QDO (Kyushu Debate Open)  旧Kyushu Cup

QDO 2019
Theme: Decent Work and Economic Growth
THR the dominance of networking culture in the workplace.
Info Slide:
Networking is the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. Examples of networking events are buffet-style dinner party and workshops with group discussions.


Theme: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
THW prohibit the use of predictive algorithms in criminal trials.
Info Slide:
Predictive analytics is the precess of using data analytics to make predictions based on big data (e.g. age, race, religion, gender). Judges can employ algorithms to predict the likelihood an offender will commit further crimes, their flight risk, and a handful of other factors. These outputs are then used to determine sentencing, bail, or whether to grant (or deny) parole.


Theme: Reduced Inequalities
THBT social movements should abandon the tactic of publicly shaming individuals in order to accomplish change.


Theme: Environment (Clean Water and Sanitation, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, Life Below Water, Life on Land)
THW hold heads of corporations criminally liable for significant environmental damages caused by their corporations.


Open Quarter Finals:
Theme: Development (No Poverty x Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure x Sustainable Cities and Communities)
THBT developing countries should require their citizens to work for a minimum period of time in their country of origin after graduating from university.


Open Semi Finals:
Theme: Quality Education x Gender Equality
TH, as a parent, would teach their daughters to embrace the ideal of the “independent women”.
Info Slide:
The ideal of the ‘independent women’ refers to the ideal that a woman ought to be entirely self sufficient, and should not have to receive external validation to feel good about herself and to be able to achieve success. This ideal pushes the notion that being financially and environmentally independent is best for women.


Grand Final:
THBT we should prioritize policies that seek to help people currently alive, over those that seek tomprotect the future.


Rookie GF:
Theme: Quality Education
THR the narrative that university education is the primary path to success.


QDO 2018
THBT developed countries should pay developing countries to protect ecologically important land and/or waters from economic exploitation(e.g. deforestation, mining, fishing).


TH rejects all narratives that depict insect-jisatsu as honorable.


Assuming the development of AI medical robots that are proven to perform better than human doctors,THW conceal all incidents of medical accidents caused by AI.


THW institute quota for female leaders in academic institutions/organizations.


THBT it is never justified to assassinate state-sponsored scientists and researchers conducting research about weapons of mass destruction.


Novice SF:
THS the complete freedom of movement for refugees.


THBT LGBTQ+ activists in non-Western countries should use and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and individuals using their local historical terms instead of Western terminology.
Info Slide:
Non-Western countries have rich histories and communities of non-binary/LGBTQ+ individuals, including mahjie(Singapore), Jathil(Indonesia), calabai(Bugis), cult of Tu’er Shen(China), Hijra(India), among others.


THW hold bystanders of all sexual harassment liable for their failure to help.


Novice GF:
THBT educational institutions in developed countries should mandate a year-long work/study-abroad program in a developing country for their students.


THR the stigmatization of outsourcing eldercare* in Asian societies.
(*sending your parents to assisted care facilities retirement communities)


QDO 2017
THR the media focus on the gender of successful female professionals. (i.e. “female” president, “female” scientist).


In liberal democracies where Catholicism is a prominent religion, THBT governments should mandate the Catholic Church to denounce and remove verses used by communities to forward violence and discrimination.


THW disallow the state practice of naturalizing foreign athletes to serve on national sports teams.


THBT the international community should abandon attempts to denuclearize North Korea.


In times of crisis, THBT the state should withhold information that may damage public confidence.


THW permit employers to fire employees who publicly demonstrate politically extremist ideologies.


TH supports the establishment of citizen-initiated recall election procedures to remove elected officials.


Situation/Info slide: You are a respected, high-ranking, heterosexual officer in the military. In the past, you have publicly advocated for LGBT rights within the army and have worked hard to improve how they are treated. A newly elected conservative government has enacted a ban on LGBT’s serving in the army.
Motion: As the officer, THW resign.


Rookie Semi
THW make all salaries and employment terms publicly accessible.


Rookie GF
THBT schools should prioritize character development over academic performance.


Kyushu Cup 2016

Round 1: THW eliminate all grades-based university scholarships
Round 2: TH, as feminist, would support cheerleading
Round 3: THW require voters to pass a competency test before voting in elections

Round 1: THW remove the Olympic quota system
Infoslide: Under the Olympic quota system, every country is usually only allowed to send a maximum of 1 or 2 athletes per event, depending on the sport. This rule applies even if the same country produces many athletes in the top world rankings of their respective sport. Sports that apply the Olympic quota system include wrestling, swimming, badminton etc.
Round 2: TH regrets the prevalence of financial ties between universities and corporations (e.g. research, job hunting workshop, etc.)
Round 3: THBT Facebook should actively try to prevent a Trump presidency
Round 4: THBT any official inter-government resolution of war atrocities must receive the approval of victims
Quarter-Finals: THW allow individuals pay the state to buy exemption from compulsory military service
Semi-Finals: THBT recidivism should not be an aggravating factor in criminal sentencing
Infoslide: An aggravating factor is any fact or circumstance that increases the severity or culpability of a criminal act. Aggravating factors include recidivism, lack of remorse, amount of harm to the victim, or committing the crime in front of a child, among many others

Novice Grand Finals: Assuming the technology exists, THW allow individuals to erase their own memory
Grand Finals: THBT feminist movement should abandon the narrative of ‘‘choice’’ as its metric of empowerment

Kyushu Cup 2015 Sub Tournament

THW prohibit the sexualization of adolescent celebrities
THW abolish the use of juries in criminal trials
THW impose university entrance quota for marginalized minorities
TH regrets the rise of animal right activism

Kyushu Cup 2015 Main Tournament
THBT former colonizer nations should return artifacts of significant cultural heritage to places of their origin
THW impose strict liability on the state in cases of epidemic outbreaks (e.g. MERS, Ebola, SARS, etc)
THBT public universities should only offer majors that are deemed to be in the society’s interest
THW ban the development of artificial intelligence technologies that can learn to do complex tasks and thus would cause human labor to be unnecessary
THW censor all traditional and social media graphic depictions of ISIS atrocities
As governments in states where Ashley Madison is operational, THW shut down Ashley Madison
Rookie GF:
TH supports the right to commit suicide
TH regrets the acceptance of political correctness as a social norm in western liberal democracies

Kyushu Cup 2014 Sub Tournament (NA style):

R1: Corporate Culture
THW make the board of executives criminally liable if their workers commit suicide due to overwork.
R2: Spirit of Sports
THW prohibit developing countries from hosting international sporting events.
R3: Providing Perspectives
THW oblige the media to publish the story of criminals from criminals’ perspectives.
R4: Female’s Fashion
info: Burka is becoming more fashionable than before it includes burka with modern, fashionable designs and new ways of wearing burka.
THBT the feminist movement should oppose fashionable burka.

Kyushu Cup 2014 Main Tournament (BP style)

Round 1: Contemporary Communication
TH regrets the prevalence of smart phones in youth culture.

Round 2: Proper Politics
THW not indicate party affiliation of candidates during elections.

Round 3: Designing Disney
As feminists, THBT Disney should feature a slutty princess.

Round 4: Hello Heintz
Info slide;
Heinz’s wife is terminally ill. A researcher invented a medicine which has a high possibility to cure, but it is extremely expensive as it costs 10 times more than the cost that is required to make the medicine. He tried to gather the money by every measure possible, and got ½ of the money required. He then negotiated with a researcher (including an offer to pay the rest later) but the researcher rejected by saying he wants to make money out of it as he developed it. Without the medicine, Heinz’s wife will die for sure very soon.
Assuming he stole the medicine, THW not press criminal charges against Heinz.

Pre-Semi Final: Interesting International Issues
THBT Israel’s ground invasion into Gaza is justified.

Semi Fina: My Minor
THW grant minors the right to euthanasia without the need of parental consent.

Grand Final: Right Right
Info slide:
The right to be forgotten is a concept that has been discussed and put into practice in the EU in the context of the internet (such as social networking sites / search engines). The issue has arisen from the desires of some individuals to “determine the development of his life in an autonomous way, without being perpetually or periodically stigmatized as a consequence of a specific action performed in the past”.
THW recognize the individual’s right to be forgotten.