Hamaguchi Cup

Motions for Hamaguchi Cup
10th Hamaguchi Cup(2010)
R1: THW ban anonymous writings into the internet use
R2: THBT being involved with a lover is happier than being free from him/her in terms of love.
R3: THBT all immigrants should receive amnesty.
SF: THBT organ donation should be mandatory
GF: THW call a general election when the Prime Minister has resigned.

8th Hamaguchi Cup(2008)
R1: THW introduce grade skipping.
R2: THBT cohabitation before getting married is better than living separately.
R3: THW need more female politician in Japan.
SF: THW disqualify Sumo association as a non-profit foundation.
GF: THW keep oil supply in the Indian Ocean.

7th Hamaguchi Cup(2007)
R1: THW ban too skinny models.
R2: THBT sex appeal works better than intelligence for men.
R3: THBT mentally handicapped people are better cared for in the community than in institution.
SF: THB in the absolute right of patient.
GF: THBT the US attack Iran.

6th Hamaguchi Cup(2006)
R1: THBT going to a cram school is better for children.
R2: THBT having two or more boyfriends or girlfriends is better than one.
R3: THW allow negative campaigning in elections.
SF: THW put the recycling cost on the price of household appliance.

5th Hamaguchi Cup(2005)
R1: THW prohibit violence in video games.
R2: THBT we should forgive the cheating of our partner rather than break up.
R3: THW say “No” to the play off system in Japanese Professional Baseball.
SF: THW welcome the Olympic game to Kyushu.
GF: THBT the equities market is not the whereabouts of media stock.

4th Hamaguchi Cup(2004)
R1: THBT volunteer work should be compulsory in school.
R2: TH loves the day before dating, rather than that day.
R3: THW legarize prostitution.
SF: THW encourage car pooling.
GF: THBT the U.S. should reduce its foreign commitments.

3rd Hamaguchi Cup(2003)
R1: THBT highway should be free.
R2: THBT single life is better than married life.
R3: THW obligate to pay pension.
GF: THW legalize euthanasia.

2nd Hamaguchi Cup(2002)
R1: THW legalize soft drugs.
R2: THW protect whistle blowers from the inside of the company.
R3: THBT Santa Claus should give children money rather than a present.
GF: THW raise consumption tax.
Model Debate: THBT Japan should normalize the diplomatic relation with North Korea.

1st Hamaguchi Cup(2001)
R1: THW open the gate for the week.
R2: THBT pursuing scientific development is our supreme beauty.
R3: THW cut down the waste.
Model Debate: THW legalize euthanasia.