Momiji Cup

Motions for Momiji Cup

13th Momoji Cup(2017)

Round 1 :THW ban the use of models who are below a healthy weight

Round 2:THBT elected politician should not resign when inmoral but not illegal behavior (i.e adultery) is discovered

Round 3:THW allow teachers to carry out physical corporal punishment in school

Round 4:THW impose tax upon adults who actively choose not to have children

Double octo final:THBT the United States of America should introduce conscription

Octo final: THW introduce universal basic income

Info slide:
Introduction of univarsal basic income is often discussed especially in some developed countries.

A universal basic income is a form of social security in which all citizens or residents of a country receive a regular, unconditional sum of money, either from a government or some other public institution, independent of any other income. The amount of money is supposed to meet a person’s basic needs sufficiently.

There is high possibility that more heavy taxation will be imposed and current basic welfare system(unemployment insurunce, livelihood protection, childcare support, etc) will be replaced with universal basic income after the introduction of this policy.


Quarter final: THW forcibly remove  homeless from the street and place them in rehabilitation

Semi finals: THW allow doctors to use placebo treatment

Grand final
THBT prisoners sentenced to life-time imprisonment should be allowed to choose death penalty.

12th Momiji Cup(2016)
THBT the Japanese Government should allow individuals to opt out from national pension system.
THW prohibit parents from imposing veganism* on their children.
*Info slide: Veganism is the lifestyle which denies the consumption of any animal products because of ethical reasons. This is a form of vegetarianism, but particularly veganism denies not only eating meat but also milk and egg. Raising children on a vegan diet sometimes leads to hospitalization for malnutrition.
THW prohibit religious organizations from supporting candidates.
THW prosecute suspected rapists without the formal complaint from the victim.
Double Oct Final
In cities with a wide wealth gap, THW require all elementary school set a quota that reflects socio-economic composition.
Oct Final
TH prefers a multi-party system over a bi-party system.
Quarter Final
THBT the disability community should oppose TV program which inspirationally portrait people with disabilities. (such as 24 hours TV)
Semi Final
THBT the early stages of education should overemphasize equality (e.g. not ranking children in sports festival, many Momotaro in school plays)
THBT the United Nation should abolish the right to veto of the permanent members of the Security Council.

11th Momiji Cup(2015)
THW ban broadcasting of suicide.
THW allow parents to vote on behalf of their children.
THW criminalize the membership of criminal organizations (such as gungs, mafias, yakuzas) even if he/she doesn’t commit crimes on his/her own.
THW require individuals who have gone through cosmetic surgery to open it to their partner before marriage.
Double-Oct Final
THBT candidates of political elections should take an aptitude test for their approval as candidates.
Oct Final
THW ban mail order bride agencies.
Quarter Final
THW cap the number of patents that a corporation can simultaneously hold.
Semi Final
THW allow emplyees to choose not to receive any basic provision in their labor contracts in exchange for a proportional increase in wages.
Grand Final
THW give amnesty to dictators who voluntarily step down.

10th Momiji Cup(2014)

Pre-R1: THW allow active euthanasia for terminal ill patients.
Pre-R2: THW criminalise the payment of ransom.
Pre-R3: TH opposes marriage system.

R1: THW ban traditional events that regularly cause death.(e.g.DANJIRI festival, bungee jumping as the traditional event of community.
R2: THW bail out big failing companies.
R3: THBT parents should NOT teach religious believes to their children.
R4: THW abolish Juveniles Law.
Pre-OF: THW abolish conscription.
OF: THW ban the private use of 3D printer
QF: TH regrets the domination of English as the global language.
SF: THBT citizens should physically intervene to red-handed crime even when they have risk to get involved.
GF: TH regrets declining influence of left-wing ideology in Japan

9th Momiji Cup (2013)

R1: THW make parental leave mandatory for both parents.
R2: THW make teacher’s salary progressive to academic performance.
R3: THW decriminalize murder for the sake of cannibalism under emergency circumstances. (such as drift, blizzard, heavy natural disasters)
R4: In the event of a life-threatening illness or injury, THBT medical decisions of minors should be made by doctors not by parents.
Info for R4: Currently, in many states. parents are able to make final decisions regarding children’s health based on various reasons of what “quality of like” is. (such as, but not limited to religious reasons)

Pre-OF: THBT it is legitimate for states to show the full horror of terrorism.
OF: THBT international sporting events should disqualify the team when their member(s) use performance enhancing drugs. (ex. when a batter from a baseball team was using steroid, the baseball team will be disqualified)
QF: THBT TV drama from large broadcasting company should include at least one person with disability as an actor or actress.
SF: Assume that a technology enables individuals to be sent to a virtual world. (It is like a crazily advanced video game) There, individuals can experience whatever it was programmed by the computer. It is basically same as the ordinary world in a sense they feel pain, emotions, and can even die. All of the memory in the virtual world remains, but they will not be physically hurt in the real life. (ex. even if they were killed in the virtual world, they will not die in the real world)
(motion) THW make convicted criminals experience how his/her victim(s) was/were damaged.
GF: THW criminalize NGOs that bribed regional armed groups in order to guarantee their safety.
Pre-Momiji Cup (2013)

R1THBT tourists from 1st world liberal democracies should NOT pay/feed beggars in the 3rd world.
R2THW decriminalize hate speech conducted by the minority against the majority which was intended to protect themselves.
R3 THS the decision of USA to advocate Japan’s rearmament.
8th Momiji Cup (2012)

R1: THW legalize organ transplants for profit.
R2: THBT gifted students should be taught separately from their peers.
R3: THBT all the juries and judges should be the same sex of victims in trials of sexual crimes.
R4: THW drive out food companies once they deceive consumers.
OF: THW prohibit parents from checking whether their children have disability or not before their birth.
QF: THW require politicians to send their children to public school.
SF: THW ban expression which portrait anti-social behavior in a bright light.
GF: THBT every country, not limited countries, should have the right to possess nuclear weapons.
7th Momiji Cup (2011)

R1:THW make voting compulsory.
R2:THW allow the use of performance enhancing drug in sports.
R3:THBT single sex schools are more beneficial for students than co-educational schools.
R4:THW prohibit corporations from promoting unhealthy food and drink.
OF:THW allow pharmacies to sell birth control pills without prescription.
QF:THW ban homeschooling.
SF:THBT parents who have a severely disabled child should be allowed to euthanize them shortly after birth.
GF:THW abolish the death penalty.
6th Momiji Cup (2010)
R1: THW establish a casino.
R2: THBT simple wedding is better than gorgeous one.
R3: THW raise tuition of students with poor grade.
R4: THBT doctors should inform cancer patients of their true illness.
QF: THW ban negative campaigning.
SF: THBT the government has no right to control information to its citizens.
GF: THW legalize marijuana.

5th Momiji Cup (2009)
R1: THW impose enviornmental tax.
R2: THW raise minimum wage.
R3: THBT a long-distance relationship is better than a short-distance relationship.
R4: THW introduce compulsory volunteering.
QF: THW ban sperm banks.
SF: THW let students choose their own teachers.
GF: THW ban tabacco.
3rd Momiji Cup (2007)
R1: THW construct a casino in a tourist area.
R2: THBT parents should push their children to play sports rather than to study.
R3: THW ban abortion.
R4: THW make voting compulsory.
1st Momiji Cup (2005)
R1: THW abolish gun.
R2: THW prefer sports to eating in autumn.
R3: THW establish Casino.