Motions for K-Cup

K-Cup (2016)
Sub tournament(NA)
THW ban negative campaign in political elections.
THW physically castrate violent sex offender.
THW invade North Korea.

Main tournament(BP)
THBT the disabled community should oppose handicapped entertainers using their disability in a comical or self-deprecating manner to humor the audience.
THBT the states should hold national referendum on humanitarian intervention.
THBT parents should not use “fear” to teach religion to children.
THW as feminist movement, demand corporations to have “Menstrual leave” for women.

Pre K-Cup (2016)
TH opposes the system of marriage.
THBT media should clearly express their political stance.
THW make donating blood mandatory.
THW allow public servants to strike.


K-Cup (2016)
THW decriminalize murder if done at the victim’s request.
Assuming the technology, THW allow individuals to sell and buy all their attributes. (ex. intelligence, looks, physical ability, etc.)
Info Slide: We are imaging a technology that can measure people’s attributes. Also, the technology can take A’s sttributes and transplant them into B.
THBT national sporting teams should reflect the diversity of the national population.
Model Debate:
Assuming that we can predict with 100% accuracy who will commit a crime, THW punish potentioal criminals before they commit the crime.


Pre K-Cup (2015)
THW ban all forms of gambling.
THW legalize performance enhancing drugs in professional sports.
THBT states should use torture against suspected terrorists to get information.


K-Cup (2015)
THW ban political lobbying.
THW prohibit the use of children as celebrities.
THBT advertisements do more harm than good for consumers.
THW ban animal experiments for cosmetics.


K-cup 2014
R1 THW ban private cars
R2 THBT the media’s focus on the appearance of athletes does more harm than good to sports.
R3 THW distribute condoms and birth control pills in all schools.
R4 THBT companies should not ask about criminal records in job interviews.

Pre K-cup 2014
R1 THW ban eating meat.
R2 If you feel your partner has had a love affair, THBT ignorance is better than knowing the truth.
R3 THW allocate more money to “lower ranked schools” rather than allocate more money to “higher ranked schools”. (Rank measured by academic level, poverty rate, crime rate,etc)
lower ranked schools はいわゆる悪い学校で、higher ranked schools はいわゆる良い学校のことです

K-Cup 2013

R1 Porno Disaster
THW prohibit porno companies from scouting porno actor/actress in disaster areas.

R2 Love for PANDAs
THW stop fiscal government expenditure for protection of endangered-species.

R3 The Super Robot Wars
THBT the UN should declare that when developed countries fight each other, they must use robots/drones, rather than real human beings.

R4 Here is Nagoya, but there is another place we must not forget
THBT mandatory education in Okinawa should include Ryukyu language courses.

Pre K-cup (2013)

R1 Cyber – Justice
THW shorten the sentence of convicted hackers in exchange for helping the police to hunt for other cyber criminals and gather evidence about their crimes.

R2 Society / Education
THBT all schools, including Jr HS and HS schools should evaluate and grade the sociability of students’ daily lives

R3 Isn’t it a sin to be beautiful?
Assuming beauty is measurable, THW financially support cosmetic surgery for ugly people.