Osawa Cup

Motions for Osawa Cup

15th Osawa Cup (2019)
THBT Japan should actively participate in the One Belt One Road initiative.
TH, as the feminist movement, opposes the “not like other girls” trope.
Info Slide:
“Not like other girls” trope is a common TV/Movie/Book/Meme plot or characterization where the main female protagonist is described as being “different” and “unusual” (e.g. being smart, emotionally resilient, down to earth, independent, less caring, lacks interest in certain things) compared to other ‘typical girls.’
Assuming feasibility, THW implement the “Literal and Universal Birth Lottery” system.
Info Slide:
“Literal and Universal Birth Lottery” is a cool word I came up with. It refers to a system in which parents do not raise their own biological children. Instead, they will raise children who are randomly assigned to them through a lottery in a universal/global scale. For example, a Japanese parent may be assigned a Thai child, and vice versa.
Grand Final:
TH regrets the practice of competing on national costumes in international beauty contests.


14th Osawa Cup
THW require government involvement and approval for creation and renewal of all labor contracts

THW mandate all development aid to be administered by international organization. (i.e. World Bank, AIIB, AIB, etc)

THW opposes the social norm to hide or mischaracterize truths about the world from children (e.g. “sinners go to hell”, future prospect & careers, there ability compared to other children)

Info: You are the First Lady of the United States. You are more competent than the President or the Vice President in enacting & convincing the legislators & the electorate.
THBT the First Lady should actively enact major policies on behalf of the President.

13th Osawa Cup(2017)

Communal child rearing is the system of raising children as a whole society. In this system, biological parents lose parental right to their children, and the communities give necessities of lives, education and money for independence etc. to all children equally. Also, parents and children live apart, and don’t keep special connection to each other.
THS communal child rearing .

Assuming that human beings with superpowers have come into existence, THBT those with superpowers should be governed by an international community on its use of their powers.

THBT social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) should sensor contents produced by extremist political parties.

GF カッコいい話聞きたいっす
Assuming the drugs which completely remove criminal mind from convicted criminals and change themselves into ones obedient to law & calm exist, THW inject the drugs into all convicts(懲役囚) & release them instead of imprisonment and death penalty.

12th Osawa Cup (2016)
THBT students should not wear oppressed minority’s traditional clothes as a Halloween costume in university.
Assuming feasibility, THW erase the sense of fear from soldiers.
TH, as a Muslim feminist, opposes rise of fashionable headscarves (e.g. Hijab, Niqab, Burqa, etc).
THBT actors or actresses who are the prominent social activist should not act as characters that conflict with their political ideas.


11th Osawa Cup (2015)

Motion for Round 1 (by Kasumi Nogawa) THW not allow individuals to opt into an one-way mission to Mars with the Mars One Project. (Info Slide: Mars one project is a project that intends to establish a human settlement on Mars. The first crew selected from ordinary citizens would arrive on Mars in 2027 with no possibility of return.)

Motion for Round2 (by Kasumi Nogawa) THBT the state education should encourage children to engage in a love relationship

Motion for Round 3 (by Kaicho) TH prefers existence of “Dark Heroes” who, even using unlawful means, block radical innovations that fundamentally alter the current social/industrial framework (eg. very cheap synthesis of oil and gold, cold nuclear fusion).

Motion for Grand Final (by Ken Kuroki) Assuming technology, as a debating community, THW make debaters completely anonymous in round rooms (hide name, gender and appearance, and use voice changer etc.)

10th Osawa Cup (2014)

Motion for round 1: Wanna Show Off Your Religion?
THW allow companies to prohibit employees from showing their religious symbol at work.

Motion for round 2: Time is Money!!!
Assuming technology, THW legalize the exchange of lifetime years with money.
Note: Everyone will be induced a built-in timer which says how many life- years are remaining for each. This timer will also make one’s life years transferrable safely.

The life years bought will have an anti aging effect. (for example, if a person at her 55 buys 15 years, she will remain to be 55 for 15 years.)

Motion for round 3: Sorry, I just blocked you
THBT individuals should be able to have completely private digital communication and information storage (in mobile phones and PCs)which cannot be eavesdropped or accessed by the state.
Note: Law enforcement and spy agencies will never be able to intervene into one’s privacy unless he or she consents to it.

Motion for the Grand Final: Control Yourselves!
TH prefers a world in which individuals could, even if once, go back to their past and restart their childhood with the nurture (ie parenting) that they have designed.
Note: The restarter will have the memory of having chosen to retry their childhood themselves but no other memories.

9th Osawa cup (2011)


THBT the church should allow homosexual clergies.
THW provide religious education for prisoners.
THW establish religious courts in areas where there are many religious minorities.

R2:Company and Environment
THBT individuals who have commanded pollutions within corporations should be charged with manslaughter.
THW abolish the carbon trading.
THBT the government should limit the amount of debt that corporations can have.

THBT HIV positive workers should tell their employers of their status.
THBT smokers should be excluded from Medicare system.
THW force sperm banks to reveal the identity of sperm donors upon request of the offspring, upon reaching the age of consent.

R4:Law and Order
THBT in times of war, the state should offer convicts improsoned for heinous crimes the option to fight for the army in exchange of conditional pardon.
THBT individuals found guilty of crimes overseas should serve thier sentences in their country of origin.
THBT assassination of political leaders can be justified.

7th Osawa cup (2009)

R1: Barack Obama
THBT it is time to end affirmative action for African-Americans.
THBT the US military should not withdraw from Iraq.
THW establish national health insurance in the United States.

R2: Gender
THW force religious adaption agencies to place children with homosexual couples.
THBT people should give up the marriage system.
THW ban all forms of religious gender discrimination.

R3: Nippon
THW distribute shelters to homeless people.
THW support worldwide proliferation of Japanese Otaku culture.
THBT Mr. Aso Taro is failing.

R4: Children
THW ban homeschooling.
THW censor fast food advertisement for children.
THW provide free child care service for all working mothers.

5th Osawa Cup (2007)

R1: Economy
THW abolish fixed working hours for white-collar workers.
THW limit medical expenditure for terminal patients.
THW aborgate the Kyoto Protocol.

R2: Identity
THBT fashion shows should require minimum standard body mass index for models.
THW celebrate wearing of Muslim veils by immigrants in Western society.
THBT history textbooks should include coverage of contemporary religious / radical conflicts among its nationals.

R3: Power Game
THW justify a coup detat.
THW bouble the occupation forces in Iraq.
THW establish a regional Security Council in Latin America.

R4: Hidden Social Problems
THW stop broadcasting suicide.
THW forcefully intervene in domestic violence even without victim’s request.
THW ban all video-games featuring animated child pornography.