Kuala Lumpur Open Challenge (KLOC)

KLOC 2014

Round 1:
THBT the ICC should prosecute George W. Bush and Barrack Obama for war crimes.
Round 2:
TH, as the Malay people, W give up their Bumiputra privileges in exchange for the abolition of vernacular schools.
Round 3:
THBT the feminist movement should oppose sex change operations.
Round 4:
THW actively discourage home ownership in developed economies.
Round 5:
THW enforce Ulysses contracts.
THBT companies in the sharing economy (Uber, airBnB etc.) should be held liable for offences committed by service providers against customers.
THBT the US should cut ties with the ruling regime of Saudi Arabia.
TH opposes the culture of outrage.
THBT development organisations should work closely with religious organisations.