Sophia Master’s Cup

Motions for Sophia Master’s Cup

Motions of Sophia Master’s Cup 2016

Round 1
THBT Democrats should pursue an obstructionist strategy equivalent to that of Republicans during the Obama Administration against President Trump.

Round 2
THBT feminists should actively oppose social norm that prioritizes monogamy.

Round 3
THW commit grand forces to Syria comprised of Private Military Contractor / mercenaries to combat ISIS.

Grand Final
Assuming feasibility, THW force individuals to work for jobs in which they will be most productive, in exchange for commensurate income.



Sophia Masters’ Cup (2014)
R1:THW ban cosmetic products.
R2:THBT Turkey should actively help the Syrian Kurdsin the fight against IS
R3:THBT the state should construct false narratives that promote social cohesion

Sophia Masters’ Cup (2013)

R1:THBT the US enforcing international norms is preferable over the international community doing so.
R2:THBT governments should prioritize citizens acquiring technical skills over higher education.
R3:Even in societeis with few female leaders in private corporations, THBT women shouldn’t use her sexuality/feminity (Ex. flirt with superiors and customers) to climb up the corporate ladder.

GF:THBT Japanese government shouldn’t support Otaku culture.