Macau Asian Parliamentary Debate Open (Macau APDO)

3rd Macau APDO 2017

Round 1: Sports
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A draft is a process used in some sports to allocate certain players to teams. In draft, teams take turns selecting from a pool of eligible players. When a team selects a player, the team receives exclusive rights to sign that player to a contract, and no other team in the league may sign the player.
To encourage parity, teams that do poorly in the previous season usually get to choose first in the postseason draft, sometimes with a “lottery” factor to discourage teams from deliberately losing.

THBT all professional football leagues should implement a draft system.
THW ban corporate endorsement of sports teams and athletes.
THW allow female athletes to professionally compete against men.

Round 2: Trump
THR Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement.
As the Republican Party, THW actively seek to impeach Donald Trump.
THBT European nations should actively distance themselves from the Trump Administration.

Round 3: Medicine
THW impose criminal liability on traditional doctors who discourage their patients from using Western medicines.
THW force all parents to vaccinate their children.
THW prioritize palliative care over curative care for patients suffering from painful illnesses with a very low chance of recovery.

Round 4: 3 Old Men
Assuming other methods are ineffective or unavailable, THW actively commit electoral fraud to prevent extremist political parties from achieving a parliamentary majority.
THW deny passports for convicted pedophiles.
THW make retirement compulsory when a person reaches the age of 70.

Round 5:
TH celebrates the revival of the Sunshine Policy by South Korea’s Moon Jae-In Administration.
THBT China should remove all economic retaliatory measures against South Korea.
THBT the Belt & Road economic policy by China will do more harm than good.

Quarters: Religion
As the Dalai Lama, THW reincarnate outside of Tibet and China.
THW rescind all blasphemy laws.
THW give parents the right to withdraw their children from science or religious studies classes to which they object.

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The Eighth Amendment to the Irish constitutions bans abortion. There is a strong public pressure to repeal or relax this ban, but this would require a referendum, which the Irish government is currently considering calling.
THBT Ireland should call for an abortion referendum that allows only women to vote.
THBT liberal democracies should abandon the use of referenda as a mechanism for significant social change.
THBT gay marriage proponents should prioritize legal battles over the mobilization of popular support for a referendum.