Asian Novice 2 Days

Motions for Asian Novice 2 Days
Asian Novice 2 days (2005)
PR: THW abolish death penalty.

R1: Entertainment
THW ban child performers: singers, actors, etc.
THW ban gambling.
THW ban the use of animals for entertainment.

R2: Education
THBT it is necessary to hit children.
THW abolish the sports education in junior high school.
THW provide the university education for free.

R3: Science
THW allow cloning.
THW support genetically modified food.
THW introduce surrogate motherhood.

R4: Environment
THBT all nuclear power plants should be abolished.
THW introduce CO2 tax.
THW cut down all Japanese cedars.

SF: Gender
THW ban the use of thin women for advertisement.
THW allow gay marriage.
THW expand woman’s right.

GF: Security
THBT U.S. bases aren’t necessary for Asian countries.
THBT we never negotiate with terrorists.
THBT Taiwan should be independent of China.