T.I.Tech Cup

Motions for T.I.Tech Cup

T.I.TECH Cup 2019
Info:Under rape shield laws, the prior sexual history of the victim (number of sexual partners, sexual health, history of assault) is generally not admissible as evidence during a criminal proceeding. Rape shield laws have been challenged on the grounds that it hampers a defendant’s ability to present a defence.
THW reduce public fundings to universities where members of oppressed communities are disproportionately underrepresented
THS rape shield laws.
Assuming we can measure the remaining life span of individuals, THBT criminal sentencings should be proportionate to the remaining lifespan of convicts


Good luck, Senpai♡
Info A: Pakistan is seeking its 13th bailout from the International Monetary Fund(IMF) to deal with a current account deficit that threatens to trigger a debt crisis.
The IMF is demanding that Pakistan enact structural reforms(Structural Adjustment Policies). These recommended policies aim to reduce fiscal imbalance, and reduce spending. Spending has boosted growth but blown out the government budget.As of now, the bailout talk between the two parties has been extended since they failed to agree on the terms of a bailout.
Meanwhile, Pakistan already has taken out billions of dollars in loans from China in recent years to finance a collection big infrastructure projects called China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridors(CPEC).Info B: The Social Credit System is a national reputation system built by the Chinese government aiming to be fully implemented by 2020.
The system scores people based on their personal behavior such as failing to pay debts, bad driving, smoking in non-smoking zones, overspending and posting fake news online.
Based on this score, people are prioritized or otherwise banned in activities such as the purchase of flight tickets, loans, application to jobs, schools, visas or speed internet access.THBT the IMF should not bail out Pakistan
THBT the Social Credit System is in the interest of Chinese citizens
THR the Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan


Average Cultural Person
Info A: Instagram-centric art is an art designed to be instagram-worthyInfo B: A reverse-order draft system is a draft system currently implemented by the NFL and NBA where teams with the worst record for the previous season gets to draft new prospective professional players first.
Once a team chooses a player, that team can only sign with the team that they are chosen for.
Recently, it has become controversial after the Chicago Bears, an NFL team that has been historically known for being a bad team has risen to the top of the league due to young players they have recruited in the past 3 years.
Currently in Japan, a Random Draft system is implemented where regardless of the previous seasons’ record, the order in which teams get to draft players are randomly selected.THR the trend of museums focusing on instagram-centric art experience
THBT all sports leagues should implement a reverse-record order draft system
THW legalize publication and revision of previously unpublished works by dead authors without their prior consent


Who was the CA again?
THP the world without wants for social approval
Assuming feasibility, THW allow prospective adoptive parents to manipulate the memory of orphans
Assuming quantifiable, THW pay compensation for sleep-deprivation and sleeping disorder

T.I.Tech Cup(2018)

R1 Too cool for school:
TH regrets the glorification of college degrees
THBT governments of conservative societies should financially incentivise men to be house-husbands
During compulsory education, THW actively seek to create the impression that some historical icons were LGBT

R2 Poetic Justice:
THW base monetary criminal fines primarily on the income of the perpetrator rather than the severity of the crime
In nations with high rates of crime against women, THBT the international community should sanction the political elite in the country
Assuming technology exists, THW incapacitate juries from recognising the racial/ethnic background of suspected criminals and victims

R3 10101010101:
TH prefers Facebook and other social media to manipulate users’ newsfeeds in order to promote content that is opposed to their beliefs
THR the rise of internet celebrity (i.e. youtubers) as a form of business
THW ban Initial Coin Offering*

Info: An initial coin offering (ICO) is a means of crowdfunding centred around cryptocurrency, which can be a source of capital for startup companies. In an ICO, some quantity of the crowdfunded cryptocurrency is preallocated to investors in the form of “tokens,” in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. These tokens become functional units of currency if or when the ICO’s funding goal is met and the project launches.

GF Finalists, show us what you can do with these:
THW prohibit states from funding for the arts until the majority of citizens are living above the poverty line
TH regrets the labeling of someone who has sacrificed him/herself for their country as a “National Hero”
THBT states should actively disband communities that are based on commonalities (such as but not limited to nationality, religion, social status, race )

T.I.Tech Cup(2017)

THW ban the private ownership of cars/vehicles
THBT the sexual industry is a necessary evil
THBT Japan should leave the International Whaling Commission
THW grant the indigenous communities within areas of rural development schemes the right to veto those projects
THW heavily subsidize children related projects (i.e. direct funding to birth , basic income for minors , free education , etc.) in lieu of subsidizing marriage and married couples
THW force big cities to compensate for rural migration
THS a global government (a single body that exercises authority over the entire earth.)
Assuming that we could eliminate all emotions and can become beings motivated by logic, THW abandon emotions
TH, as countries with space exploration projects(i.e. US, China, Russia, etc), should oppose generation ships
TH prefers a world where people cannot lie
Assuming feasibility, THW allow individual to swap bodies
Assuming feasibility, THW remove the criminal mind from convicted people

T.I.Tech Cup(2016)

15th T.I.Tech Cup(2015)
THBT public education should teach Intelligent Design in science class.
To prevent a technological singularity, THW ban the development of a “Strong AI”.
THW remove all ethical limitations in academic research.
THBT activist investor does more good than harm to the Japanese economy
THBT the salary of executives of a corporation running in the red, should not excel the average wage of that corporation’s employees.
THW ban inheritance.
THBT the US should end the pro-Israel foreign policy.
THBT European Court of Human Rights should oppose France’s Burqa ban.
THW never pay ransom to terrorist organizations.
THBT the atheist movement should concentrate on using satirical/cynical/deprecating expressions against organized religion.
THBT European Union should lift the ban on Holocaust denial.
TH supports handicapped entertainer to use their disability in a comical or self-deprecating manner to humor the audience.
TH regrets the commercialization of “Hip-hop” culture.
TH opposes the capitalization of Christianity, which includes but not limited to “Megachurch” and “Holy land experience”.
THW allow indigenous communities to engage in illegal but Incrative business (gambling, prostitution, soft drug etc.) to revitalize their economy.
THW ban gay-to-straight conversion therapy.
THW forcefully deprogram all former members of anti-social cult organization (Ex. Aum-shinrikyou).
THW lobotomize violent psychopathic criminals to compeletely alter their behavior, prior to release.
TH prefers a “Multi-party political system” over a “Two-party political system” in the United States of America.

14th T.I.Tech Cup(2014)
THW ban all advertisings of consumer goods and services.
THW introduce quota for foreign films in movie theaters.
THBT all profits from media broadcast of disaster should be donated to its victims.

THBT government policies should be neutral to family make-up (eg promote wife & two children)
THBT prominent LGBTQ figures have a moral obligation to out themselves to the public
THBT all gender reference should be eliminated from the news that is unrelated to gender. (eg scientific discovery, crime, etc)

THBT ASEAN should sign a mutual defense treaty with the US.
TH welcomes the decline of the United States of America as the sole global superpower.
THBT international community should sanction nations that commit cyber espionage.

Assuming that beings with superpowers existed (ie Superman, Spiderman, X-Men), THBT they should not use those powers even for the purpose of “justice”.
Assuming that we can dramatically enhance the intelligence of living human beings with no side effects, THBT all public officials should be able to access this enhancement.
THW ban the private ownership of pokemon.

THW ban hiring frameworks that bind new recruits to a certain career path. (engineers, secretary, etc)
THBT governments should not save industries that are failing from competition of new technology.
TH regrets the rise of 24/7 services.

Grand Final
THW impose a minimum turnout rate for elections
THW forbid politicians from abstaining during parliament sessions
TH oppose popular movements (eg Occupy Movements, Tea Party, Anti-Nuclear Power Protests)

13th T.I.Tech Cup(2013)
R1 Monopoly of Power
THW not punish high-ranking military officials who are publically critical of the decisions of elected politicians.
THBT all crimes committed by the police should be punished more severely.
THBT media should not show graphic images of police brutality.

R2 Deep Impact
Assuming that both options are feasible. THBT courts based on domestic traditional values are better than the International Criminal Court in post-conflict areas.
THBT the World Trade Organization should impose tariffs/safeguards on products which heavily damages the eco-system.
Assume that a large meteorite is about to hit the Earth. The international community was able to build a perfect underground shelter which can hold and sustain a small number of people for reasonable years until human can live again on Earth. There is no other way to avert the crisis. THW choose who survives based on a lottery-of-fate rather than considering any personal ability/professional skills.

R3 Whose call is it?
When the damage to the victim was the same (ex. death, serious injury), THBT the court should punish crimes which were committed using guns more severely than those which were not.
THBT family members should have the right to veto the decision regarding post-mortem bodily autonomy (such as organ donations and clinical testing).
THBT fans should be able to vote to veto the decision of movie production companies, when making remake/sequel of a film or a filmed version of a novel/comic with an existing large fan base.

R4 North, South, East and …
THBT Western governments should officially issue a statement endorsing the self-immolation of Tibetan Monks.
THBT Western development aid to newly democratized Arab nations should be contingent upon active participation of woman in politics.
THBT western European countries should teach an overwhelmingly negative version of their imperial histories.

QF To the Extreme
THW punish illegal poaching of higher primate as same as murder.
THBT the government should distribute free lethal weapons to women living in misogynistic community with excessively high rate of sexual violence.
THBT the Mexican government should legalize torture, extrajudicial killing and imprisonment without due process of law against all members and business associates of the Mexican drug cartel.

SF The Promised Land
THBT non Israeli Jewish population should be able to vote in Israeli national election.
THBT the Palestinian Authority should not disclose the result of the forensic test of Yasser Arafat’s death, even if the result concludes he was assassinated by Israel.
THBT Israel and Palestine should support a one state solution and aim to create a Federal Israeli-Palestinian State, with no single ethnic or religious national creed.

GF Rewiring Mindset
THBT Disney should make an animated motion picture with a clearly gay protagonist.
THBT main stream media should create more television programs featuring handicapped entertainers using their disability in a comical or even a self-deprecating manner to humor the audience.
Assuming that the surgery is not dangerous. THW lobotomize violent psychopathic criminals to completely alter their behavior and erase their memories, prior to release. /Lobotomy: Neurosurgical procedure which consists of cutting or scraping away most of the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which results in behavior alteration.
12th T.I.Tech Cup(2012)
THW create an international market for the sales of babies
THW legalize organ trading
THW ban pharmaceutical companies from giving monetary compensations to clinical trial volunteers

THW extend child abuse laws to include punishing parents who force homosexual children to be straight
THW allow minors to have sex change operation
THBT children should be excluded from any religion until adulthood

THBT indigenous people convicted of a crime should be sentenced by their community, not by the courts
THW decriminalize the use of drug, and only punish those who sell it
THW outlaw the practice of bounty hunting in the U.S

THBT IMF should not implement any structural adjustment programs when loaning money to least developing countries
THBT developing nations should place limits on internal rural-urban migration.
THBT developing countries should invest reproductive tourism.

Quarter Final
THBT all nations should have the right to possess nuclear arsenals
THBT it is legitimate for states to exaggerate threats to pass unpopular legislation they deem to be in the interest of national security.
THW ban military recruitment campaigns targeted at low-income groups

Semi Final
THW require all media outlets to be organized as cooperatives, owned and run by journalists only.
THBT state media should provide airtime to extremist political parties.
THBT media should not censor the graphical image of a dictator’s public execution.

Grand Final
THBT black comedians, musicians, and other public figures should not use the n-word.
THBT parents should not have right to genetically modify the racial traits of their children.
THW abolish parties based on ethnicity.

11th T.I.Tech Cup(2011)
R1: THW ban the exports of small arms to countries with conflict zone.
R2: THW prohibit financial institutions from providing loans to the poor.
R3: THW abolish political party based on religion.
R4: THW set air time quota on media to report disasters in foreign countries.
R5: THW legalize duel to the death.
QF: THW not allow women to be enlisted in military.
SF: THBT “Freak show” does more good than harm.
GF: THBT media should not broadcast public demonstrations.

10th T.I.Tech Cup (2010)
R1: THW force doctors to work in the region around their university after graduation.
R2: THBT the European Union should bail out member states in all situations.
R3: THBT humanitarian relief efforts should prioritize basic needs over national security.
R4: THBT each generation’s voting weight should be inversely proportionate based on each voting rate for Japanese national election.
R5: THBT Japanese government should abandon its three principles of arms exports.
QF: THBT US has the right to monitor all telecommunication media without consent of citizens.
SF: THBT advanced countries should ban imports of consumer goods made by child labor.
GF: THW ban tobacco.

9th T.I.Tech Cup (2009)
R1: THBT advanced countries should make their industrial patent free in least developed countries.
R2: THBT salary of public servants should be based on performance of their organization.
R3: THW subsidize the training of talented children in sports.
R4: THBT Japanese government should punish media that broadcast fabricated events.
R5: THBT lawyers should be responsible for repeated offense of their former defendant.
QF: THBT Japanese government should universally provide basic income for all citizens.
SF: THW apply medical insurance to all medicines which are approved in foreign countries.
GF: THBT money is more important than life.

8th T.I.Tech Cup (2008)
R1: THW criminalize the membership in criminal organization.
R2: THW legalize entrance of private corporations into hospital management.
R3: THW promote minority’s right.
R4: THBT Kyoto signatories should place import duty on products from non-signatories.
R5: THBT China should intervene in countries with human rights abuses.
QF: THW ban the reemployement of public officials in the private sector they have influence over.
SF: THW ban majority ownership by Sovereign Wealth Fund.
GF: THW give all proprietary rights of user-created materials on Social Networking Sites to the creator.

7th T.I.Tech Cup (2007)
R1: THBT candidates should be allowed to launch all their campaigns on the web.
R2: THBT ratify the pan-America EPA should be concluded.
R3: THW prohibit harm expressions to children in cartoons.
R4: THW privatize non-combatant sectors of Japanese SDF.
R5: THW raise the minimum wage.
QF: THBT China, South Korea, and Japan should integrate the content of their textbooks on history.
SF: THW abolish capital punishment.
GF: THBT money is more important than life.

6th T.I.Tech Cup (2006)
R1: THW introduce plea bargain.
R2: THW impose doctors on renewing their licenses.
R3: THW mind the gap.
R4: THBT video is necessary to judge in baseball.
R5: THW allow polygamy.
QF: THW scrap resale price maintenance system.
SF: THBT Japan should declare the possession of her own army.
GF: THBT the father of .”winny.” is not guilty.

5th T.I.Tech Cup (2005)
R1: THW legalize pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.
R2: THBT domestic sports leagues should not limit the number of foreign players.
R3: THBT affirmative action is useless.
R4: THBT decentralization is the way to go.
R5: THBT Japan should exempt visas for Asian people.
QF: THW allow civil servants to have a side job.
SF: THBT the UN should take action to solve Darfur conflict.
GF: THBT Japan should give up the sovereignty over the Northern Territories.

4th T.I.Tech Cup (2004)
R1: THBT the court has overestimated the value of inventing Blue LED.
R2: THBT the nagging boss is better than the silent boss.
R3: THW amend the Article 9.
SF: THBT to be the only one is better than to be the number one.
GF: THBT we need to revalue the Chinese Yuan.

3rd T.I.Tech Cup (2003)
R1: THBT the Japanese government should ease the regulation of accepting refugees.
R2: THBT the Japanese government should introduce patriotism into the basic principle of education.
R3: THW amend the criminal law for mentally ill.
R4: THBT being a part-time worker (so-called .freeter.) is better than getting a regular job.
R5: THBT the Japanese government should set up the legal framework for war contingency.
QF: THW raise the consumption tax.
SF: THW prohibit human cloning all over the world.
GF: THBT the .first strike on Iraq by the U.S. government is a new model of international security in 21st century.

2nd T.I.Tech Cup (2002)
R1: THBT Japanese Government should promote Work Sharing on companies.
R2: THBT Japanese Government should stop depending on all kinds of genetically modified food.
R3: THBT Internet shopping is better than window shopping.
R4: THBT Uncle Sam never regrets the withdrawal of Anti Ballistic Missile treaty.
R5: THBT pursuit of a scientific development is our duty.
QF: THW write off the Third World debt.
SF: THW disclose medical information on hospitals.
GF: THW actively join the war on terror.

1st T.I.Tech Cup (2001)
R1: THBT .AIBO. is a better pet than a real dog.
R2: THW privatize electric utility completely.
R3: THW legalize merchandizing human ovum and sperm.
R4: THW impose a tax on the cars coming into Tokyo.
R5: THBT sex industry is a necessary evil.
QF: THBT school should accept .”Aum”. children right now.
SF: THBT East Jerusalem should be the capital of Palestine.
GF: THBT gene diagnosis will make our life happier.