Asian Universities Debating Championship

Motions for AUDC

Motions for Asian Universities Debating Championship

5th EWU(East West University) AUDC 2009
THBT while the mother has jurisdiction over the uterus, the state has a superior interest in protecting the life of the unborn child.

THBT entertainment awards should not be bestowed on individuals who have committed acts of domestic violence in their private lives.
TH will not allow being labelled a homosexual as grounds for defamation claims.
TH wants politicians convicted of corruption to resign even when the political fallout is minimal.

THW let Iran have its nukes … if it wants them.
TH thinks that the two state solution is not going to work .. and thinks three states is more like it.
TH wants Obama to lift the embargo on Cuba without any pre-conditions.

THW scrap copyright laws in the internet age.
THW tax virtual commerce such as in Second Life.
THBT genetically modified foods should be embraced without reservation.

Round 4: RIGHTS
THBT an individual’s right to free speech includes his right to defame religions.
THB life is sacred but you can end it if it is yours.
THW allow people to experiment and experience psychotropic drugs.

THBT gay marriages should be left to the courts (ala Iowa) and not referenda (ala California).
THBT third world nations with large, poor, illiterate populations are right in seeking the stability of technocratic elite-driven governments.
THBT votes in supranational organisations should be assigned on the basis of population and not ‘one-nation-one-vote’.

THW commercialise regulated hunting of large fauna to protect them.
THW subsidise every electric car purchase.
THW nationalize mineral resources.

THW force beggars, street urchins, and the homeless off the streets.
THW use convict labour for national projects.
THBT child labour should be incorporated as a poverty alleviation mechanism in third world nations.

THW make medical insurance mandatory for all citizens.
THBT the state should fund faith-based services.
THBT the state should finance movies that promote desirable social messages.

THW not sell arms to or include in military alliances any non-democracies.
THW prioritise ending of bloodshed over the punishment of genocidaires.
THW violate the sovereignty of states unable to control global mal-contents within their territory.

THBT the social sanction against nudity is a feudal restraint on our personal choices.
THW allow polygamous unions.
THBT paedophilia can be allowed where an adolescent’s parent consents to the relationship.

THW allow individuals to spoil their good health in their pursuit to look good.
THW allow teenagers to obtain the morning-after pill without parental consent.
THBT vegetarianism is the smarter lifestyle.

THW not prosecute government staffs who commit torture during the Bush era.
THBT the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy is crucial to national security.
THW disallow couples with severe genetic disability to give birth to children.

THBT the emigration of the best and the brightest from poor countries to the first world profits both countries.
TH feels that the Catholic Church should waive celibacy requirements for its priests.
THBT nuclear energy is a bad way to replace fossil fuels.

4th IIU(International Islamic University) AUDC 2008
Young Ones
THW allow abortion on the ground of permanent physical deformity.
THBT the government should take away obese children from their parents.
THBT the state should financially support single teenage pregnant mothers.

THW not allow elected MPs to change their political parties.
THW allow unrestricted religious conversion of its citizens.
THBT Malaysian government should end its subsidy on oil.

Bargaining and Concessions
THW give aid to Myanmar in exchange of political concessions from the military junta.
THBT it is time for South Africa to cut its aid to Zimbabwe until Mugabe steps down.
THW make recognition of an independent Kosovo a precondition for Serbia’s membership into the WTO.

THW legalize incestuous marriages.
THW recognize the choice of identity for those who have undergone sexual reassignment surgery.
THBT Non-citizens should not be allowed to be legal prostitutes.

THW have airtime quota on domestic media to promote women’s sports.
THBT players should walk off the field in response to racist hooliganism.
TH should lift the ban on expression of political beliefs by athletes during sporting events.

THW make economic aid conditional on opening up development tenders to foreign bidders.
THW punish companies’ home for bribing abroad.
THW make eco-labeling mandatory for cross-border trade.

THW restrict aid to troubled democracies unless their election is held under an international body.
THW ban campaign contribution from foreign entities in national election.
THBT Asian democracies should disallow the succession of close relatives to top political posts.

State & Religion
THW allow use of Sharia Law for Muslim minorities in Britain.
THW grant unrestricted access to pilgrimage sites to people of other faiths.
THW impose a quota for female teachers on government subsidized madrasas.

Food Security
THW impose a moratorium on the production of Bio-Fuel.
THW nationalize the food production.
THW not leave food prices in the hands of the market.

US Foreign Policy
THBT United States should lift the embargo on Cuba.
THBT Lebanon should accept United States’ offer of military aid to fight the Hezbollah.
THBT United States should involve Iran in the nation-building of Iraq.

THBT Media corporations should be held accountable only to their shareholders.
THBT broadcast media organizations in the US should provide equal airtime to competing views on controversial issues.
TH supports full live television coverage of legislative sessions.

THW support surrogacy for profit.
THBT private insurance companies should be allowed to access genetic information of its policy applicants.
THW ban pharmaceutical companies from giving monetary compensation to clinical trial volunteers.

In Times of War
THBT United States should not detain juvenile enemy combatants.
THBT conscription of child soldiers by their parents is justified in the war for freedom.
THBT in times of war, the state should offer convicts imprisoned for heinous crimes the option to fight for the army in exchange of conditional pardon.

3rd ITB(Institute of Technology Bandung) AUDC 2007
Round 1: Geopolitics
THW kiss and make up with Iran.
THW penalize nations that shield rogue regimes.
THBT anti corruption agencies should be run by members of the political opposition.

Round 2: Women
THW require models to have a minimum BMI (body mass index).
THW monitor mothers that smoke or drink during their pregnancy.
THW not require the victim’s consent in prosecuting cases of domestic violence.

Round 3: Education
THW put an end to government-funded educational assistance to students convicted of drug offenses.
THBT the No Child Left Behind Policy should not be reauthorized.
THW fund primary education only for people who need it.

Round 4: Arms
THW not sell arms to governments facing separatist movements.
THW abolish the constitutional right to bear arms.
TH supports the remilitarization of Japan.

Round 5: The Law
THW not allow jury members to sell their stories.
THW fire police officers responsible for coercing confessions.
THW not allow lawyers to question the sexual history of rape victims in open court.

Round 6: Media
THW cap the circulation of popular print media.
THW celebrate the rise of reality TV shows.
TH regrets sensationalist news.

Round 7: Political Players
THW ban religious political parties whose constitution violates the rights of women.
THW permanently deny persons convicted of political crimes the opportunity to run for public office.
THW offer amnesty to dictators who step down.

EFL Semi Finals: Indonesia
That Indonesia should be remunerated for providing AI samples to pharmaceutical companies.
THW criminalize university officials for crimes committed behind their school gates.
THW penalize Indonesia for the haze.

EFL Final: Intellectual Property
THW not allow patenting of indigenous knowledge.
THBT developing nations should crack down on home users of pirated software.
THW make use of open source software mandatory in government offices.

Octo Finals: Economics
THW make microcredit programs a pre-requisite for developmental aid.
THBT first world corporations should pay farmers in developing countries more than market prices for their produce.
THBT aid agencies should not cooperate in projects for which tenders are not open to foreign bidders.

Quarter Finals: Parenting
THBT parents need to prove their competence in order to raise children.
THW allow parents to abort fetuses in the third trimester on the grounds of physical deformity.
THBT sperm donors can opt to have parental rights over their offspring.

Semi Finals: Energy
THW penalize Russia for turning off the gas.
THBT only democratic states have a right to civilian nuclear energy.
THW sacrifice forests for bio fuel.

Final: Religion
THBT the West should respect the personal laws of its minorities.
THBT immigrant minorities in Europe need to take up the burden of integration.
THW extradite extremist Islamist preachers.

Masters QF: THW Invade the US.
Masters SF: THW Ban South Park.
Masters GF: THBT Latin America should side with Hugo Chevas rather than George Bush.

2nd Ateneo AUDC 2006
Round 0: education
THBT universities should scrap examinations.
THW take religion out of school.
THW let parents choose their children’s curriculum.

Round 1: Principle
TH cannot prohibit smoking in public places.
THBT morality needs policing.
THW walk naked down the middle of the street.

Round 2: Science
TH supports the WTO’s clause of prohibiting discrimination against products on the basis of origin and process.
THW establish a DNA profiling system for all its citizens.
THW take organs from dead people.

Round 3: Japan
THBT the second largest economy is entitled to a permanent seat.
THBT Japan should stop squabbling about pieces of rock.
THBT Japan should have the right to collective defence.

Round 4: Sport
THW unite the WPGA and PGA tours.
THW introduce video refereeing in all professional sports.
THBT the Olympic needs more sports like synchronized swimming.

Round 5: Humour
THBT it is time for Michael Jackson to play the race card.
THBT Charles should not married the Rottweiler.
THBT Ratzinger should have taken the name Ringo the first.

Round 6: Malasia
THBT Malasia is too dependent on foreign labour.
THBT Malasia should drop national service.
THBT the national car is more of a liability than an asset.

Round 7: Politics
THBT the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus service is a joke.
THBT Blair should stop waving the stars and stripes.
THW reunify the USSR.

EFL Semi Finals: North East Asia
THBT North Korea is ready to fall.
THBT Hong Kong judiciary should stay consistent with mainland China.
THW give pipe-line to China.

EFL Finals: Europe
THW reject the EU constitution.
THBT a Bloc with a single currency should have a single language.
THBT NATO should be more of a hawk than a dove.

Octo Finals: Life & Choices
THBT Terri Schiavo was murdered.
THW sell babies.
THBT state has no business limiting the size of families.

Semi Finals: 60 50 30
THBT Russia should apologize to the Baltic States.
THW make reparations to Vietnam starting now.
THBT Koizumi should have kept his mouth shut in Bandung.

Final: Women?
THBT woman should have as much right to lead(?) prayers as man.