Philippines Inter-collegiate Debating Championship

Motions for PIDC

Motions for Philippines Inter-collegiate Debating Championship

PIDC 2009
Round 1: Gender
THBT gay rights movements should compel openly gay celebrities to actively support their causes.
THBT feminist politics must transition from the halls of Congress to the bedroom.
THBT Muslim universities should grant professional subsidies to feminist scholars living in radically conservative Muslim states.

Round 2: Europa
THW ban the ownership of multiple properties in land strapped European countries.
THBT it is justified for EU countries with bailout responsibilities to excuse themselves with financial commitments to the union.
THBT the European Union should subsidize rehabilitation clinics for computer addicts.

Round 3: Culpability
THBT sober passengers of a drunk driver should be held criminally liable.
THW punish bystanders of a crime.
THW allow witnesses of gruesome murders to claim emotional damages against the criminal.

Round 4: Environment
TH celebrates the use of emotional blackmail as part of environmental strategies.
THBT Earth Hour is a meaningless, faddish, exercise.
THW make waste-disposal a mandatory requirement for free trade agreements.

Round 5: Print Media
THBT print media is dead.
THW ban government officials from obtaining board positions in print media.
THW require print media to grant criticized individuals compulsory reply space.

Round 6: Pop Culture
THW remove the foreign films category in the Academy Awards.
TH regrets the rise of vegetarianism.
THW shut down the World Wrestling Entertainment for good.

Round 7: Geopolitics
THBT China should revise its amoral foreign policy by sanctioning North Korea.
TH regrets Obama’s stance of reducing investments for foreign policy initiatives.
THBT it’s time to grant statehood to Taiwan.

Octo Finals: Local Headlines
THB in extending the land distribution program.
TH overreacted to Chip Tsao.
THBT it is time to shut the doors on visiting forces.

Quarter Finals: Rights
THW lift the moratorium on blood donations for men who have sex with men.
THBT parents who are minors should be allowed to retain custody of their offspring.
TH supports the preferential disclosure of sexual harassment issues to religious leaders over state authorities within some religious communities.

Semi Finals: Football
TH regrets the recruitment of Third World football players by European football clubs.
TH celebrates players walking-off the field in response to racist crowd hooliganism.
THBT all players should donate majority of their advertising revenue to league development of the clubs they play for.

Grand Final: Education
TH celebrates the rise of political activism among students in public universities.
THW accommodate student-teacher relationships among consenting adults in universities.
THB in mandatory sex education in all religious schools.

PIDC 2008
Round 1
THBT the State should ban all private schools from sanctioning students who exhibit homosexual behavior.
THW allow Universities to allot slots for the admission of children of alumni.
TH supports the right of private elementary schools to require pre-school education for grade one applicant.

Round 2
THBT America should welcome Iran’s involvement in Iraq.
THW lift U.S. sanction in Cuba.
THBT U.S should not support the entry of former Soviet States into the NATO.

Round 3
The government should stop funding research searching for the gene for autism.
TH supports the parent’s right to avail of medical procedure infantalizing their disabled children by inhibiting their physical growth.
THW abolish employment quotas for the disabled.

Round 4
THW abolish the MMDA.
THBT the Sangguniang Kabataan is irrelevant today’s youth.
THBT instead of being a political appointee, the Ombudsman should be elected by the people.

Round 5
TH celebrates the role of organized religion in attaining equality.
THBT the Dalai Lama should cede control of Tibet to China.
TH would remove restrictions on campaign donations made by religious organizations.

Round 6
THBT the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Plan has served the interests of the Filipino farmers.
THW end the conservation of the indigenous lands.
The developing world should prioritize food security.

Round 7
THBT Independent Filmmakers should welcome the piracy of their work.
THBT authors of commercial spin-offs of copyrighted literature should not be made to pay royalties to the authors.
THBT sponsors of commissioned art should have the right to alter the final work even without the consent of the paid artist.

Octo Finals
TH regrets the joint seismic marine undertaking at the Spratlys.
THBT democratization should not be a goal of Western Foreign Policy.
THW prioritize citizens of former colonies in admitting guest workers.

Quarter Finals
TH regrets formal and informal rules restricting sexual and romantic relationship in the workplace.
TH celebrates the rise of easily accessible and non-commercial on-line amateur porn.
THBT States should give married individuals the option to have multiple legal spouses.

Semi Finals
THBT the leftist populist revolution in Latin America has failed.
THBT post modern feminists have betrayed their sisters in the third world.
THBT the culture of privileging formal education has broadened inequality in the developing world.

Grand Final
TH celebrates Philippine historical attachment in former colonial masters.
THBT the mass emigration of workers has eroded Philippine Nationalism.
THBT the hold of the elite in the Philippine governance has strengthened democracy.

PIDC 2007
Round 1
Active duty military personnel should be allowed to sell their stories to the press for personal profit.
States should not negotiate with terrorists for the release of journalists taken as hostages in conflict zones.
Mass media should apologize for its history of portraying negative racial stereotypes.

Round 2
TH celebrates the contribution of wikipedia’s amateur scholarship to the academe.
YouTube should be held liable for user-generated content that breaches privacy.
THW ban law enforcement agencies from using social networking sites to solicit criminal activities.

Round 3
TH celebrates the right of private schools to discriminate against their applicants.
Tertiary education should be a fundamental human right.
THW mandate behavioral rehabilitation for school bullies.

Round 4
TH applauds Indonesia’s choice to turn over bird flu samples to pharmaceutical companies instead of the WHO.
ASEAN should include political value sin its charter to remain relevant.
TH condemns Singapore’s encouragement of the elites of their neighboring countries to transfer their wealth to their nation.

Round 5
The US should grant asylum to all Iraqi refugees.
American overseas military interventions should always be subject to popular referendum.
The US should bypass the Pakistani authorities in the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Round 6
Holocaust denial should be condemned but not criminalized.
TH condemns the corporate sponsorship of studies denying climate change.
Addressing Tokyo’s denial of comfort women is a matter best left to NGO advocacy instead of state protest.

Round 7
THW charge high income earners more when they avail of public services.
THW absolve indigent families of liability from euthanizing terminally-ill relatives.
THW switch from race-based affirmative action in college admissions to favor applicants from low-income households.

Octo Finals
All airline passengers should pay a carbon emissions tax.
TH supports the placing of endangered species in zoos as a legitimate way of saving them.
THW prioritize bids for government contracts from corporations with environmentall sound practices.

Quarter Finals
THW transfer responsibility for the security of European cross-border football matches from national authorities to UEFA.
Far-right parties should be excluded from European parliaments.
EU should sanction Russia for using energy as a tool for blackmail.

Semi Finals
The visual representations of religious and cultural communities are fair game for artistic experimentation.
Contemporary atheist attacks on religiosity do society more harm than good.
Raunchy stories from women featured in men’s magazines are a step forward in women empowerment.

TH condemns politicians’ use of the youth in their election advertisments.
TH applauds the media’s role in encouraging the youth’s participation in the elections.
The youth’s political maturity is ill-served by their generation’s representatives in the print media.