Philosophy Open

Motions for Philosophy Open

Philosophy Open 2019
THBT it is immoral to give birth to a new life
THR the decline of postmodernist art
Info Slide:
Postmodernism – The premise of the ideology is that there is no definite terms, boundaries or absolute truth in existence
TH oppose science as a predominant rationale in understanding the world
Grand Final:
THW ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy

Philosophy Open 2018
Round 1
THBT people of the present generation do not have any duties with regards to unborn people of future generations.
Round 2
Assuming that there is a drug that can induce a life-long coma in which one experiences the state of absolute happiness without requiring any further care until physical death from old age, THW immediately administer it to all humans.
Round 3
Info: Assuming that Ebola has spread to Japan, and you are a doctor who has just invented the cure, but only have one indivisible portion of it, and the only two patients in your care are your lover and a complete stranger, both of whom are in critical condition and will certainly die without treatment within a few hours.
THBT if you choose to treat your lover and not the complete stranger, you will be morally blameworthy
Grand Final
Info: Social Contract is a political theory that attempts to justify coercion of citizens by the state by claiming that the state exists because citizens agreed to establish it to promote common good. This agreement is usually referred to as the Social Contract.
TH opposes the idea of Social Contract as a rationale for citizens’ obligation to obey the state’s coercive decisions (such as laws and policies).