Shanghai International Debate Open(SIDO)

4th SIDO(2018)



3th SIDO(2017)
Info: In a character-based script,a written character represents a word or phrase, but may not clear as to how it is spoken.In an alphabat-based script, individual character represent sounds rather than concepts, and are combined to make words and phrases that have meanings.
THBT China should transition from its character-based script to an alphabet-based script.
THBT US government employees should leak embarassing information about the Trump Administration to the press e.g. Trump’s tax returns, details of internal political disputes, embarassing personal details, etc.(原文ママ)
THBT feminists in developing countries should encourage women not to have children
THW ban all research into the creation of strong AI
TH prefers a world where human beings have no desire to have sex.
Info: Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of a unified china. He unified the country from a collection of warring states.
TH regrets the reign of Qin Shi Huang.
THW require all citizens to perform two years of national civic services(ex. in healthcare, education, helping the elderly, etc.)
THBT the state should redistribute all donations to charities according to an evidence-based assessment of their utility.
THBT social media should manipulate user experience to promote social harmony.
Info: right to govern: the making and enforcement of rules
THBT States should allow private companies to bid for the right to govern part of their territory.
TH regrets the decision to list democracy as a fundamental human right in the UN’s universal declaration of Human Rights.