Asian Schools Debate Championship

Motions for ASDC
Motions for Asian Schools Debate Championship

2013 Asian Schools Debating Championships hosted by Claret School of Quezon City in the Philippines
Round 1: Politics and governance
THW make the salary of politicians equal to the per capita income of the country
THBT believes that corporations should not be allowed to contribute to campaigns
THW prefer a technocratic autocracy over a populist democracy

Round 2: Religion
THW compel religious adoption agencies to accept capable LGBT parents
THBT Free Speech should include the right to offend religions
THW remove all legal and economic privileges granted to religious organizations

Round 3: Finance and Economics
THW break up the big banks
THBT home countries should not penalize is citizens/corporations for bribery in foreign states
THBT multinational corporations have a duty to maintain a strong presence (majority of their industry) in their home countries

Round 4: parents and children
THBT parents should be given access to all password of their children’s social networking accounts
THW pay teenagers/young individuals who do not get pregnant/impregnate before they graduate
THW prevent parents from religiously indoctrinating their children

Round 5: Rights
THW force feed prisoners who go on Hunger strikes
THBT welfare benefits should be contingent upon a drug test
THW allow workers to sell their rights

Round 6: What ifs
In the face of Armageddon, THW fill the last boat (the last boat will survive) with seriously ill people instead of criminals
Assuming we had the technology to detect homosexual genes, THW allow individuals to abort their gay fetuses
THBT the government should actively invest in human beings to attain “Marvel Comic” powers

Round 7: IR
TH supports the disbandment of the EU
THBT it’s high time for Palestine to absolutely lay down its arms in its quest for independence
THBT the ICC should prosecute crimes against democracy (i.e. Massive electoral fraud and vote rigging, vote buying, suppression of the opposition, etc.)

Open Octo Final: Education
THW abolish affirmative action criteria based on gender/ethnicity in university admissions
THW stream (put them in one class) students based on their academic performance
TH actively supports the move towards online degrees

Open Quarter Final and Novice Semi Final: Environment
THBT environmentalists should exaggerate the effects of global warming
THW subject the conviction or acquittal of environmental terrorists to a referendum
THW prohibit developed nations from dumping toxic waste in developing nations

Open Semi Final: War
THBT it should be the legal obligation of invading countries to pay for the reconstruction of occupied nations
THW launch a full military invasion against North Korea
THW try its citizens who commit acts of terrorism as enemy combatants

Novice Grand Final: Media and the arts
THW rewrite Disney stories to account for political correctness
THR the Hollywoodization of independent films (Hollywoodization: when Hollywood buys the rights over these films and when Hollywood actors star in them)
THW prevent journalists from covering mass shootings in detail

Grand Final: Meta-debates
THBT there is no such thing as animal cruelty
THBT humanity is better off without sexual desires
THBT God is nothing but a social construct
1st ASDC 2009 at De La Salle University
THBT teacher’s pay should be based on student’s performance.
THW allow schools to punish student’s by conducting public caning.
THW ban the sale of Junk Food in Schools.

Round 2: The Purple Rainbow
THW disallow private Catholic Schools from firing homosexual teachers.
THW include homosexuality in compulsory sex education programs in school.
THW not allow openly gay individuals to hold key military positions.

Joke Motions: The Toughest Race
THBT South Korea should invade North Korea.
THW ban Singapore from hosting the Youth Olympic Game in 2011.
THBT the Philippines should merge all its islands together.

Round 3: The Oriental Dragon
THBT it is finally time to expel Myanmar from ASEAN.
THBT America should remove its guarantee of military support for Taiwan.
THBT Google should not participate in internet censorship in China.

Round 4: Moral Dilemmas
THBT parents should not decide on the sexual assignment of their intersexed infants.
THBT police officers should not be allowed to entrap pedophiles.
THW compel doctors to report signs of marital abuse.

Round 5: Pop Culture
TH regrets the popularity of films that parody the Holocaust.
THBT record companies should make contract renewal of pop stars contingent on good conduct.
TH condemns the unfair editing of reality TV shows.

Round 6: Classic with a Twist
THW extend the death penalty to minors.
THBT convicted drunk drivers should be banned from drinking ever again.
THW ban celebrities from running for elections.

Round 7: Women
THW decline fertility assistance to the poor.
THBT the state should force men to provide child support for unwanted pregnancies.
THBT liquor companies should not market their alcohol with women.

OF: Health
THW make fitness class optional in schools.
THBT health insurance should also cover illegal immigrants.
THW prevent religious institutions from influencing laws regarding health.

QF: Military
THBT parents have a right to enlist their children as freedom fighters against an oppressive state.
THBT would not allow the military to offer scholarships as incentives to be enlisted.
THBT Soldiers should be allowed to withdraw from fighting on religious grounds.

SF: The Law
THW ban the cross examination of a rape victim’s sexual history.
THBT the state should appoint all expert witnesses.
THBT a judge can exonerate an individual who

GF: THW deny non tax paying citizens the right to vote.