peaceful
protest has failed.
Oct:THW allow children to sue parents for past negligence in raising the children.
QF:THBT national war memorials should commemorate on the casualties of all
side of the conflict
SF:THW create public housing for poor people in wealthy neighborhood.
GF:(Info slide) ・ In a context of this motion, a pleasure machine is a perfect
simulation of real life where you can decide everything about your
life (i.e. income intelligence appearance etc). Entering this
machine is permanent. You will retain memories of your previous
life. You can extend your natural life span.
THW plug into the pleasure machine

Asian Debate Institute Summer 2016
THW give more votes to the poor

THBT the state should subsidize non-essential plastic surgery

THW financially incentivize women to take courses which have traditionally low enrollment

THW criminalize gang membership

THW give amnesty to dictators who voluntarily step down

THBT Disney should make a princes with many lovers instead of one true love

THW ban religious leader from participating in elections in liberal democracy

THBT adoption agencies receiving state funding should prioritize same-sex couples
TH regrets the characterization of soldiers as heroes.



Asian Debate Institute Summer 2015

THR cram school culture

THBT government should deprioritize healthcare services to individuals living unhealthy lifestyles.

THBT states should pay househusbands.

THW ban religious leaders from running for office.
THW limit rural to urban immigration.
THW not punish criminals when they have been forgiven by the victims.
THBT feminist movement should oppose male objectification by female artists

Asian Debate Institute Summer 2013
THW allow athletes to use performance enhancement drugs
THW remove the tax exemption on religious institutions
THW incentivise people to buy domestic agricultural products rathar than foriegn products
THW not subsidize the reconstruction of disaster prone area
THS the use of torture in the fight against terrorism
THW not use drones for military purposes
THW privatize the healthcare system
THW send illegal immigrants back home
THW send female diplomats to countries that oppress women
THBT public & private schools should teach LGBT-inclusive sex education
In countries with booming population. THW introduce “one-child policy”
THW ban sexist advertisements

Asian Debate Institute Winter 2013
Round 1 : Big Small States
THBT religious education should take place only within state run public schools
THBT prisons should be run by private companies
THBT the state should own a media company

Round 2 : In the Courtroom
THBT criminal court judges should be directly elected by the people
THW use juries in all criminal trials
THW televise criminal trials

Round 3 : Womyn
THW legalize government run brothels
THS the right of women to use their sexuality to advance their careers
THW subsidize a parent to stay at home with their child

Round 4 : Well-being
THBT state should subsidize vegetarianism
THW prioritize organ transplants to those who have led healthy lifestyles
THW require restaurants to portion meals to have balanced nutrition.

Round 5 : Religion or Faith
THBT religion has done more harm than good
THW remove tax exemptions for religious institutions
THW not allow religious communities to expel members based on incorrect religious beliefs

Round 6 : Connecting to Others
THW remove age restrictions on film viewing
THBT employers should not be able to forbid their employees from accessing social networking sites at their workplace.
THW legalize simulated child pornography

Round 7 : Strangers in a Strange Land
THW give amnesty to illegal immigrants who have spent a significant time in the country
THW defend the right of nations to make cultural similarity a requirement for immigration
THBT states should subsidize the creation of mixed ethnic housing communities

Round 8 : Self Development
THBT we should only be taxed for social services we use.
THW pay the poor to not have children.
THW not give welfare to people who refuse to move to areas with more job opportunities.

Quarters : International re-Relations
THBT the Palestinian Authority should directly charge Israel for war crimes at the ICC
THBT international military interventions must include a partner from the region where the intervention is taking place
THW remove all sanctions on Iran

Octofinals : Edumacation
THW ban home schooling
THBT Students with disabilities should be taught in the same class as everyone else
THW not make class attendance compulsory

Semis : Unfamiliar families
THW ban international adoption
THW celebrate the childless woman
THS the right of parents to send their children to gay correctional therapy

Finals : Northeast Asia
THBT China is ready for multi-party elections
THBT the US should get out of South Korea and Japan
THW break up the Chaebols

Asian Debate Institute Summer 2012
R1 : THBT university education should be free
R2 : THW ban teen pop groups
R3 : THBT election candidates should receive election funding only from the state
R4 : THBT employers should be allowed to discriminate on lifestyle factors (such as smoking and obesity) when hiring.
R5 : THW grant amnesty to dictators in exchange for their resignation
R6 : THBT the WTO should enforce a minimum environmental standard on all their members
OF : Religious missionary groups must promote national health policies even if it’s against their faith
QF : States should subsidize production of pornography that promotes healthy sexual relationships
SF : This House regrets NATO’s evolution into an active military force
GF : THW reserve seats in national parliaments for candidates under the age of 30

Asian Debate Institute Summer 2011
R1: THBT religious organizations should not be allowed to access criminals in jails.
R2: THBT the government should fund sex change operations.
R3: THW ban private schools.
R4: THW ban politicians from owning media companies.
R6:THW give work visas to all illegal workers currently residing in the United States.
R8: THW give organs to patients that have had lead an unhealthy lifestyle.
OF: THBT the public interest should be a legitimate legal defense for people charged with leaking state secrets.
QF: THBT the developed countries should increase government spending to combat recession.
SF: THBT all criminal defendants should be required to use public lawyers.
GF: THW trade with oppressive regimes.

Asian Debate Institute Summer 2010
R1: THBT university graduates should pay higher taxes
R2: THW ban religious symbols in all government offices
R3: THW allow doctors to refuse to perform treatments that are against their own ethical principles
R4: THW make offenders of non-violent crimes perform community service rather than serve prison time
R5: THW ban all digitally enhanced images in advertisements
R6: THW remove all forms of protection on the local film and television industry
R7: THW lift all sanctions on North Korea now
R8: THBT parents should be allowed to access their children’s facebook accounts
QF: THW televise executions
SF: THW impose mandatory counselling for survivors of attempted suicide and their families
GF: THW ban mail order brides