Victoria IV

Motions for Victoria IV

Motions for New Zealand British Parliamentary Debating Championships(known as Victoria IV)

Victoria IV 2011
1. This House would ban child beauty pageants
2. This House believes Israel should unilaterally preemptively strike Iran
3. This House believes that individuals should be required by governments to invest a defined portion of their salary for their retirement
4. This House would forcibly remove the homeless from the streets and place them in mental institutions or rehabilitation
5. This House would consign the European Union to the dustbin of history
6. This house supports comprehensive parental leave paid for by employers
SF: This House would camp out in solidarity with the “Occupy” protestors
GF: This House believes newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to run for office

Victoria IV(2009)
R1: THW destroy the results of unethical research.
R2: THBT the European Union should be an economic union, not a political union.
R3: THW ban cosmetic surgery.
R4: THW pay for the return of hostages.
R5: THBT groups should have to give up their weapons in order to stand for political office.
R6: THW end all censorship apart from age restrictions.
SF: THW legalise the baby trade.
GF: THW prevent criminals from publishing accounts of their crimes.

New Zealand British Parliamentary Debating Championships(Victoria IV) (2008)
R1: THB the gay community should “out” gay celebrities.
R2: THB the military should overthrow governments which have lost popular legitimacy.
R3: THW criminalise individuals and organisations who do not recycle.
R4: THW abolish all forms of affirmative action.
R5: THW allow parents to cast proxy votes on behalf of their children.
R6: THB the Palestinians should give up the Right of Return.
SF: THW make insulting religion a crime.
GF: THB freer markets, rather than more government intervention, are the solution to the current economic crisis.

New Zealand British Parliamentary Debating Championships(Victoria IV) (2007)
R1: THW force single parents receiving welfare to seek work.
R2: THW use quotas to desegregrate Northern Ireland religious schools.
R3: THB the 1st World should prohibit the immigration of doctors and nurses from the Third World.
R4: THW allow juries to decide on sentences.
R5: THW build power stations in ex-Soviet states to reduce their dependence on Russia.
R6: THW ban the broadcast and dissemination of terrorist videos.
SF: THW immediately establish a Palestinian state in the Fatah-controlled West Bank.
GF: THB Amnesty International should campaign for abortion rights.

New Zealand British Parliamentary Debating Championships(Victoria IV) (2005)
GF: THB that Sharon should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.