North East Asian Open

Motions for NEAO

Taipei NEAO 2019
This House Supports the active use of “”OK Boomer”” by the younger generation.
Info Slide:
OK Boomer is a catchphrase that gained popularity among the younger generation to dismiss or mock attitudes stereotypically attributed to the older generation (in particular baby boomers).These include such as but not limited to perceived resistance to technological change, rise in living standards, college debts, climate change denial, marginalization of minorities or opposition to younger generations’ ideals.
THS the creation of a Northeast Asian Union (i.e. a regional intergovernmental organization that promotes integration at social, economic and political levels)
TH, as an international student from a democratic country studying in Hong Kong, would choose not to leave
THBT schools should teach that “”one can never be totally straight””.
THBT Western liberal democracies should restrict multinational corporations from investing and establishing branches in illiberal states (e.g. Philippines, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia).
Assuming the switch will never be discovered, This House Would tell the poor couple that their baby died and hand the surviving baby over to the wealthy couple.
Info Slide:
You are a doctor in the emergency unit of a hospital. One night, two critical cases come to you: a wealthy couple’s newborn baby and an extremely poor couple’s newborn baby are both diagnosed with a rare disease, which requires high maintenance. Despite hours of frantic efforts on your part to keep them alive, tragedy strikes by dawn and the wealthy couple’s baby dies.
This House Believes That governments should actively discourage consumerist lifestyles.
This House Believes That it is in the interest of the Iranian government to immediately and unilaterally halt its nuclear weapons program
Open SF/High School GF:
Assuming that humanity prior to the Industrial Revolution had knowledge of how industrialization led to widespread environmental destruction, This House Believes That humanity, at that point in time, has a moral obligation to reject industrialization.
EFL Grand Final:
This House, as Northeast Asian parents, would raise their children as Third Culture Kids.
Info Slide:
Third Culture Kid (TCK): TCKs are people raised in a culture other than that of their parents for a significant part of their early development years. TCKs move between cultures before they have had the opportunity to fully develop their personal and cultural identity.
Grand Final:
This House, as the Feminist Movement, would publicly denounce Sheila’s talk
Info Slide:
Sheila is a woman who was subjected to forced marriage back in the rural town where she was born. After many years, Sheila has come to terms with her marriage and leads a happy life with her husband and children. She intends on giving a talk on the positive aspects of her marriage and how forced marriage is a legitimate way of life.
NEAO 2018
This House prefers a world where children are raised under communal child rearing over family based rearing
Info slide:
Communal child rearing refers to a community-based method of child raising in which collective education and care is provided by the government. The education authority is responsible for the rearing and well-being of all the children, taking care of their food, clothing, and medical treatment. Everybody receives the same share of everything and parents are not involved economically in the ??? their children.


This House regrets the popularisation of feminism


This House would ban the development of AIs designed for military combat


This House, as the U.S. Democratic Party, would call for a halt in the negotiations with North Korea.


R5: This House supports the glorification of historical dynasties in popular media
Info slide:
Historical Dynasty refers to a specific time phase in history that is ruled by a sequence of family rulers. Examples may include the Tang Dynasty of China the Three Kingdom of Korea.


R6:This House would ban Presidential Pardons
Info slide:
Presidential pardon refers to the President’s power to allow a person to be absolved of guilt for an alleged crime or other legal offense, as if the act never occurred.


THW universally abolish CRBI(citizenship and residence by investment) schemes.
Info slide:
“Citizenship by Investment” (CBI) and “Residence by Investment” (RBI) schemes are offered by a substantial number of countries, such as Canada, Malaysia, UAE. The schemes allow foreigners to obtain citizenship and temporary/permanent residence rights on the basis of local investments or a flat fee.


TH, as western liberal democracies, would impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia.


EFL GF: THR the imposition of the concept of universal human right


OPEN SF: THR the South Korean Supreme Court decision to find conscientious objection to military conscription not guilty
Info slide:
Conscientious objector military refers to an individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, or religion. On October 26th, South Korean Supreme Court found a conscientious objection to mandatory military ser vice case not guilty for the first time.


TH, as the executive body would choose to eliminate based on utility over a random draw
Info slide:
In 2200, the world is unable to accommodate everyone. The only way for half the population to survive is to eliminate the other half. A confidential world body executive was formed in order to deal with this issue.


14th North East Asia Open 2017 (SolBridge, South Korea)

A statute of limitations sets out the maximum time that parties have to start legal proceedings after the date of an alleged offense.
THW abolish the statute of limitations for heinous crimes (e.g. murder, sexual assault, grievous bodily harm).
Doxxing is an internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (e.g. name, address, occupation etc.) about an individual or organization.
THBT progressive movements should not doxx.
THR the narrative that motherhood is an intrinsically fulfilling experience.
President Moon Jae-in has recently commented that it is not appropriate to develop the cooperation to a level of trilateral military alliance in response to USA’s demand for such an alliance. “In response to North Korea’s nuclear and missiles provocations, in addition to the cooperation with the US, such cooperation with Japan has also become very important.” “But I don’t believe that it is desirable to develop the trilateral cooperation into a military alliance.” — Moon Jae-in, Nov 3 2017.
THS South Korea’s rejection of the potential trilateral military USA-Korea-Japan alliance.
“Utility factor” refers to the total, foreseeable impact on society produced by academic research. The utility factor is determined by the universities themselves.
THS the allocation of research funding in universities based purely on the utility factor of the research.
THW remove all criminal penalties for knowingly exposing partners to HIV.
THBT development of infrastructure in developing countries should be led by the state, as opposed to the private sector.
Open QF:
Planned obsolescence is the corporate strategy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become obsolete (that is, unfashionable or no longer functional) after a certain period of time.
THW impose heavy penalties on planned obsolescence.
Open SF:
Racial-blind casting is the selection of actor regardless of the characters intial racial indentity, which may result in characters such as: African American Hermione Granger in Harry Potter Caucasian Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost In The Shell.
THW all movies and TV shows to introduce racial-blind casting for all characters.
“An advanced directive is a legal document signed by an individual that determines the treatment or care they wish to receive or not receive if they become unable to undertake medical decisions – due to conditions SUCH AS: – very severe dementia; – vegetative state etc. Advanced directives are irreversible – they remain binding. NON-voluntary euthanasia is NOT INvoluntary euthanasia. It merely means that no EXPLICIT CONSENT is granted at the time.”
THW legalize advanced directives requesting non-voluntary euthanasia for oneself.
Open GF:
‘Armies of opinion shapers’ are used by some governments to spread government views, drive particular agendas, and counter government critics on social media. These individuals are paid to distort the digital information landscape in the government’s favor, without acknowledging sponsorship.
THBT ‘armies of opinion shapers’ should never be a legitimate political tool for states.

13th North East Asia Open 2016 (Tokyo, Japan)

Emma Watson, who was recently casted as Belle for the Beauty and the Beast movie (2017), insisted that her character has a job as an inventor.
Playboy recently featured its first hijab-wearing Muslim women, the Arab-American journalist Noor Tagouri.
THBT the feminist should try to co-opt, rather than challenge, traditionally patriarchal media (ex. men’s magazines, fairytales).
THBT the Democratic Party of the United States should shift the focus of their message from culture and identity politics to economics and inequality.
TH regrets campaigns by animal rights organizations that portray the suffering of animals as similar to that of humans.
TH regrets the narrative that one has to be sociable to be successful.
THW ban fractional reserve banking
(i.e. require all banks to be under a full reserve banking system.)
THW hold the board of directors of corporations criminally liable for high incidences of suicide among their workers.
Open QF:
THBT charismatic leaders, regardless of their political platform, do more harm than good to democracy.
As a Northeast Asian going to a Wstern university, THW not aglicize one’s name and encourage others to do the same.
Open SF:
THBT we should stop teaching children that everyone’s opinions are valid.
Open GF:
THBT Northeast Asian countries should prioritize reconciliation over justice/redress in resolving historical conflicts.

12th North East Asian Open 2015 (Beijing, China)
R1: THW make all State benefits for local religious institutions (eg. tax exemptions) contingent on their religious leaders being democratically elected by their congregations.
R2: THBT it is in Taiwan’s intrest to abandon polices that support independence.
R3: THBT all art should be published anonymously.
R4: THR shonen manga’s common emphasis on competing to be the strongest.
[INFO: Shonen manga (literally meaning “young boys” comics) is a genre of Japanese manga marketed at adolescents. Famous examples of shonen manga include Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and Slam Dunk.
In Dragon Ball, two ofthe main characters are Goku and Vegeta, who are constantly training, and fighting each other as rivals, in order to be the most powerful warriro.
In Slam Dunk, the main characters are basketball players, who work extremely hard and are determined to be the best in Japan.)
R5: THW make it mandatory for children of middle and upper class families to experience the condition of families below the poverty line for a period of time as their education.
Open QF, ESL Pre-Semi: You are in an emotionally fulfilling but sexually frustrating relationship. THW hire a prostitute.
Open SF, ESL SF: THS the European Community’s act to label products made in Israeli ettlements on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land.
EFL GF: THBT people should be legally allowed to hurt themselves and others as much as they want, as long as there is legally established consent and there are no additional harms to third parties.
GF: THBT NGO’s which attempt to garner humanitarian support for post-colonial states should, in their campaigns, advertsing and brochures etc., link the States present suffering to past acts of Western colonialism.

11th North East Asian Open 2014 (Taiwan)
Round 1: THW not keep drug addiction on one’s criminal record.
Round 2: THW allow individuals to opt out from state pension system.
Round 3: THBT feminist movement should not seek representation of women in the armed forces.
Round 4: THW publicly elect Central Bank Governors.
Round 5: THBT countries that pay ransom to terrorists should financially compensate persons from other countries who have suffered from terrorist abduction.
Round 6: (Abenomics: Refers to the national socio-economic-political strategy devised by Japan’s PM Abe. This includes additional fiscal stimulus, monetary easing, and structural reforms. It was designed as a response to both the receding economy due to structural deflation and high value of Japanese yen.) TH, as Japan, regrets Abenomics.
Round 7: (A nudge, as we will use term, is any aspect of the choice architecture that alters people’s behavior in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives. To count as a mere nudge, the intervention must be easy and cheap to avoid. Nudges are not mandates. Putting Fruit at eye level counts as a nudge. Banning junk food is not a nudge.) THBT governments should not nudge its citizens with regards to family planning.
Octo Finals: THW allow individuals to sell their right to sue to third parties.
Quarter Finals: THW make the easing of sanction on Myanmar conditional on the better treatment of the Rohingya people.
Open Semi Finals: THW set National Electoral Districts as Multi-Member Districts as opposed to Single Member Districts.
Open Grand Final: Assuming the technology exists, TH prefers individuals to have the same traits received at birth (including but not limited to same IQ, EQ, appearance, capacity to be pregnant, resistance to disease, …etc.)
EFL Grand Final: THW abolish judicial review.

10th Northeast Asian Open 2013(Solbridge, Korea)

THBT it is legitimate for college students to illegally access prescription medicine in hopes of improving their studies.
R2: Les Miserables
THBT looting should not be criminalized in times of calamity.
R3: Price tag to heaven
THW put a ceiling on the wealth of religious priests.
THW apply the rules of war on video games.
R5: How much is that doggie in the window? 😛
TH supports the establishment of animal brothels
R6: Geopol Other than the Middle East
In African states, TH prefers the distribution of development directly to private individuals over governments.
R7: Stand By Your Man
TH regrets the choice of woman to stand by their husbands who have been publicly exposed to have engaged in infidelity.

Assuming we can discover and quantify people’s natural abilities, THW impose a progressive tax on individuals who do not maximize this capability.
In cities with a wide wealth gap, THW require all schools to impose a quota that reflects its socio-economic composition.
SF: Same as EFL GF.
GF:Keep coming together!
THBT Northeast Asia should embrace Japan’s decision to amend the constitution to have a standing army.

9th Northeast Asian Open 2012

Round 1: Rights and state’s obligations
THBT gender reassignment surgery should be included in state funded medical care
Round 2: Arts
THBT the government should compensate the music industry for the losses arising out of illegal downloading
Round 3: Middle East
THS an Egyptian military security guarantee against the invasion of Gaza
Round 4: Education
THBT early childhood education should undermine traditional gender roles
Round 5: The New Age
THW treat cyberattack as an act of war
Round 6: Development
THBT national governments should depopulate areas with few viable economic activities
Pre-Quarters: Africa
THBT the West should actively seek to displace Chinese investments and acquisition of Africa’s natural land and resources
Quarters: Immigration
THBT it is legitimate for States to reject immigrants who oppose the prevailing social values of the receiving State
Semi-Final: the Middle East
THW ban religious parties from participating in elections in newly democratized Arab states.
Grand Final: Social Engineering
Assuming it is possible, THW incept citizens into socially good behavior
EFL Semi-Final: Immigration
THBT states that receive refugees should be financially compensated by the country from which they came
EFL-Final: Social Engineering
Assuming it is possible, THW forcefully erase the memory of extremely traumatized patients
Test Debate: Romance
THW allow teachers to have romantic relationships with students

8th Northeast Asian Open 2011 (in Taiwan)
R1:THBT Israel should pre emptively strike Iranian Nuclear facilities.
R2:THW allow individuals to sell their votes for financial compensation.
R3:THW end all fiscal austerity measures and increase government spending.
R4:THBT Taiwanese government should abandon all efforts for formal independence.
R5:THW legalize polygamy.
Pre-QF:THBT equal opportunity legislation should be applied to religious institutions.
EFL SF:THBT all government contracts should buy locally manufactured goods and services.
EFL GF:THW impose a maximum cap on the usage of water.
QF: THW try the dictator al’Assad.
SF: THBT all countries must ratify binding targets in any international agreement on climate change.
GF: THBT international law should recognize the right of each state to unilaterally undertake humanitarian intervention.

7th Northeast Asian Open 2010 (in Macau)
R1: THBT parents whose children are grossly obese should be penalized for child abuse.
R2: THBT China should support United Nation sanctions on North Korea.
R3: THBT energy companies of developed countries operating in developing countries should adhere to the environmental standards of their countries of origin.
R4: THBT EU should sanction its members for denying practice of religious freedom in public.
R5: THW ban beneficiaries of public welfare from entering casinos.
EFL SFi: THW allow the Taliban to join the elections as a legitimate party.
EFL GF: THBT Nobel Peace Prize should only be awarded in recognition of individuals who have already brought peace.
QF: THBT African Union should monitor and be responsible for the security in Somalian waters.
SF: THW shut down websites of political bloggers that spread lies.
GF: THBT drug addicts should only be eligible for social welfare under condition of rehabilitation.

6th Northeast Asian Open 2009
R1: THBT social networking sites should prohibit children from using their services
R2: THBT governments should hold airlines liable for viral diseases spread due to their flights
R3: THW end support for the Karzai government in Afghanistan.
R4: THBT the state should provide criminal background information to couples when they register to be married.
R5: THBT the state should regulate bonuses in private corporations.
EFL SF: THBT taxpayer money should not fund international sporting events
EFL GF: THBT states should side with surrogate mothers who don’t want to give up their children
QF: THBT governments should prioritise fighting climate change over poverty
SF: THBT that African nations should choose Chinese investment over Western aid
GF: THBT that first generation immigrants should have the right to vote in their country of origin

5th Northeast Asian Open 2008
Round 1: Youth
THB in the establishment of a “Youth Government” for national policymaking.
THB in compulsory military training for every citizen of the country by age 25.
THW not allow foreign students to enroll in domestic universities.

Round 2: The Palin Factor
THW establish a minimum IQ for National Leaders.
THBT candidates for government positions should not be allowed to accept endorsements from religious leaders.
THBT non-US citizens deserve a right to vote in the US election.

Round 3: Gender Issues
THW recognize trans-sexuals as members of a third sex.
THBT the use of birth control pills should be prescription-free.
THW introduce a quota system for female politicians in national parliament.

Round 4: International Relations
THW say NO to the U.S.-India Nuclear Agreement.
THW not meet with the leaders of Iran.
THBT supporting Georgia’s NATO bid is more important than maintaining good relations with Russia.

Quater Finals+EFL Final: Nature
THW not classify radical environmental groups as terrorist.
THS an international moratorium on commercial fishing of tuna.
THW abolish animal sports.

Semi Finals: Territory in NE Asia
THBT Japan and Korea should share Takeshima/Dokdo.
THBT Russia should return the Northern Territories to Japan.
THBT ICJ should mediate the Senkaku Islands dispute among Japan, China and Taiwan.

Final: Medicine
THS the forced sterilization of all criminals convicted of a felony.
THW deny national health services to people who participate in extreme sports.
THW protect the right of families to genetically engineer the traits of their children.

4th Northeast Asian Open 2007
Round 1: Energy/Environment
THBT bioethanol is the way to go.
THW ban cars in the city.
THBT carbon trade doesn’t help the environment.

Round 2: History
THBT Northeast Asia needs a unified history textbook.
THW compensate victims of sexual slavery during WWII.
THW apologize for our history.

Round 3: International Relations
THBT the Palestinian people should give up the right to return.
THBT Japan should stop giving foreign aid to Myanmar.
THW blame China for Darfur.

Round 4: Animal
THBT game park rangers should have the right to shoot poachers.
THW ban bullfighting.
THBT bestiality should not be illegal.

Round 5: Big Government vs. Small Government
THBT states should have an official religion.
THBT Presidents should not have term limits.
THBT Sports should only be funded by private entities.

Quarter Finals: Minorities
THW give prisoners the right to vote.
THW make neglect of parent a criminal offence.
THBT that mothers who cause harm to their babies during their pregnancy should be criminally liable.

Semi Finals: Money
THW forbid foreign control over local banks.
THBT government money should not be invested in overseas.
THW abolish corporate tax.

Final: Gender
THBT fathers should also be granted maternity leave.
THW national identification cards should not indicate gender.
THBT Sex change operations be included as part of national healthcare programs.

3rd Northeast Asian Open 2006
Round 1: People vs. The Man
THW risk civilian casualties for military victories.
THBT Guantanamo Bay detainees should receive normal US criminal due process rights.
THW violate individual rights to protect the domestic order.

Round 2: Pop culture
THBT Borat is good for Kazakhstan.
THBT orphans prefer the “Material World” to the 3rd World.
THBT celebrities should be required to perform community service.

Round 3: The Environment
THW sacrifice growth to protect the world’s oceanic creatures.
THW blame citizens, not their governments, for global warming.
THS private ownership of public water systems.

Round 4: Economics
THW abolish the minimum wage.
THB the Korean Wave has broken.
THW sign a Free Trade Agreement with America.

Round 5: The Soviet Union
THS the re-creation of the Soviet Union.
THBT the Russian government should protect voices of opposition within its borders.
THB the European Union should include the nations of the Former Soviet Union.

Quarter Finals: Government and Morality
THBT government has a moral obligation to end poverty.
THW make education gay friendly.
THW ban religious symbols in government institutions.

Semi Finals: Very Bad People
THW waterboard (torture) Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.
THW mourn Fidel Castro’s death.
THW not give Saddam Hussein the death penalty.

Rookie Final: Science and Health
THW subsidize public consumption of wine.
THW ban animal testing for the creation of new medicine.
THBT nature trumps nurture.

Final: Northeast Asia
THBT Taiwan has earned its seat in the United Nations.
THBT Japan should build nuclear weapons.
THBT Korea should be thankful for the American Empire.

2nd Northeast Asian Open 2005
Round 1: Legalization Softballs
THW legalize drugs.
THW legalize euthanasia.
THW legalize the sex industry.

Round 2: Trade and Investment
THBT free trade is not fair trade.
THBT foreign ownership of domestic industries is a good thing.
THBT farm subsidies do more harm than good.

Round 3: Education
THBT English should not be a criteria for admission into Asian universities.
THBT it is inappropriate for teachers to have romantic relationships with students.
THW make sex education mandatory in all public schools.

Round 4: The United Nations
THW sanction Syria.
THW give Asia another permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
THBT John Bolton is exactly what the United Nations needs.

Round 5: Privacy
THBT the news media should not be forced to reveal its sources.
THBT celebrities have the right to a private life.
THW sacrifice personal privacy to prevent terrorism.

Quarter Finals: Murder and Mayhem
THBT Saddam Hussein deserves the death penalty.
THBT anything goes in war.
THB the government should increase regulations on violence in the media.

Semi Finals: Age
THW provide free public care for the elderly.
TH rejects age as a standard for voting.
THBT age is not equivalent to authority.

Final: NE Asia
THW ban food imports from China.
THBT Japan is a better friend to Northeast Asia than America.
THW standardize Asian history textbooks.

1st Northeast Asian Open 2004
Practice Round
THW allow condom vending machines in schools.
THS minimum quotas for women in Asian politics.
THW cancel 3rd world debt.

Round 1: China
THW not support internet censorship in China.
THBT we need another militar superpower.
THS the 3 Gorges Dam.

Round 2: Sports
THW permit performance enhancing drugs at the Olympics.
THW ban all fighting sports.
THW equalize prize money for male and female athletes.

Round 3: Law and Order
THW legalize prostitution.
THW punish government corruption with the death penalty.
THW protect whistleblowers.

Round 4: Science
THW ban genetically modified food.
THBT space exploration is a waste.
THW prohibit human cloning.

Round 5: Terrorism
THBT the US led War on Terror has made the world less safe.
THBT Putin should talk not shoot.
THW grant immediate statehood to Palestine.

Round 6: Human Rights
THBT child labor is justified.
THW legalize gay marriage.
THBT pharmaceutical patents should not be enforced in Africa.

Round 7: Religion
THBT China should not restrict religious freedom.
THBT the churches should allow gay clergy.
THW include religious teaching in public schools.

Quarter Finals: Energy
THBT the Kyoto protocol needs US ratification.
THW build nuclear power plants.
THW provide public transportation for free.

Semi Finals: Northeast Asia – Economics
THW protect local film industries through screen quotas.
THW relocate the capital of Korea.
THW support a free trade zone in Northeast Asia.

Final: Northeast Asia – Military
THW withdraw South Korean troops from Iraq.
THBT North Korea has the right to develop nuclear weapons.
THBT US bases should get out of Northeast Asia.