Korea National Championship

Motions for Korea National Championship

Motions for Korea Intervarsity Debate Association National Championship

4th Korea Intervarsity Debate Association National Championship 2008
Demo debate
THW not confiscate land from descendants of collaborators with Japan during its colonial rule.

Round 1: Korea
THBT Korea should priortize China over the US in diplomatic relations.
THW nationalize the tele-communications industry.
THW exclude Soju from the list of essential items announced by the Korean government to monitor inflation.

Round 2: Social Contract
THBT all democratic governments should abandon laws which allow prosecution of citizens for insulting their nations.
THBT government should not financially profit from its citizens’ sins.
THW limit civilian use of guns in America.

Round 3: Human Body
THW allow commercial surrogate motherhood.
THW give prisoners with a life sentence the right to choose the death penalty.
THW chemically castrate pedophiles.

Round 4: Ideology
THBT socialism in Latin America has done more harm than good.
THBT authoritarian regimes are justifiable in developing nations.
THBT feminism has not contributed to the well-being of women in the world.

Round 5: International Institutions
THW limit the number of times United Nations Security Council members can veto.
THBT democracy should be the condition for debt relief for African nations.
THBT it is legitimate to use aid to buy votes in international organizations.

Rookie Final: Cute Animals
THW ban fur imports from developing nations.
THBT zoos bring more benefits than harms to society.
THW allow the police to shoot poachers.

EFL Final: Celebrities on the spotlight!!!
THBT paparazzi are beneficial for celebrities.
TH supports celebrities entering politics.
THBT celebrities should not adopt children from developing nations.

Quarter Finals: Elections
THW repudiate the democratic election in Bhutan.
THW discourage women in Pakistan from casting ballots in order to protect their lives.
THW place a cap on the spending of candidates during election campaigns.

Semi Finals: Greater Asia
THBT China’s quest for raw materials from developing nations/rogue regimes is detrimental to the world.
THW pressure India to open its border to accept Tibetan exiles.
THBT the Kurds are better off without a Kurdish state.

Final: Law and Justice
THBT civil disobedience is essential to democracy.
THW abolish the use of insanity as a legal defense.
THW require doctors to report minors with HIV to their parents regardless of patients’ consent.

3rd Korea Intervarsity Debate Association National Championship 2007
Round 1: Korean Society
THW abolish the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family.
THBT commercial matchmaking businesses are detrimental to the Korean society.
THBT hostages should be required to pay all costs associated with their release.

Round 2: Ideologies
THBT socialism is beneficial for South America.
THBT Saudi Arabia should allow women into politics.
THBT the world should completely give up its effort to implant democracy in the Middle East.

Round 3: The Human Body
THW ban human body exhibitions.
THW harvest organs from executed prisoners regardless of consent.
THW remove custody rights of parents who deny medical treatment to their children on religious grounds.

Round 4: Universities
THW forbid political parties from having activities on university campuses.
THBT publishing university rankings does more harm than good.
THW prohibit corporate franchises from establishing branches on campus.

Round 5: Law and Justice
THW adopt a trial by jury for criminal cases.
THS direct election of Supreme Court judges.
THW hold parents responsible for the wrongdoings of juvenile delinquents under the age of 14.

Quarter Finals: Natives and Settlers
THW repeal all laws granting extra privileges for the Australian aborigines.
THBT only native languages, rather than European languages, should be the official language of African nations.
THBT governments should repeal land ownership rights of its native ethnic groups.

Semi Finals: The Third World
THBT environmental problems of the Third World are a responsibility of the First World.
THBT the First World nations should prohibit pharmaceutical corporations from conducting medical experiments on humans in Africa, regardless of consent.
THBT the British Museum should return its exhibit items to the former colonial states from which they were taken.

Final: US and the World
THBT the United States should cease supporting the Pervez Musharraf regime.
THBT the US should immediately lift all sanctions against Cuba.
THBT Spanish should be the second official language of the United States.

2nd Korea Intervarsity Debate Association National Championship 2006
Round 1: Education
THW shut down hagwons (private after school educational institutions) in Korea.
THBT standardized testing is detrimental to the education of students.
THW promote teachers based purely on student evaluations.

Round 2: Middle East
THW recognize the new government of Palestine.
THBT the UN Security Council should place sanctions on Iran.
TH supports an independent Kurdistan.

Round 3: Law and Freedom
THBT international courts are a failure.
THBT government should not restrict the right of citizens to travel.
THW not draw political cartoons of religious figures.

Round 4: Afghanistan
THBT Afghanistan should protect religious freedom.
THW increase the foreign military presence in Afghanistan.
THW encourage the development of the opium industry in Afghanistan.

Round 5:Labor
THW add a formal voice for organized labor in the WTO.
THW eliminate government subsidies for rice farmers in Korea.
TH supports the French labor bill.

Quarter Finals: South Asia
THBT Thaksin should step down.
THW abolish the death penalty for drug trafficking in Singapore.
THBT India, not China, will be the next superpower.

Semi Finals: Political Philosophy
THBT socialism will fail in Latin America.
THBT feminism cannot liberate women.
THBT neo-conservatism has failed America.

Rookie Final: Technology
THW violate internet privacy to prevent cyber-terrorism.
THBT Cyworld is bad for Korea.
TH supports P2P.

Grand Final: Korea
THW abolish term limits for the President of Korea.
THW not exempt athletes from military service.
THW protect the chaebol.