Debate no Susume

Motions for Debate no Susume

Debate no Susume Lesson 15(2019)

THBT the feminist movement should oppose anti-aging products
THBT the use of erotic capital by women does more harm than good
THBT #metoo movement should prioritise a path towards redemption over retribution


Assuming Mars has been terraformed and is ready to house human civilisation, THW require that all the settlers on mars be atheists
TH prefers corporatocracy over democracy
THW prefer a monocultural society over a multicultural society
Info slide:
Corporatocracy is an economic and political system controlled by corporations or corporate incentives.


R3: THW require that all ads and packaging of luxury goods to include poverty pin ups (e.g. the price of this bag could have sent ten children to school)
THBT progressives should abandon the rhetoric of the lottery of birth
THW cancel third-world debts on the condition that the countries will pursue an environment-friendly agenda


THR the emphasis on sex in romantic relationships
THW allow biological fathers to waive their parental rights and responsibilities prior to the maximum allowable time of abortion
THR the concept of “the one that got away”
Info slide:
“The one that got away” is a person who you we’re originally supposed to end up with, but due to a cause of fate or by consequences cause by you the relationship failed and as time goes by you wonder what you and that person could have been, making them the one that got away.


Rookie SF:
THR the transformation of university campuses into safe spaces
THS racial profiling
THW allow the testing of experimental treatments on patients with terminal illness
Info slide:
Safe space is a place intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations.


Rookie GF:
THW nationalise the ownership of Big Data
THW mandate the public display of private collections
THBT the ICC should be granted the right to use bounty hunters
Info slide:
Big Data – Extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions


Open Pre-QF:
THBT RuPaul’s Drag Race has done more harm than good to the transgender community
THR #NoHomo
TH regrets the choice of trans women to subscribe to traditional standards of female beauty
Info slide 1:
RuPaul’s Drag Race is an American show that makes the fiercest drag queens of America to compete for the title of the Next Drag Superstar. Recently this show has been under criticism for not letting post surgery drag queens to compete.Info slide2
“No homo” is a phrase used as slang at the end of a sentence to assert the statement spoken by the speaker had no intentional homosexual implications.


Open QF:
THS effective altruism
TH prefers a world where memory is permanent and infallible
TH prefers a world where individuals pursue a personal notion of higher being rather than opting into a religious institution
Info slide:
Effective altruism is a philosophy and a social movement which holds that actively helping others is of central moral importance, and approaches the choice of possible strategies in a rational and scientific way. An effective altruist follows a utilitarian metric in their charitable endeavours. For example an effective altruist would not give money to beggars but instead donate to UNICEF or a local NGO


Open SF:
THS the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law
TH prefers an isolationist America
THBT Tibet should relinquish its claims to independence in return for semi-autonomous status with China
Info slide 1:
Bangsamoro is a region in the Philippines that is predominantly Muslim that has aspired independence from the Philippines. The people who reside in this region are referred to as the people of Moro and they are compromised of 14 different ethnic groups.The Bangsamoro Organic Law provides the following.
・80-member diverse parliament.
・Judiciary system that gives Shari’ah courts jurisdiction over cases exclusively involving Muslims in the region. Allows Tribal laws to still apply to disputes of indigenous peoples within the region.
・Fiscal autonomy and special development fund. Five percent of the net national internal revenue will be automatically allocated.This law provides the establishment of an autonomous political entity. it allows the region to have it’s own government having access to it’s own budgeting, economic zones, social services and a justice system.Info slide 2:
Isolationism is a category of foreign policies institutionalised by leaders who assert that their nations’ best interests are best served by keeping the affairs of other countries at a distance.


Open GF:
THR Filial Piety
THW allow children to sue their parents for giving birth to them
THBT that children of racial minorities should be adopted by parents of their respective races
Info slide:
Filial Piety is a virtue of respect for one’s parents, elders, and ancestors. In more general terms, it means to be good to one’s parents; to take care of one’s parents; to engage in good conduct not just towards parents but also outside the home so as to bring a good name to one’s parents and ancestors.


Debate no Susume Lesson 14 (2018)

Round 1

THBT income taxes should be levied on the profit produced by AI robots

TH, as Japan, would shift from a membership-based employment system to a job-based employment system

THW introduce a licensing system for investment in stock market

Round 2

TH, as a prominent Japanese feminist, would not participate in the #metoo movement

THBT the feminist movement should condemn women who seek to ‘marry rich’

THBT social movements should abandon the strategy of attacking and delegitimizing the viewpoints of other people on the basis of their privilege

Round 3

THR the narrative that children should love their parents

In conservative societies, TH, as the LGBT movement, would actively support lavender marriages

THW instill nationalism in primary education

Round 4

In post conflict societies, THW subject people who commit severe corruption to the death penalty

THBT being a victim of child abuse should not be a mitigatory factor in court

TH opposes the right to keep silent


THW anonymize candidates for political office by making the use digital avatars actors in their campaign

THW require elected politicains to only use the national healthcare system for medical treatment

TH regrets the rise of social media as the dominant platform for discourse in western liberal democracies


THBT the international community should allow North Korea to posess nuclear weapon

TH, as Rwanda, would launch a military intervention in the Domestic Republic of the Congo

THBT Hamas should accept demilitarization in return for a guaranteed sovereign Palestian state


THBT artists should not sue fan fiction

THW nationalize the porn industry

THW allow publication of works by deceased authors regardless of prior consent

Grand Final

THW randomly exchange newborn babies among their parents

TH prefers a world where human beings naturally die at 50

TH regrets the dominant narrative that human lives must have a purpose

Rookie Semi Final

THW anonymize candidates for political office by making the use digital avatars actors in their campaign

THW require elected politicians to only use the national healthcare system for medical treatment

TH regrets the rise of social media as the dominant platform for discourse in western liberal democracies

Rookie Grand Final

THW provide welfare in the form of basic goods and services rather than as cash payments

THW require religious schools to give safe sex education regardless of parental consent

THW not take any action to discourage individuals from smoking tobacco

Debate no Susume Lesson 13 (2017)
THW allow families with members who have been deemed to be ‘Hikikomori’ for extended periods of time to forcibly commit those members to rehabilitation.
THBT parents and teachers should actively discourage children from becoming professional youtubers.
TH opposes the Japanese culture of treating one’s appearance in a humorous manner.
THBT social networking services do more harm than good to the democratic process in liberal democracies.
THBT journalists should not be attached to military units involved in armed conflicts.
THBT public service media in developing countries should not buy entertainment contents from advanced countries.
Info Slide:
A draft system is a system where new athletes are allocated to teams based on lottery instead of the choice of the athlete. The athlete is required to play in the team they are drafted to for a significant amount of time (e.g. 8 years in Japanese baseball) before they can freely choose what team to move to.
TH, as a sporting committee, would abolish the draft system.
THBT the US would be better off with a multi-party system where the Democratic and Republican parties broke apart into multiple smaller parties.
TH opposes the narrative that infidelity should lead to break ups.
In countries with high levels of youth unemployment (significantly above the national unemployment rate), THBT the state should impose higher taxes on corporations that pay a small proportion of their wages to young people.
THBT least developed nations should put a cap on land ownership and aggressively redistribute any excess land among its population.
THW make working a low-wage part-time job for an extended period of time (e.g.150hours) compulsory for all citizens.
Rookie SF
THBT school shouls actively teach children romantic relationship management skills (including but not limited to how to get a boyfriend/girlfriend, how to sustain a relationship, how/when to break up, etc…).
THBT teachers should not include class participation (i.e. how often they spoke up, how actively they engages in class discussions) as a factor of grading students.
THBT the governments of post conflict societies should delegate their social sciences curriculum to Western countries.
Rookie GF
Info slide:
Pkain packaging is packaging that illustrates the health effects of products in a visual manner (blackened out lungs, rotten teeth, etc)
THW put a cap on college tuition fees.
THW mandate plain packaging on products that have detrimental effects on health(such as tobacco).
THW require all toys to be marketed as gender neutral products.
Pre QF
TH prefers a world in which all religions are exclusively comprised of members of a single gender.
THW introduce a category for LGBT in prominent entertainment awards.
THBT the gay rights movement should campaign against the emerging stereotype that homosexual men are sexually attractive (muscular, fashionable, handsome).
THBT the US should withdraw its support for rebel groups fighting against the Assad regime.
THBT the international community should fund and support the establishment of a nation for refugees in currently underpopulated but habitable area(s).
THBT newly emerging governments of ethnically diverse nations should be governed under an authoritarian government rather than through power sharing.
THBT search engines (such as Google) shouls not manipulate search results based on moral or ethical concerns regarding the opinions expressed in queries/webpages.
THW require corporations that have made unfounded scientific claims to pay compensation to researchers that provide evidence to counter prove their claims.
THBT a significant proportion of state funding for research should be allocated for every 10-20 years instead of annually.
TH, as a debater couple, would choose to never team up in debating tournaments where the primary aim is to succeed competitively.
THW divide the contract of marriage into two separate contracts for sexual relations and non-sexual family relations.
TH, as the feminist movement, would campaign against the narrative that men should bear a larger financial burden in romantic relationships.

Debate no Susume Lesson 12 (2016)
Theme: SHOnen A
assuming that it is possible to predict, THW abort babies who have an extremely high propensity of committing crimes.
TH welcomes the decision of the magazine to go public.
THW abolish juvenile law.
Theme: #Shocial Media
THBT social Media websites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) should not remove content which it deems to be against its site policy.
THW ban online advertising methods that select advertisements based on viewers’ personal data (including but not limited to, like on Facebook, past purchase on Amazon).
TH regrets the prominence of social news websites (e.g. Buzzfeed, Slate, Huffington Post, Vox).
Theme: #ElecSHOn
THW ban negative campaigning.
THBT the US should abolish presidential primary elections.
TH prefers proportionate representative system to the first past the post system (=小選挙区)
THW grant those diagnosed with terminal illness the right to access treatments that have not completed clinical testings.
THW abolish patents for drugs which are known to cure/prevent epidemic diseases.
THW prioritize people who have led healthy lifestyles when allocating scarce medical resources (including but not limited to; organs, treatment etc.)
Pre QF
Theme: Not SHOn up…
Info slide: #Black Girl Magic is a term used to illustrate the universal awesomeness of Black women. It is about celebrating anything we deem particularly inspiring, cool, or mind-blowing about themselves.
TH, as a successful Black girl, opposes #Black Girl Magic.
THBT the prohibition/legalization of abortion should be decided only by women.
TH regrets the umbrella term “queer”.
Thme: Semiにくるかと思ったか!(本物)
THBT South Korea should eternally shut down the Kaesong Industrial Complex.
THBT the UK should leave the EU.
THBT the US should fund Anonymous in Bitcoin to fight against ISIS.
Theme: 増コンサンプSHOン
THW grant more voting rights to shareholders who have held their shares longer.
TH prefers Free Trade Agreements over the WTO’s single undertaking.
A derivative is a security with a price that is dependent upon or derived from multiple underlying assets.
THBT derivatives do more harm than good.
Theme: sho me your love
THW introduce bachelor tax.
TH prefers a world without love.
THW mandate periodical marriage status renewal.



Debate no Susume Lesson 11(2015)
Round 1
Theme: 朝から…♡
THBT schools should provide moderate pornography to their students….
THBT the feminist movement should celebrate nudism.
THBT the feminist movement should support women who engage in sexual services to collect money as a charity to promote women’s rights.
(sexual service = touching, appearing in porn, prostituting etc…)
Round 2
Theme: “hot” motion
THW censor promotional videos/articles of the Islamic State (ISIS).
THBT now is the time to move away from consumerism.
THBT secular liberal democracies should ban the depiction of Muhammad.

Round 3
Theme: じぇじぇじぇ ( ‘ jjj ‘ )
THBT the president of national media should be chosen by the citizens’ vote instead of the government.
THBT the Japanese government should mandate its citizens to engage in the short-term operation to handle nuclear accidents.
TH supports the deliberate usage of fearful rhetoric about pandemic situation as a strategy of the international society against it.

Round 4
Theme: 21世紀の「〇ッチ」論
(Info slide: Social capital is mainly defined as richness of human relationships individuals have, such as;
・the amount of bonds, trust and reciprocity in a community or between individuals
・families or communities who support and cooperate with individuals
・connections with influencial persons
・social networks with shared norms, values and understandings.)
Assuming we can quantify, THW impose a tax on individuals based on their social capital.
THW exempt economically successful corporations from taxations.
TH prefers taxation on wealth to that on income.

Oct Final
Theme: 今日は記念日♡
THW establish labour unions exclusively for female workers.
THW impose gender quota on religious priests.
THBT the feminist movement should oppose “Tamanokoshi”. (Tamanokoshi is a phenomenon in which women attempt to be rich by marrying somebody wealthy.)

Quarter Final
Theme:そろそろテーマ滑ってるよね byトムかすみ以外のコミ
THW prioritize companies than universities in subsidizing development of technologies.
THW allow vigilantes to fight against illegal poachers/loggers in remote areas.
THBT IMF should set global minimum corporation/income tax rates, and oblige its member states to impose them.

Semi Final
Theme: デート中♡に思いついたモーション
THBT the United Nations should use private military contractors in its peacekeeping operations.
THBT the West should demand China to join military operations against the Islamic State (ISIS).
TH, as Okinawa, would seek for independence from Japan.

Grand Final
Theme: Tom&Kasumi’s favorite
THBT ICC shold prosecute the deprivation of press freedom in wartime.
TH prefers the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to court system in settling cases related to race in the United States.
THBT joint hosting by conflicting countries should be prioritized in the election of the host for the Olympic games.
Debate no Susume Lesson 10(2014)
R1 Diamond Only
THBT Supreme court should abolish radicalism parties. (ex Neo Nazi etc.)
THW fund gay pride events.
THW abolish court martial.

R2  False Expectation
THBT feminism movement should oppose the word “girl’s power”(女子力)
TH opposes the popular elections of pop idol groups. (ex, AKB48, SUPER GiRLS)
THW ban ugly contests.

R3  悪魔を着たプラダ
THW prohibit luxury designers’ brands to sue other brands for invasion of proprietary rights and registered trademarks when similar designs to the originals are released in collections.
TH supports the use of ‘connection’ in job hiring.
THW financially incentivize individuals for castration in developing countries.

GF  Antidisestablishmentarianism
TH prefers a world without marriage.
THBT secular states should not allow minority groups to implement their own family law systems.
THW abolish the tenure and instead set term limits for justices in US Supreme Court.

Debate no Susume Lesson 9(2013)
R1: Early Morning Miscellaneousness
THW ban corporations from hiring celebrities to advocate their products and/or services.
THW no longer require the victim’s consent to prosecute those guilty of committing domestic violence.
THW ban the public display of sacrilegious arts.

R2: Ghosts…Yes, The Spooky Stuff
THW never prosecute exorcists, priests, and witch doctors for any injuries and accidents that occur from their performance of rituals.
THE ban enterprises that seek to gain profit from the supernatural(such as fortune telling, ghost busters etc)
THW introduce a time limit on bringing prosecutions for genocide.

R3: Sports and Its Problems
THS the use of sex appeal to generate interest in female sports.
THBT athletes who have been proven guilty to have used performance enhancement drugs have a moral duty to give up the profits that they have gained during their career for an anti drugs campaign.
THW ban the international recruitment/trade if sports players below the age of 18.

R4: Our Blue Planet
THBT the French intervention undermines Malian independence.
THBT Israel should materially support Arab pro-democratic movements.
THBT United Kingdom should hold an immediate referendum on whether to remain a member of the European Union.

QF: The world we all love…FREEDOM
THBT universities of first world nations should suspend partnerships with universities from the third world. if/when the third world nation implements a legislation that is opposed to the moral value of the first world nation(such as oppression of minorities, severe restrictions on freedom of speech etc)
THBT the West should promise preferential economic and political cooperation to Arab democracies that adopt secular constitutions.
THBT free speech should include the right to offend.

SF: Criminal Justice for The Win
THW place all criminals with proven gang or organized crime connections in solitary confinement, with no visitation rights, or contact with the outside world(or other prisoners), for the duration of their prison sentences.
THBT vigilantism should be a defense to criminal charges in jurisdictions with extremely high crime rates.
THBT a victim’s forgiveness can be used to mitigate a wrongdoer’s prison sentence

GF: Love Sexy Canadians(Motions)
TH celebrates the willingness of women to be ‘sluts’
THBT marriage should not be registered to the state or be legally binding, and remain as a private contract between individuals
THBT the state should pay a wage to housewives and househusbands
Debate no Susume Lesson 8(2012)
R1: THW televise court trials.
R2:THW ban the formation of contracts which prohibits idols idols from getting into a relationship.
R3.THW ban religious lobbying.
R4.THBT Arab League should intervene militarily in Syria.
QF. THW introduce a bachelor tax.
SF.THW ban the creation of saviour siblings.
GF. THW legalize polygamy/polygyny.

Debate no Susume Lesson 7(2011)
R1:Working place
THW ban companies from recruiting only new graduate students.
THBT the Japanese government should save whistle-blowers punished by company.
THW incentivise companies not to choose employees based on their academic back ground

R2:Love and marriage
THBT it is better for university students to fall in love with a working member of society rather than those within universities.
THBT couples should keep their virginity until their marriage.
THBT people who are about to marry should have a divorce agreement before marriage.

THBT we should make students together with challenged students in schools.
THBT the U.S should end the affirmative action for entrance exam of universities.
THW make it compulsory for students to learn about at least one another religion in all religious schools.

THBT prisoners should have right to vote.
THBT governments should allow families to cast proxy votes on behalf of their challenged members.
THW cut the salary of politicians.

QF:Laws and crime
THBT the Japanese government should allow the police to use entrapment in all kinds of investigation.
THW punish pregnant mothers who smoke and drink.
THW abolish the use of insanity as a legal defence.

SF:International problem
THBT China should allow the Yuan to float.
THW prohibit speculative trading of foods.
THW ban mercenaries.

GF:Seek the truth
THW require individuals who had cosmetic surgery to disclose it to anyone whom they wish to marry.
THW force all citizens to take HIV testing.
THBT outing of a public figure is a legitimate tactic to advocate their cause of gay rights movement.

Debate no Susume Lesson 6(2010)
R1: THBT couples should not choose presents alone, but together.
R2: THW introduce a system of teacher-evaluation by students.
R3: THW force media to release the information source.
R4: THW prioritize Futenma bases to the Japan-US alliance.
OF: THW privatize water sector.
QF: THW abolish Novel-Peace Prize.
SF: THW advocate equal pay for equal work.
GF: THBT looking at partner’s cell phone without permission is justifiable.

Debate no Susume Lesson 5 (2009)
R1: Discrimination
THW prohibit companies from providing services based on sex distinction.
THW introduce a quota system for the young generation in the Diet.
THW abolish Valentine’s Day.

R2: Economy
THW oblige companies to introduce work sharing system.
THW force all amusement companies and restaurants to introduce discount services for couples.
THW prohibit banks from holding stocks.

R3: Governmental Intervention
THW withdraw the driver’s license from the elderly.
THBT government should not restrict its officials to express their political opinions to the public.
THBT Valentine’s Day should be a national holiday.

R4: Crime
THW punish any performers who imitate others on TV without permission.
THW require material evidence or witness to prove the guilt of sexual molesters.
THW fine divorce.

QF: Religious and Government
THW allow citizens to choose their matrimony of their religions.
THBT government should deprive parents of their parental authority when they refuse medical care for their children due to religious grounds.
THBT government should regulate religious groups whose ideas can threaten the social safety.

SF+Rookie SF: Environment
THBT officials Development Assistance should be given only to the countries which are responsible for the environment.
THW impose extra tax based on food mileage.
THBT long-distance relationship is better than short-distance relationship.

Rookie GF: Choice of Love
THBT love is more important than friendship.
THBT children interrupt parent’s romantic life.
THBT appearance is more important than characteristic in choosing a partner.

GF: Tell the Truth
THW require all citizens to submit love-history record to their partners.
THBT doctors should directly inform patients of their serious diseases.
THBT Chinese government should not control the media.

Debate no Susume Lesson 4 (2008)
R1: THW prioritize child safety over sex offender’s privacy.
R2: THW enforce young adults to engage in agriculture.
R3: THW introduce the registration system into the internet use to regulate anonymous writings.
R4: THW comprehensively ban a private army.
QF: THBT Japan should establish Sovereign Wealth Fund.
SF: THW reject globalization.
GF: THBT debating skill matters in getting a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Debate no Susume Lesson 3 (2007)
R1: THW enforce all parents to take child care leave.
R2: THBT Japan should shift from the USA to China.
R3: TH believes in love of the .first NIGHT.
R4: THBT citizen judge system will be good for Japan.
QF: THBT global warming should not hinder technological development.
SF: THBT Japan should keep abduction issue away from 6 party talk.
GF: THBT All We Need Is Love.

Debate no Susume Lesson 2 (2006)
R1: THW exempt Not-for-pro.fit Organizations from taxations.
R2: THBT chocolate is crap.
R3: THW abolish the national health insurance.
R4: THW teach kids the ABC’s of dating.
QF: THW establish the international organization of intellectual properties.
SF: THBT religious jokes are not funny.
GF: THBT marriage is a myth.

Debate no Susume Lesson 1 (2005)
R1: THBT it’s beneficial to prolong 6-party talks for Kim John Ill.
R2: THBT having the other sex as a partner is better than having the same sex partner in debate.
R3: THW restrict on-line game.
R4: THBT criminal information should be disclosed to society.
QF: THBT African conflicts should be handled by UN rather than African countries themselves.
SF: THW expand foreigners’ civil rights.
GF: THW promote gay priests in church.