Melbourne Mini

Motions for Melbourne Mini
Melbourne Mini 2011
R1: THW sell uranium to India.
R2. THBT Facebook should remove pages that joke about rape.
R3. THW take drastic action against Syria.
R4: THW break up companies deemed too big to fail.
R5: THBT marriage licenses should have to be renewed periodically.
R6: THW ban all blood sports involving animals.
SF: THW allow health care professionals to opt out of any stage of abortion, including before & after care.
GF: THBT the US should support Palestinian statehood.

Melbourne Mini 2010
R1: THW not provide any government support for non-vocational tertiary education.
R2: THBT China should break its ties with North Korea.
R3: THS the selection of human embryos on the basis of any advantageous genetic characters.
R4: THW create an independent fiscal authority to set binding limits on government spending.
R5: THW prohibit all political donations.
R6: THW require users of online social networks to disclose their identity.
SF: THW abolish Executive Clemency.
GF: THW allow emergency and humanitarian aid to be distributed through groups linked to terrorism.

Melbourne Mini 2008
R1: THW establish DNA databases of all citizens for the purposes of criminal investigations.
R2: THBT governments should set a maximum wage.
R3: THW end affirmative action for African-Americans.
R4: THW allow corporations to hire mercenaries to protect their shipments from pirates.
R5: THW ban gender discrimination within religions.
R6: THW support the launching of foreign strikes on terrorists in Pakistan.
SF: THW deny foreign aid to countries with space programs.
GF: THW legalise all forms of sadomasochistic sex.

Melbourne Mini 2007
R1: THW grant asylum to victims of global warming.
R2: THW impose a general restraining order on all paparazzi.
R3: THW force pregnant women under 16 to give their child up for adoption.
R4: THW abolish conscience votes in Parliament.
R5: THBT western democracies should impose diplomatic sanctions on Russia.
R6: THW ban homosexual re-education camps.
SF: THBT Kyoto Protocol signatories should place a compensatory duty on the imports of non-signatories.
GF: THW support the use of bounty hunters in law enforcement.

Melbourne Mini 2005
GF: THB the Evil Empire should strike back.

Melbourne Mini 2004
GF: THW support absolute freedom of speech.