Toei Cup

Motions for Toei Cup

Toei Cup 2020

Round 1
THW treat the deaths of soldiers as regrettable losses of lives rather than examples of heroism
Assuming that the technology exists, THW allow prospective parents to genetically modify fetuses to create their “ideal child”
THW prohibit employers from demanding access to social media accounts of prospective or current employees
Round 2
THW abolish all non-compete agreements between employers and employees
THW apply universal jurisdiction to crimes against the environment
THBT developing countries should not allow large multinational retail chains (e.g. Tesco, Walmart) to advance into their market
Round 3
THW exempt journalists from civil and criminal penalties for defamation
THBT supreme court should have the power to strike down legislation
THW allow individuals to unilaterally dissolve marriage without having to provide evidence of he other spouse’s wrongdoing (e.g. adultery, abandonment)
Grand Final
THW allow the use of criminal defense in all criminal proceedings.
THBT the LGBTQ+ movement should advocate for the Reclaim Pride Coalition over the general pride parade.
TH supports corporations significantly increasing the use of artificial intelligence in recruiting and job hunting activities.