Sydney Mini

Motions for Sydney Mini
Sydney Mini 2011
R1: THBT countries under going severe economic crises should suspend democratic government.
R2: THBT independent boy’s schools which are associated with privileged net work of “old boys” should be forced to accept 50% girls.
R3: THW grant full independence to Mindanao.
R4: THW ban companies from holding patents which they are not actively developing.
R5: THW abolish Penn State football.
R6: THW prohibit industrial action by anyone earning over AUD 80000 per annum.
QF: THBT CIA should rig the elections of post-Arab Spring countries to ensure that moderates win.
SF: THW reintroduce the Glass Steagall Act.
GF: THW .prohibit religious institutions from endorsing or promoting candidates for public office

Sydney Mini 2010
R1: THW ban unpaid internships.
R2: THBT Affirmative Action programs should be based on the socio-economic status, not race, of the recipient’s parents.
R3: THW shut down websites that facilitate extra-martial affairs.
R4: THW never retrospectively criminalize behavior.
R5: THBT universities should abolish tenure.
R6: THW ban all contact sports.
SF: THW require organized religion to pay reparations to women for facilitating their repression for over two millennia.
GF: THBT the courts, not the people and/or parliament, should define marriage.

Sydney Mini 2009
1. THS a surge in Afghanistan
2. THBT the government should not fund IVF for infertile couples
3. THW abolish defamation as a cause of civil action
4. THS an independent Kurdistan
5. THW bar current or former bank executives from financial regulation posts
6. THW charge the poachers of endangered species with first-degree murder
7. THW place trade sanctions on countries that refuse to ratify the Copenhagen Treaty
Semi: THW not require child support payments from fathers who offer to pay for an abortion
Final: THBT the government should forcibly remove women and children from extremist religious communities
Sydney Mini 2008(多分)
Round One – Religion (Ireland I):
That this house would compel priests to divulge the details of confessionals in criminal trials.
Round Two – Economics:
That this house supports bailing out failing financial icons
Round Three – International Relations:
That this house believes that Iraq has the right to freely prosecute all foreign soldiers for serious crimes committed in their nation.
Round Four – Health
That this house believes that governments should provide a rebate for preventative health care measures.
Round Five – EU (or Ireland II):
That this house believes that EU member states should allow for domestic referendums on all constitutional changes to the EU.
Round Six – Social Policy
That this house would grant the mentally ill and their families the right to refuse medical treatment.
Round Seven – International Relations (II):
That this house believes the West should force South Africa to oust Mugabe.
Semi Final: That this house would allow Bosnia to break up
Grand Final: That this house would allow potential parents to pay women to carry unwanted children to term.

Sydney Mini 2007
R1: TH supports an immediate transition to democracy in Pakistan.
R2: THW restrict access of the poor to credit.
R3: THW end all aid and trade to Palestine and Israel until a peace deal is signed.
R4: THW place a cap on the spending promises of candidates during election campaigns.
R5: THW make Turkish recognition of the Armenian genocide a precondition of its entry to the EU.
R6: THW not send people convicted of infanticide to prison.
SF: THW destroy the data gained from all unethically conducted research.
GF: THW decriminalise incest.

Sydney Mini 2006
R1: THW ban political parties that advocate the legalisation of paedophilia.
R2: TH supports the abolition of all agricultural subsidies by developed nations.
R3: THW prosecute citizens who act as human shields in enemy nations.
R4: TH supports the right of adopted children to know the identity of their biological parents.
R5: TH supports racial profiling.
R6: TH supports the militarisation of Japan.
QF: THW have an “open door policy” for guest workers.
SF: THB the US should seek Iran’s assistance in Iraq.
GF: THW allow the testing of experimental treatments on patients with terminal illnesses.

Sydney Mini 2005
R1: THW use martial law to control the rioters.
R2: THW provide universal child care to working mothers.
R3: THW give New Europe freedom of labour movement.
R4: THW prosecute the home computer music pirates.
R5: THW require migrants to pass an exam before granting them citizenship.
R6: THW apply Equal Opportunity Legislation to the Church.
SF: THS citizen initiated referenda.
GF: THW try Saddam in private.