Icho Cup

Motions for Icho Cup

Icho Cup 2019


THW introduce a female quota in parliament.
TH opposes peace education that uses shocking graphic images of war victims.
THW ban sacrilegious arts
Info Slide for Motion 1:
To make this motion clear, “”Sacreligous art”” is art which severely insults a religion or their God.
THBT developing states should prioritize the education for the mass over the education for creating elites.
Double-Oct Finals:
THW require individuals to pass a general knowledge test in order to gain the right to vote.
Oct Finals:
TH supports the usage of violence by environmental campaign groups to achieve their goals.
Quarter Finals:
THW offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power.
Semi Finals:
THW abolish labor unions and labor protections during times of economic crisis.
Grand Final:
TH prefers a world without religion.

9th Icho Cup(2018)

R1 THW ban negative campaigning in political elections.

R2 THW force doctors to tell the true condition of illnesses directly to patients. 

R3 THW force religious schools to provide sex education. (including contraception and existence of abortion)

R4 THBT social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) should actively remove content that they deem to be fake news from their platforms.

Double-Oct THBT CEOs of large corporations should be selected by employees rather than shareholders. 

OF THW nationalize pharmaceutical industry. 

(Pharmaceutical industry is made of companies that discover, develop, produce and market drugs as different types of medicine.)

QF THW ban all non essential forms of cosmetic surgery. 

SF THW monitor sex offenders with GPS technology. 

GF THW prohibit slum tourism.

(Info Slide: Slum tourism is a type of tourism that involves visiting and seeing impoverished areas.)

8th Icho Cup (2017)

R1 THW ban child beauty contests

R2 THW never bail out big failing companies

R3 THW legalize surrogacy for profit
(info slide1) Surrogacy is a method or agreement whereby a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy for another person or persons, who will besome the newborn child’s parent(s) after birth.
(info slide2) It is currently taking place mainly in developing countries, such as in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Latin America

R4 THW ban animal eperiments

Pre-OF THBT medeia should not report the news on suicide (including but not limited to one by famous individuals)

QF THBT developing country should not host international sporting events.

SF THW abolish plea-bargaining

GF THBT opinion polls do more harm than good for democracy.

7th Icho Cup (2016)

R1 THW establish exclusive schools for the LGBTQ

R2 THW introduce a female quota for executive board of companies

R3 THBT JApan should actively attract and accept mass immigration

R4 THW give more votes to the young

Pre-OF In case of a life-threatening illness or injury, THW NOT allow parents to deny medical treatment to their children on religious grounds

OF THW criminalize the payment of ransom to terrorist groups

QF In countries where abortion is legal, THW ban the use of technology to check whether the fetuses have disability or not

SF THW ban all  porngraphy

GF THW legalize active euthanasia for anyone who wishes to die (not limited to terminally ill patients)

6th Icho Cup (2015)

R1 THW make voting mandatory

R2 Info: For the purpose of this motion, homeschooling is defined as a system where the parents take responsibility over the education of their children instead of the school. It is different from a system where the parents temporarily educate their children on behalf of the school under circumstances where the child is unable to attend school.
THW legalize homeschooling

R3 THW legalize the usage of all recreational drugs including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, and MDMA

R4 THW ban the consumption of meat

Pre-OF THW prohibit corporations from accessing the criminal records of their job applicants

OF THW reduce welfare support on compulsive gamblers

QF THBT the media should NEVER report on mental illnesses/disorders as the cause of committed crimes

SF THW force doctors to report suspected cases of domestic violence

GF THW legalize the buying and selling of sexual services (i.e. prostitution)

5th Icho Cup (2014)

R1 THW ban all forms of physical corporal punishments in school.

R2 THW prohibit prisoners from publishing books of their crime.

R3 THBT sex tourism does more harm than good in developing countries. (Sex tourism is a form of travel planned specifically for the purpose of prostitution. Sex tourism is often promoted by the state to encourage tourists from wealthy nations.)

R4 Thw ban sacrificing animals on religious grounds.

OF THW allow the police to use racial profiling. (racial profilig is a police-initiated action that relies on race. ex:.Police questions a pedestrian on the basis of race.)

QF info:Recently, tattoo is gaining popularity as a fashion, a way to express identity. Still, many people perceive the image of being related to gangs, or criminal organizations as true in some cases. THW prohit all pools/baths(sentos) that are open to public from rejecting customers with tatoo.

SF Assuming that the goverment owns individuals’ information (such as ethnic background, criminal record,wedding experience,etc,) THW allow individuals to know any information about their partner before marriage without his/her consent.

GF THW ban religious political parties.

4th Icho Cup 2013

R1:THBT students should bully each other during classes as a part of moral education curriculum.

R2: You have a crush on someone. In order to be in a relationship with him/her, you want to ask for help. THBT you sould seek advice from the same gender as yourself than the gender of the person you have a crush on.

R3: THW give more votes to the poor.

R4: THW force religious schools to provide sex education (including contraception and existence of abortion).

R5: THBT lifestyle factors (such as smoking and obesity) should be a legitimate reason for employment.

OF: THW erase criminal records of individuals who have been punished.

QF: THBT beauty contest does more harm than good for women.

SF: THBT the media should not disclose ethnic backgrounds of individuals who were convicted of violent crimes.

GF: In a country where euthanasia is legalized, THW legalize dueling to death based on consent.

3rd Icho Cup 2012

R1:THW prohibit children from being engaged in professional sports.

R2:THBT it is better for entrance examinee of university to make boyfriends/girlfriends.

R3:THW allow public servants to strike.

R4:THBT political parties should make their pre-election promises binding, the breaking of which would trigger immediate elections.

OF:THW ban advertisement of junk foods.

QF:THBT doctors from developing countries should not be allowed to migrate to developing countries.

SF:THW ban political lobbying.

GF:THBT developing countries should nationalize natural resources.

2nd Icho Cup 2011

R1: THW allow grade skipping in compulsory education.

R2: THBT when dating for the first time, it is better to date someone with a lot of dating experience than someone who has never dated before.

R3: THW legalize child labor in developing countries.

R4: THW ban animal sports.

OF: THW set a quota on females in the board of directors of business corporations.

QF: THW prohibit candidates from committing personal attacks during elections (negative campaign).

SF: THW ban the broadcasting of suicide.

GF: THW allow the torturing of terrorists after being found guilty.

1st Icho Cup 2010

R1: THW allow surrogacy for profit.

R2: THBT summer is better than winter for university student couples.

R3: THW impose chemical castration on sex offenders.

R4: THW ban all animal testing.

QF: THW charge citizens for the use of ambulances.

SF: THW never bail out any big failing companies.

GF: THW directly elect Prime Ministers.