Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships(Easters)

Motions for Easters

Motions for Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships(Easters)

UQ(University of Queensland) Easters 2009
Round 1: Children
That we should prohibit international adoption.
That children should not be allowed to work in the modeling industry.
That we should allow corporate sponsorship of schools.

Round 2: Disasters
That the state should refuse to assist in rebuilding areas prone to extreme weather events.
That convicted child arsonists should go to conferencing sessions with victims rather than juvenile detention.
That we should abolish the right to stay and defend during bushfires.

Round 3: Sex
That the use of condoms in pornography should be mandatory.
That anonymous sperm donation should be abolished.
That people should not be allowed to have sex with virtual children in online games.

Round 4: Sponsored by UBS
That government stimulus packages should not include cash handouts.
That the implementation of Australia’s carbon emissions trading scheme should be postponed.
That the minimum wage should be frozen during times of recession.

Round 5: International Relations
That the Unites States should stop giving all forms of aid to Israel.
That Western governments should stop China from buying their natural resource companies.
That we should remove all sanctions on North Korea.

Round 6: Minorities, homosexuals and women
That nightclubs should not be able to exclude people on the basis of sexuality.
That we should make welfare payments to indigenous parents contingent on their children’s attendance at school.
That custody of children born to young teenage mothers should go to the grandparents.

Octo Finals: Civics
That all citizens should be required to complete a set amount of community service every year.
That we should require migrants to pass an exam before granting them citizenship.
That citizens should be able to recall their government at any time.

Quarter Finals: Finance
That the government should limit the amount of debt that corporations can have on their balance sheets.
That the US government should take back executive bonuses paid by companies that have received a bail-out.
That we should restrict poor people’s access to credit.

Semi Finals: Health
That we should ban homosexual re-education camps.
That insurance companies should be able to obtain DNA tests from those applying for coverage.
That it should be an offence for people to fail to have regular medical check-ups.

Grand Final: Law and Order
That we should criminalize membership of bikie gangs.
That indigenous people convicted of a crime should be sentenced traditionally by their own community.
That the media should not be allowed to identify criminal suspects before they go to trial.
Sydney Easters 2007
Round 1:
That we should introduce performance based pay for teachers.
That the government should only fund the compulsory years of education.
That we should ban home schooling.

Round 2:
That we would put an end to plea-bargaining.
That we would prevent criminals from publishing accounts of their crimes.
That we would stop the extradition of criminals to the US until Guantanamo Bay is shut down.

Round 3:
That the Australian Government should pay for a national broadband network.
That governments have an obligation to protect iconic national companies from foreign ownership.
That we should ban character assassination in political advertising.

Round 4:
That Western governments should support violent dissident groups in dictatorships.
That religious organizations should not be involved in the provision of foreign aid.
That we would create separate independent states for the ethnic groups of Iraq.

Round 5:
That Australia should introduce Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs).
That doctors should be compelled to report suspected instances of domestic violence.
That the state should take custody of morbidly obese children.

Round 6:
That we would establish international protectorates over environmentally significant areas.
That all new buildings should be required to generate their own power.
That car manufacturers should be held liable for the environmental damage caused by their vehicles.

Octo Finals:
That failure to disclose a sexually transmitted disease to a sexual partner should be a criminal offence.
That we would not allow the prescription of anti-depressants to children.
That the government should fund unlimited cycles of IVF.

Quarter Finals:
That we would use military force to oust Robert Mugabe.
That we would support independence for Kosovo.
That the world should lift the sanctions on the Palestinian Authority.

Semi Finals:
That vitamins and food supplements should be subject to the same approval and testing requirements as over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.
That intellectual property rights should not be enforced in the developing world.
That we would abolish the minimum wage.

Grand Final:
That the permanent members of the UN Security Council should dismantle their nuclear arsenals.
That we should impose a radical tax to eliminate our reliance on oil.
That the US should give up its security guarantee for Taiwan.
UWA(University of Western Australia) Westers 2005
Round 1: Education
That the government should have a greater focus on TAFE education.
That we should impose higher English standards on international students.
That we should have a national standardised secondary syllabus.

Round 2: Sport
That we should remove salary caps.
That teams with hooligan fans should play behind closed doors.
That performance-enhancing drugs have a place in sport.

Round 3: Social Issues
That publicly ‘outing’ gay celebrities, helps the gay cause.
That parents should not have the right to refuse treatment for their child on religious grounds.
That childhood obesity should be treated as child abuse.

Round 4: Politics
That the Prime Minister should have a fixed term.
That we would outlaw political donations by corporations.
That we should give criminals the right to vote.

Round 5: War and Terror
That the US should be forced to pay compensation to families of civilian casualties.
That we would bring Hicks home.
That Mamdouh Habib should be compensated.

Octo Finals:
That the US should cease supporting Saudi Arabia.
That we would support US air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.
That George Bush’s intelligence is a global threat.

Quarter Finals:
That we should agree to a Australia-China FTA.
That we should empower the WHO to limit mobility in times of epidemic disease.
That we would employ women as foreign diplomats to countries where women are second class citizens.

Semi Finals:
That we believe that heterosexuals make better parents.
That the Courts need to condemn more and understand less.
That HIV positive workers should tell their employers of their status.

Grand Final:
That the Iraqi government should seek direction from the Koran.
That tsunami relief should be tied aid.
That Taiwan should declare independence now.

Joke Round
That the problem with political jokes is that they mostly get elected.
That a woman’s intelligence is proportional to the length of her skirt.
That Casey Donovan is a poor Australian idol.
UNSW(University of New South Wales) Easters 2004
Round 1:
That we should pay Asylum seekers to go home.
That the Australian Dollar should be pegged to the Euro.
That we should support David Hicks and Marmoudh Habib.

Round 2:
That car pooling should be compulsory.
That the Tasmanian Government should lose the right to permit logging.
That high rise development spells the end of Australian Cities.

Round 3:
That we should segregate genetically modified products in retail stores.
That parents should have a right to choose the gender of their children.
That exploration of Mars is an exercise in stupidity.

Round 4:
That we should offer tax incentives for individuals who become proficient in English.
That smokers should be refused medicare.
That we should put the Doggies on a leash.

Round 5:
That we should legalise gay marriage.
That organ donation should be mandatory.
That we should jail people who fail to disclose STD’s before intercourse.

Octo Finals:
That Saddam Hussein should be tried in a US military Court.
That we should offer immunity for information to Al Qaeda members.
That the assassination of political leaders can be justified.

Quarter Finals: Australian Politics
That the media is mightier than the parliament.
That the Greens are the future of Australian politics.
That we should abolish the states.

Semi Finals: Indigenous Affairs
That the Redfern riots were long overdue.
That we should dissolve ATSIC.
That we should guarantee indigenous people a place at university.

Grand Final: Law & Order
That imprisonment should be mandatory for white-collar crime.
That DNA evidence should have no weight.
That we should elect the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia.