United Asia Debating Championship

Motions for UADC

8th United Asian Debating Championship(2017)
Round 1: Social Justice
TH regrets the narrative that the empowerment of historically oppressed communities is an intergenerational obligation for members of that community.
THW recognise the sovereignty of all land purchased by indigenous clans or tribes.
As the African-American community, THW reject the narrative of blaming structural oppression in favour of embracing one of seizing personal responsibility.

Round 2: Culture
THBT states should not be allowed to seize private assets that they deem to be historically or culturally significant.
TH regrets all art that depicts or is inspired by suicide.
In post-revolutionary societies, TH regrets the portrayal of overthrown dictators as absolutely evil.

Round 3: Asia
TH, as Pakistan, would reject the development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
TH supports the establishment of an ASEAN body with jurisdiction to prosecute human rights violations.
THBT South Korea should pursue closer economic, political, and military ties with China, even at the expense of its relationship with the United States.

Round 4: Development
In times of humanitarian crisis, TH supports countries seeking loans from private corporations as opposed to relying on international aid.
THW aggressively divert development aid from international organizations to local NGOs.
In times of emergency, THW nationalise food supply.

Round 5: Education
TH supports the Kibbutz communal child-rearing method.
THW ban race/ethnicity-based organizations in universities.
As a teacher from an underprivileged racial/ethnic minority, THW artificially inflate the grades of students from similarly disadvantaged groups.

Round 6: Economics
TH supports the rise of peer-to-peer lending as an alternative to financial institutions.
THBT countries should use their land and natural resources as collateral when issuing bonds.
THW prohibit hedge funds from purchasing sovereign debt issued by countries nearing insolvency.

Round 7: Environment
THW require all companies that research into renewable energy to periodically declassify their findings.
THW not provide welfare and government services to individuals who refuse to relocate out of areas at high risk of natural disaster.
THW tax non-renewable energy to match the cost of the cheapest available renewable energy source.

Round 8: Middle East
THBT the Kurdish people should cease attempts to establish an independent Kurdistan in order to seek greater political power and influence in Iraq.
TH regrets the Trump administration’s decision to end arming Syrian rebels against the Assad regime.
TH, as Hassan Rouhani, would lead the Iranian government to comply with all of the United States’ demands.

EFL Semifinal: Media
THBT Western media should cease all reporting on Daesh.
THBT liberal media outlets should engage in the production of fake news.
THW classify civilian media outlets and non-military broadcasting equipment as legitimate targets in war.

EFL Final: Religion
THW ban religious organizations from operating in refugee camps.
TH prefers a world where Catholicism has no central authority.
THW ban caste-based parties in India.

Open Octofinal: Health
TH supports pandemic bonds.
THW disallow employers from accessing the mental health records of employees and job applicants.
An airborne pathogen has been synthesised that will randomly render half of human beings across the globe infertile. TH supports the release of the pathogen.

Open Quarterfinal: Gender
THW not allow being labeled homosexual to be grounds for defamation claims.
TH, as the LGBT movement, would abandon its pursuit of full inclusion into the armed forces.
You are the leader of a prominent feminist political party which enjoys reasonable support but is highly unlikely to win an election on its own. The recently elected head of state, with a historically poor record with women’s rights, has asked for your party to be part of a coalition government. THW accept the offer.

Open Semifinal: Philosophy
TH supports materialism.
TH regrets cosmopolitanism.
TH prefers a world where morality is entirely constructed based on utilitarianism.

Open Final: Politics
TH prefers an undemocratic technocracy over a representative democracy.
THBT Democratic Party should aggressively prioritize class-based politics over identity-based politics.
THBT progressive liberals in the Philippines should actively dissociate from the Liberal Party in opposing the the Duterte administration.

7th United Asian Debating Championship (2016)
Round 1
In democracies, THW criminalize the issuance of fatwas which contradicts the law of the land
THBT cabinet positions (e.g., minister of foreign affairs, minister of education, etc) should only be appointed through merit based examinations
THW allow negative voting in elections

Round 2
THBT the LGBT community should reject the notion of heteroflexibility
TH supports the creation of an independent territory for the LGBT
THW require all advertising on personal grooming products and services to be gender neutral

Round 3
In multi-ethnic societies, THW prioritize the hiring of ethnic minorities for teaching positions
THW shut down schools that have high incidences of bullying
THW make the fulfillment of an Academic Minor in liberal arts (e.g. social sciences, humanities, political science, philosophy, etc) a requirement for all university programs

Round 4
THBT India should not host exiled Tibetans
As India, THW actively incentivise Indian Businesses to invest in Kashmir
THBT Western Liberal Democracies should suspend trade with Bangladesh until its government takes substantial and effective steps to bring “bloggerkillers” to justice

Round 5
THBT social movements should abandon the strategy of attacking and delegitimizing the viewpoints of other people on the basis of their privilege
THW determine income tax based on the relative privilege of an individuals’ upbringing
THW impose an absolute cap on the non-medical, non-emergency expenditure by parents on each of their children

Round 6
TH, as a developing country, would not investigate individuals’ and companies’ offshore investments if they bring the funds back and invest in the local community
In developing countries, THW not allow Multinational Corporations (MNCs) to sue Small or Medium Enterprises for copyrights/patents infringement
THBT government should nationalize all sin industries (e.g. alcohol, gambling, and tobacco industries)

Round 7
THBT Bollywood should ban item girls/item songs
THBT feminist movement should celebrate the rising trend of open relationship
THBT the feminist movement should name and shame prominent female figures who take on jobs that pay men more for the work

Round 8
THW ban diagnose-me websites
You are a fertility doctor. A patient, who comes from a conservative background and is married, approaches you to conduct a test to diagnose her infertility. The test analysis reveals that your patient is genetically male, and suffers from a rare disorder which renders the patient’s body unable to release testosterone, resulting in the patient gaining a woman’s physique. Assuming there was no chance of being found out, THW not reveal to the patient that he is genetically male
THW criminalize the pharmaceutical companies for shortages/stockouts of medically critical products


6th United Asian Debating Championship(2015)
Round 1: Development
THBT development aid should be made conditional on poor countries aggressively pursuing population control
In the pursuit of promoting development, THBT development aid should come with zero interest
THW impose an extremely high ownership fee on vehicle ownership (200%-300%) in developing countries

Round 2: Women
THBT governments of conservative societies should financially incentivize men to be house-husbands
TH, as a woman, would vote for Hillary Clinton
In order to address the wage gap, THW impose a higher income tax on men

Round 3: International Law
THBT states should hold periodic elections for their local governments where people can vote to permanently secede
THW allow the owners of IP rights to sue governments where those IP rights are widely infringed upon within their countries
THBT trials involving crimes against humanity should continue despite the death of the accused

Round 4: Technology
THW nationalize all internet search engines (e.g. Google Search)
THW not recognize a right to be forgotten online
THBT first world countries should criminalize mere access to the deep web
(Definition: The deep web is the part of the World Wide Web that is not discoverable by means of standard search engines and typically contains illegal or subversive content.)

Round 5: Economics
THW only allow people to obtain credit credits if they exceed the average national income per person
TH supports the use of economic terrorism to fight against unfair trade practices of large nations, such as currency manipulation and trade-distorting subsidies
(Definition: Economic terrorism is an attempt by a non-state actor of a coordinated destabilization, in order to disrupt the economic and financial stability of a state, including but not limited to, aggressive market tactics, hoarding dollar reserves for currency manipulation and physical attacks to ports.)
THBT EU nations should abandon austerity measures in favor of deficit-spending

Round 6: Refugees
THW give automatically grant refugees citizenship; if the conflict they are escaping from continues for an equal amount of time it takes for a person to acquire citizenship in the sheltering nation
THBT people who consented to be smuggled across borders but are later trafficked, should be considered as illegal immigrants, rather than as victims
TH supports Australia paying developing countries (e.g. Cambodia, Papua New Guinea) to take in its refugees

Round 7: Geo-politics
THBT the Philippines should waive its claim over Sabah in exchange for Malaysia supporting the Spratly Islands case against China
THBT India should give military aid to Pakistan to assist in the war on terror
Assuming feasibility, THW relocate Palestine

Round 8: Social Liberties
THBT Western Liberal Democracies should not allow drawing competitions of the Prophet Muhammad.
THW make labour union membership mandatory
TH prefers using referendums instead of the courts in deciding the legality of civil rights

Open Pre-Octo-Finals: Environment
TH, as an environmental activist, would not engage in carbon offsetting
(Definition: Carbon offsetting is when a person attempts to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases in order to compensate for their own carbon-heavy emission.)
THW ban any speech and publication denying man-made climate change
TH regrets fossil fuel divestment campaign
(Definition: Divestment campaign is a movement to lobby for people to refrain from investing OR for holders of stocks, bonds, or investment funds to sell their shares in fossil fuel companies)

Open Octo-Finals: Languages & Symbols

THW ban all historically discriminatory words
TH regrets the prevalence of battlefield metaphor in describing the condition of individuals with cancer; such as cancer survivor, fighting cancer and lost the battle to cancer
THBT the disability rights movement should exploit rather than oppose “inspiration porn”
(Definition: “Inspiration porn” is any picture, video, meme, or feel-good article that displays a person with a disability doing an ordinary activity – such as playing, talking, or walking – and hailing such activity as inspiring.)

Open Quarter Finals & EFL Pre-Quarter Finals: LGBT

THBT the state should pay reparations to homosexuals after it recognizes marriage equality
THW not publish the names of donors to ballot initiatives, such as Proposition 8
TH regrets granting the ESPY Courage Award to Caitlyn Jenner
(Context: Caitlyn Jenner is a transgender who was born biologically male. She was formerly known as Bruce Jenner, a former Olympian athlete and a reality show celebrity in “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.)

EFL Quarters: Elections
THW ban all forms of election-related polls, such as election forecasts and public opinion polls
THBT states should not allow individuals with dual citizenship to vote in either of their national elections, unless they give up one of their citizenship status
THW mandate a quota of seats for young politicians (i.e. 18 to 30 year-olds) in the Parliament

Open Semifinals & EFL Semifinals: Philosophistication

Given the trolley problem, THW not do anything
(Definition: The “trolley problem” is a thought experiment in ethics. The general form of problem is the following: There is a runaway trolley speeding down the railway. Ahead, the trolley is heading towards five people tied up and it will end up killing them. Next to you, there is a lever that allows you to switch the track that the trolley is on to a track that will kill one person only. Do you pull the lever or not do anything?)
THW allow the enforcement of “moral agreements” between private citizens, including the mutual agreement on the punishment administered
Assuming the technology exists, THW forcibly return his memories
(Situation: A man who is married with two kids is living a happy life. He got into a terrible accident while alone on vacation, suffered from permanent amnesia and goes missing. Subsequently, he has established a new life and is happily living with his new family. A friend has discovered him and offered to re-introduce him to his old life. He refuses to return to his old life.)

EFL Finals: Religion

THBT secular democracies with substantial religious communities should not allow a separate legal system for those communities (e.g. Syariah Law, Canon Law)
THW recognize religious indoctrination as a mitigating factor in criminal sentencing
TH, as the atheist community, will not support Dawkin’s “God Delusion” publication
(Context: Richard Dawkin’s best-selling “The God Delusion” book sets out to prove that God does not exist and a personal belief in God qualifies as a delusion and an insanity.)

Grand Finals: Social Construct

THBT Western governments should cease their efforts to universalize liberal values
TH regrets the norm of prospective parents actively choosing to have a biological child rather than adopt
TH prefers a world without any conception of gender over a world with a conception of gender identities

5th United Asian Debating Championship(2014)

Round 1:
THBT the trend of placing trigger warnings(sexual content, violence, suicide) for students in singing up for class courses is regressive for education.
THW ban gender based initiatory organizations (e.g. Fraternies and sororities)
THBT companies should be disallowed from attaching conditions to the scholarships they give out that lock individuals to specific industries.

Round 2:
THW break up megacities
TH regrets the resignation of top officials over national scandals and/or tragedies
THW remove citizen-first hiring policies.

Round 3:
In nations with high rates of crime against women, THBT the international community should saction the poltical elite in the country.
THBT the feminist movement should actively support groups like the Gulabi Gang. (Info: The Gulabi Gang is a group of women activists in India fighting for women’s rights and protection against violence towards women. They are commonly called on by domestic violence survivors to beat up their husbands.)
THBT self indentified pro-choice activists who have had an abortion should not publicly discuss their regret or grief about their experiences.

Round 4:
THW prohibit the media from disclosing the political motivation of terrorist groups.
THW only allow nudity in the media that plays a role in the story or furthers the narrative.
THW require judicial approval prior to the release of classified information by journalist.

Round 5:
THW discontinue the practice of victim testimonies during sentencing hearings.
THW prohibit the release of previously unpublished artistic works, after the death of the creator, author or musician.
THW reduce a prisoner’s sentence for every state-approved book that they read.

Round 6:
THBT the Philippines should allow other countries to set up military bases in parts of its territory in the exchange for money.
THBT Singapore and Malaysia should place a moratorium on importing labour from Indonesia until they reform their environmental practices.
THBT public figures serving in the Japanese government have a moral obligation not to visit the Yasukuni Shrine.

Round 7:
THW, as Dalai Lama, choose to be reincarnated outside of China and Tibet. (Info: China has stated that they have plans to control the next Dalai Lama)
THW, as Pope Francis, expose the gay network in the Vatican.
In impoverished nations, when members of the Church have a child beyond their finiancial means, THBT the Church should be responsible for expenses of rearing the child.

Round 8:
Regardless of consent, THBT families have a right to pull the plug on pregnant women on life support.
THW limit the right to receive organ donations strictly to those who sign up as donors themselves.
THW disallow mergers of big pharmaceutical companies.

Open Pre-Octos:
TH regrets the dominant narrative in children’s education that good always wins.
THBT parents who actively try to suppress a child’s sexuality should be charged for abuse.
THBT professional sports clubs should not be allowed to contract underage players to their teams.

Open Octos and EFL Quarters:
TH Supports an African Union led intiative into Nigeria to combat Boko Haram
THBT India should institute an automatic right to refuge for persecuted Hindus.
THBT the Pheu Thai party should cede one term of governance to the Democratic Party.

Open Quarters and EFL Semis:
THW prevent banks from owning a stake in the extraction, transportation, storage or distribution of physical commodities.
TH condemns Turkey’s move to facilitate oil exports from Kurdistan without the Iraqi federal government’s consent.
THW pay reparations to families of victims of the slave trade.

Open Semis:
THBT the Western media should not refer to Hamas as a terrorist organization.
THBT the occupation of the West Bank must be considered as ethnic cleansing.
THBT the Pope, as the head of the Catholic Church, should not have called the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory the “State of Palestine”.

EFL FInal:
TH regrets the use of graphic imagery of suffering to promote altruistic causes.
THBT domestic based corporations should not be punished by their governments for committing bribery abroad.
THBT the practice of mitigating crimes out of economic necessity does more harm than good.

Open Final:
THBT corporations are a bane to the development of third-world countries.
THBT instead of countries directly giving aid, all developmental aid should be decided by an independent institution, which will not disclose the identity of the donor.
THBT aid budget allocation should prioritize the development of mobile technology, capacity and infrastructure.

4th United Asian Debating Championship(2013)

Round 1: Education
THBT academic researchers should restrict public access to their research that has not undergone peer review.
THW make public universities free.
THW require all public servants to send their children to public school.

Round 2: If I Were A Doctor…
As far as they are able to, THBT doctors have an obligation to disclose to a patient’s sexual partners that the patient has HIV/AIDS.
THBT doctors should never administer life sustaining treatment to those pronounced brain dead.
THBT doctors should refuse to administer abortions on patients who insist on maintaining a pro-life stance.

Round 3: Mind Your Own Business
THW abolish all patents.
THW nationalize any company that is deemed to be too big to fail.
TH supports multinational corporations who outsource their production to countries that have loose labor laws.

Round 4: Social Networking
THBT social networking sites have done more harm than good for interpersonal interaction.
THBT social networks like Grindr should not allow users to prevent their profiles from being searched by members of a specific race.
TH condemns dating sites like Ashley Madison that are targeted at people in relationships looking to have an affair.

Round 5: Gender
THW require all employees to take the same amount of leave and work the same number of hours that their average female colleague with a child does.
Regardless of parental consent, THW fund gender reassignment surgery for minors.
THBT homosexual movement should out homosexuals they know to be in the closet.

Round 6: Crime and Punishment
TH supports the indefinite detention of individuals in the interest of public safety.
THBT justice should involve no consideration for retribution and focus on rehabilitation instead.
THW ban proselytizing (to induce someone to convert to one’s faith) in prisons.

Round 7: Environment
THW not cut funding to research that seeks to deal with climate change, even in the wake of austerity.
THW stop searching for new sources of oil.
THW stop preventing the worsening of climate change and focus on adapting to its consequences instead.

Round 8: Democracy
TH prefers a system of proportional representation to first-past-the-post voting.
TH supports parties who choose their policy positions on bills being voted on in the legislature through an online vote by their constituents.
THBT majority of the members of the legislature should be chosen from a socially representative random draw from the general population.
Info-slide: proportional representation=比例代表 , first-past-the-post=小選挙区

Octo Final: Geopolitics and Conflict
In post-conflict societies, THW stop collecting and destroy all information regarding the ethnic and religious identities of its citizens.
For as long as Israel occupies Palestinian territories, TH supports an academic boycott of Israel.
THBT journalists should not use deception to gain access to rogue states or conflict zones.

Open Quarter Final and EFL Pre-mi Final: Economics
THW not tax investment income.
THBT governments should balance their budgets unless they secure consent to the contrary from young voters via referenda.
TH supports the wider use of alternative, non-centralized currencies such as BitCoin.

Open Semi Final and EFL Semi Final: Discourse
TH regrets individualism as the dominant conception of morality in contemporary liberal discourse.
THBT political correctness’ gain is discourse’s loss.
TH regrets the state’s monopoly over historical narratives.

EFL Grand Final: Socio Legal
THW abolish welfare services for the poor and give them the equivalent in cash instead.
THBT spouses with no employment income should be entitled to a significant portion of their partner’s wages/salary.
THW have affirmative action for the ugly.

Open Grand Final: Social Justice
THBT all children should be surrendered to the state’s care upon birth.
THW cap the number of years a person can own land.
THW ban inheritance.

3rd United Asian Debating Championship(2012)

Round 1
THBT those on organ transplant waiting lists should be prioritized according to lifestyle options.
THW disallow individuals below certain income level from participating in clinical trials.
THBT in the event of life-threatening illnesses, medical decisions about children should be made by doctors not parents.

Round 2
THW mandate equal primetime coverage for men’s and women’s sports.
THW ban all sports that define winning as inflicting pain or glorifying its simulation
THBT companies which promote unhealthy lifestyles should be disallowed from sponsoring sporting events.

Round 3
THW forcefully relocate talent and allow resources from all the top educational institutions (primary, secondary, tertiary) to those at the bottom.
THW require universities to share the burden in repaying the loans of their graduates if they are unable to find the unemployment.
THW abolish unpaid internship.
Round 4:
THW exempt indigenous communities from laws relating to environmental protection.
THW actively and forcefully reverse transmigration policies instituted by former dictators or colonial masters.
THBT tribal law should have jurisdiction over all crimes committed on tribal land regardless of who the perpetrator is.
Round 5:
THBT ASEAN should have a defense pact stipulating that any attempt by China to occupy the South China Sea Islands will be met with military force.
THW ban the use of unmanned combat vehicles(i.e drones) in combat operations
THBT the USA should adopt a policy that in the event Israel launches any attack on Iran, the US will withdraw all military support to it.

Round 6:
THBT liberal states with sexually conservative communities should subsidize hymen reconstruction surgery.
THBT the feminist movement should condemn celebrities (like Rihanna) who choose to continue to pursue a personal relationship with abusive partners.
THBT the French government should repeal the ban on burqa

Round 7:
THW legalize polygamy
THBT state welfare should only support families up to a certain size
THBT liberals have a moral duty to abstain from marriage until gay marriage is legalized

Round 8:
THBT religions should be held liable for making curative claims on illnesses if an individual refuses to seek live-saving medical treatment
THW ban proselytizing in prisons
THW ban gay conversion therapy.

Octo Finals:
THW cap the number of patents that a corporation can simultaneously hold
THBT corporations only have a duty to their shareholders
THBT victims of environmental abuses by foreign companies should be allowed to hold them liable in the company’s country of origin.

Assuming that the technology which can predict crime to a very high probability exists. THW use it to preemptively arrest individuals for their (potential) involvement
Assuming it is possible to do so, THW identify and abort fetuses that with demonstrate sociopathic tendencies in later life.
Assuming it is possible to do so, THW permanently alter the minds of violent criminals

EFL Semi Final Motions:
THW disallow plea-bargaining in criminal trials
THW make sexual harassment a criminal offense instead of civil suit
THE elect judges

Open Semis: ???

EFL Final:
This House Supports The Use of Child Labour

Grand Final:
THBT former colonial masters have a responsibility to restore stability in their former colonies that descend into conflict.
THBT the International community should form a coalition of the willing and intervene in Syria with or without United Nations approval
THBT humanitarian aid does more harm than good in active conflict zones.

2nd United Asian Debating Championship(2011)
TH would not allow minors to be involved in politics
TH would scrap the government pension system
TH house regrets the practice of ‘tiger’ parenting
Round 2
THBT copyright of visual media belongs to the subject and not the photographer
TH would build a national DNA database
TH would ban the collection and sale of location and usage information by Smartphone companies.
Round 3
TH would ban adult entertainment from casinos.
THBT it is wrong to raise money for social welfare through national lotteries.
TH would remove all sin taxes.
Round 4
THBT countries which pollute common waters should lose their Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs)
TH would not grant citizenship at birth to the children of foreigners on domestic soil
TH would pay the militaries of the other states to fight our battles.
TH believes that doctor should never lie to their patients, even for their own good
TH celebrates the willingness of women to be ‘sluts’
TH would allow individuals to purchase behavior-modifying drugs without prescription
THBT China should leave the WTO
THBT China should support the unification of the two Koreas
THBT China should actively incentivize celebrities and public figures who are non citizen ethnic Chinese to naturalize
Round 7
TH would make education in the high arts mandatory in schools.
TH would require presidential candidates to disclose their official records upon public request.
TH regrets the high priority given to sports in the national consciousness.
Round 8
TH prefers a secular autocracy to a fundamentalist democracy
TH would erase the legacies and tear down monuments dedicated to deposed dictators.
TH would require election campaigns to be bi-/multi-lingual
Double Octo Finals
THBT states should actively protect the practice of home grown religion
THBT the state should cease to recognize the specific ‘right to religious freedom
TH would not allow religious missions to access the vulnerable
Octo Finals:
THW target the families of our enemies
THBT it’s legitimate for states to exaggerate threats to pass unpopular legislation they deem to be in the interest of national security
THW discontinue all Black Operations
Qtr Finals
THW make the raising of business and labour standards a prerequisite for development aid.
THW punish financial institution who fail to maintain liquidity in situation of market fluctuation.
THW discard tourism reliant economy strategies
TH welcomes the development of the feminist discourse that embraces and expounds on the physical
psychological differences between men and women.
THBT seduction is a legitimate tool in achieving political ends.
THW send women as ambassadors to the countries that oppress women.
TH would never offer amnesty to heads of state in the midst of possible regime change.

1st United Asian Debating Championship(2010)
THW ban websites that do your assignments for you
THBT that governments should totally ban smoking
THW ban hymen reconstruction surgery

THBT the right to free speech does not extend to offending religions
THBT religious organizations should pay taxes on donations received and assets owned
THBT the Pope should be prosecuted for the crimes of Roman Catholic priests

Round 2 – Medical Ethics
THBT Doctors should be obligated to report suspected cases of domestic abuse
THBT Doctors should not be forced to perform medical procedures that are against their faith
THW Ban treatments that claim to cure homosexuality

Round 3 – Post Conflict
THBT post conflict societies should recruit rebel soldiers into state armies
THBT that it is justified to represent fallen regimes as absolutely evil in history textbooks
THW confiscate property of those who cooperated with oppressive regimes after the fall of the regime.

Round 4 – Big Cities
THW pay youth to not move to urban centers
THW place a prohibitive tax on car ownership
THW impose curfews in high crimes areas

Round 5 – Media
THBT that western liberal democracies should ban online anonymity
THBT the willingness to participate in formal public election debates should be a pre-requisite for candidates running for national office
THW ban advertisements that use sex to sell products

Round 6 – Pop Culture / Art
THBT Harry Potter has done more harm than good for literature
THBT that important characters in movies should be portrayed by actors of the same ethnicity
THW impose a minimum age for pop stars

Round 7 – International Relations
THBT it’s time the US recognize Hamas as a legitimate representative of Palestine
THBT the NLD should not boycott the elections in Burma.
THBT the leaders of nations that stockpile agricultural products for economic gain while global hunger persists should be charged with crimes against humanity

Round 8 – Social Dilemmas
THW compel children to care for their parents
THW allow minors to apply to be recognised as adults before they reach they age of majority
THBT individuals who have undergone cosmetic surgery should be required to disclose it to anyone whom they want to have children with.

Pre-Octos – WTO
THBT Russia should be admitted as a full member into the WTO now
THBT the WTO should hold all countries to uniform labour standards
THBT the WTO dispute regulation mechanism should allow disregarding intellectual property as a form of retaliation to unfair trade practices

Octofinals – Environment
THW make environmental protection a legitimate defense in the prosecution of destruction of property
THBT The environmental movement should publish outright lies about the extent of environment harm to promote their cause.
THBT governments should only subcontract to environmentally friendly companies.

Quarters Finals and EFL Semifinals – Immigration
THBT ASEAN nations should accept Burmese refugees.
THS accept migrants even if they do not respect laws banning polygamy.
THW give asylum to sexual minorities.

Semis – Sexy Time
THBT gay parades do more harm than good to the gay community.
THW fund sex change operations.
THBT women should withhold sex with their partners to get them to end violent rebellion against the state.

EFL Finals – Crime and Punishment
THW create a DNA registry of all criminals
THW physically castrate rapists
THBT prisoners sentence to life without parole should be allowed to choose the death penalty

Finals – Asia and Unity
THW Abolish parties based on ethnicity
THW create an Asian Parliament
THBT China’s rise to power is in the best interest of Asia (Logan wanted to run, but didn’t)
THBT Asia should have a common currency
THBT Asia should have the same electric socket configuration
THBT Asians should all drive on the same side of the road