Tsukushi Cup

Motions for Tsukushi Cup

19th Tsukushi Cup (2016)
R1: THW send grossly obese children to compulsory diet camp.
R2: THBT black entertainers should not use “N” word.
R3: THBT debating club should prohibit having romantic relationship among its members.
R4: THW ban gun.

18th Tsukushi Cup (2015)
R1: THW ban cosmetic surgery
R2: THW set female quota on the board of executives in cooperation
R3: THW permit inmates to raise their young children in prison
R4: THW ban films and music which glamorize socially undesirable conducts (e.g. drug abuse, racism)

17th Tsukushi Cup (2012)
R1: THW never bail out any big failing companies.
R2: Assuming that you have Boyfriend/Girlfriend and today is a birthday of your partner.THW regret coming to Tukushi Cup.
R3: THW terminate lethal pregnancies without the mother’s consent.
R4: THW ban websites that glorify eating disorders.

16th Tsukushi Cup (2011)
R1: THW force doctors to tell the truth to the patients.
R2: THW make child care leave mandatory for all parents.
R3: THBT the Internet does more harm than good to children.
R4: THBT Japan should join TPP.
15th Tsukushi Cup (2010)
R1: THW distribute condoms in school.
R2: THBT American soldiers who engaged in torture during the Bush administration should not be punished.
R3: THBT ESSs/debating clubs should prohibit making boyfriends and girlfriends among their members.
R4: THW make obese citizens fully pay their own medical expenses.

14th Tsukushi Cup (2009)
R1: THW ban all combat sports.
R2: THW make the tobacco price over 1000 yen.
R3: THBT students should not have girl-friend or boy-friend.
R4: THW ban “admission office examination.”

13th Tsukushi Cup (2008)
R1: THW ban negative campaigning.
R2: THW ban Christmas illuminations.
R3: THBT we should not kill animals for food.
R4: THW force companies to increase the number of female executives.

12th Tsukushi Cup (2007)
R1: THW ban cosmetic surgery.
R2: THBT working enriches your life more than being in love.
R3: THW stop subsidies for agriculture.
R4: THBT prime Minister should be elected directly.

11th Tsukushi Cup (2006)
R1: THW give the death penalty to drunk drivers who kill someone in a car accident.
R2: THBT taking part in club activities is beneficial, not harmful.
R3: THBT the government should abolish all restrictions against the parental right to name their children.
R4: THW impose a worldwide ban on nuclear power plants.

10th Tsukushi Cup (2005)
R1: THBT all US military bases should be removed from Japan.
R2: THE allow people to sell eggs and sperms.
R3: THBT having pet is better that having a boyfriend or girlfriend.
R4: THW punish parents when their children commit crimes.

9th Tsukushi Cup (2004)
R1: THW introduce environmental tax.
R2: THBT staying home is better than traveling during the winter holidays.
R3: THW introduce fan voting to choose athletes for the next Olympic games.
R4: THBT invasion of Iraq was nothing than a mistake.

8th Tsukushi Cup (2003)
R1: THW use clone technology.
R2: THBT working is better than going to school.
R3: THW establish the bank for medium and small companies.
R4: THW introduce compulsory voting.

7th Tsukushi Cup (2002)
R1: THBT professional sports player should be allowed to enhance ability by using drugs.
R2: THW impose carbon tax on fuel.
R3: THBT welcoming immigrants is better for society than blocking them off..
R4: THW evaluate judges.

6th Tsukushi Cup (2001)
R1: THBT for university students, having roommate is better than living by themselves.
R2: THW allow surrogate motherhood.
R3: THBT Western fast food corrupts Japanese values.
R4: THW welcome open competition of electricity.

5th Tsukushi Cup (2000)
R1: THBT movie inspection should be abolished.
R2: THBT the third world needs IT rather than agricultural technology.
R3: THW prefer a leader from the inside to a leader from the outside.
R4: THBT nobody has a right to neglect people’s life.

4th Tsukushi Cup (1999)
R1: THBT debate is difficult for Japanese politicians.
R2: THW ban all experimentation on animals.
R3: THBT national universities should be independent of the Ministry of Education.
R4: THBT it’s natural to support the weak.

3rd Tsukushi Cup (1998)
R1: THBT the sports drafting system should be abolished.
R2: THBT it is better choice for Japanese government to distribute gift certificates than decreasing the consumption tax.
R3: THBT Viagra saves human beings.
R4: Spare the rod and spoil the child.

2nd Tsukushi Cup (1997)
R1: THW abolish school uniforms.
R2: THBT awards are more effective than punishment.
R3: THW introduce the jury system.
R4: THBT it is better to be happy than wise.

1st Tsukushi Cup (1996)
R1: THW provide high school students with condoms.
R2: THBT living with family is better than living alone.
R3: THBT Japan should apply age-limit system to the Diet.
R4: THBT we need adultery.
GF: THBT we advocate affirmative action.