Asian BP

Yogyakarta Asian BP 2019


THBT wom*n’s rights advocates should associate themselves with specific policy positions rather than identifying with the broader feminist label
THW grant all sentient animals the rights to life, liberty and bodily integrity that humans enjoy
THBT governments around the world should commit to drastically reducing birth rates until the total world population is sustained at 3 billion
TH Prefers a world where parents are honest with their children about their (i.e. parents’) imperfections and insecurities
THBT the UN should offer Brazil a large amount of money in return for them permanently ceding sovereignty over the Amazon to international stewardship
THW wholly nationalize the arms industry


EFL Semi Finals:
As Papuan Activists, THW abandon the Papuan separatist agenda and focus on the fulfillment of social and economic rights of Papuans (e.g. countering racism against Papuan students, increasing the allocation of central resources to development in Papua)
EFL Final:
TH supports the politics of class warfare
Oct Finals:
In times of financial recession, THBT democratic states should hold general elections.
Quarter Finals:
THBT it is in the interest of Kashmiri people for Pakistan and China to increase their support for Kashmiri separatist movements / groups.
Semi Finals:
Stoicism is a school of thought which teaches that (1) people should not allow themselves to be controlled by the desire for pleasure or the fear of pain; and (2) people should not have strong emotional reactions to events around them, whether good or bad. THBT the state should promote stoicism
Grand Final:
Assuming the evidence would never be found out otherwise, THBT the scientist should disclose this evidence to the world.
Info Slide:
A scientist has found irrefutable evidence that God exists. This God does not belong to any religion or belief system that exists on Earth. This God acts randomly without any regard for human suffering.

Hanoi Asian bp 2018
This House Regrets the Goldwater rule
Info slide
The Goldwater rule is a law in the United States that states it is unethical for mental health professionals to give a professional opinion about public figures they have not examined in person and from whom they have not obtained consent. Thus, it opens them for libel if they give a public psychiatric competence analysis on non consenting public figures
This House Believes That resources rich developing nations* should distribute, as a dividend to citizens, income derived from natural resource extraction
*e.g. Nigeria, Botswana
This House supports a glorification of honjok* culture
*One in which individuals regularly undertake traditionally communal activities alone (e.g. eating, drinking, traveling, etc.). The term is associated with South Korea, however it is on the rise in various countries
This House Believes That military doctors that have conducted, or supervised on, methods aimed to extort information from prisoners should be barred by medical associations from practicing medicine in the civil sphere
This House Believes That a pursuit of long-term special economic zones is in the interest of the communist government of Vietnam
Info slide
Special economic zones commonly offer investors greater investment incentives and fewer restrictions than available in the country hosting the zone. Individuals or companies holding the lease on the land are usually granted a high degree or autonomy that is ceded from the central government
This House Would allow schools with a majority of pupils from oppressed groups to reject children who do not belong to their group from attending the school
High School SF
This House Believes That developing countries should sell their custodian rights over their wildlife within their territories to private corporations
High school GF
This House Believes That historically oppressed communities should heavily prioritize teaching values of individualism to their children
Pre-Quarter Finals
TH, as Imran Khan*, Would attempt to significantly decrease the influence of the military over Pakistan’s politics
*Imran Khan: the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan
This House prefers a would in which social media sites would have been founded on a subscription based revenue model rather than an ad based model*
*i.e. one in which most of the revenue comes from paying customers and not ads
This House Believes That Taiwan should not glorify Chiang Kai-Shek
Info slide
Chiang Kai-Shek is the founder of Taiwan and was the leader that ruled China before fleeing to the Island of Taiwan as a result of losing the Chinese civil war. He founded Taiwan as an autocracy and ruled it until his death
This House Believes That the state of Israel should cease using the holocaust as a core justification for its existence
This House supports the decline of American influence in East Asia*
*For the purpose of this debate, East Asia includes both Northeast and Southeast Asia
THBT the probability of success should be removed from the Just War Theory.

Krabi Asian BP 2017
TH, as the Feminist movement, would prioritize advocating the research, development, and usage of artificial wombs
Info Slide:
An artificial womb (or artificial uterus) is a device that would allow for extracorporeal pregnancy or extrauterine foetal incubation by growing an embryo or foetus outside the body of an organism that would normally internally carry the embryo or foetus to term. Currently, the technology has been proven successful in growing baby sheep.

This house would allow direct to consumer advertising for prescription drugs and treatments.
Info Slide:
Direct-to-consume advertising refers to the marketing of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and consumer diagnostics to consumers. In the status quo, pharmaceutical companies are only allowed to advertise their products and treatments to medical professionals.

This house believes that Islamic authorities in South East Asia should issue a fatwa denouncing Wahhabism
Info Slide:
In the Islamic faith, a fatwa is a non-binding but authoritative legal opinion or learned interpretation issued by a qualified religious leader, pertaining to Islamic law and ethics. Followers are expected to adhere to these rulings. Wahhabism is an Islamic doctrine and religious movement that is often described as ultraconservative and puritan. It aims to restore what its believers consider to be the only correct and pure form of Islam. Saudi Arabia politically and financially supports Wahhabism around the world.

This house would require all sports teams to be majority owned by members of the local community
In universities where affirmative action for women exists, this house would institute affirmative action for men in departments where they are underrepresented.
This house believes that countries with ageing populations should increase immigrations rather than encouraging their own citizens to have more children.
EFL Semi Final:
This house supports NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence.
Info Slide:
NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence refers to the forward deployment of NATO troops in Eastern Europe to protect and reassure NATO’s Eastern member states of their security. Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine, NATO agreed to forward deploy four multinational battalion battle groups to NATO members most at risk of a possible Russian attack – specifically Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty enshrines the principle of collective defence, where an armed attack against one member state must be deemed to be an armed attack against all member states.

EFL Grand Final:
This house celebrates the rise of non-traditional political movements (eg Trumpism, En Marche, Alternative for Germany, etc)
This house, as a consumer living in the first world, would boycott ‘fast fashion’
Info Slide:
‘Fast fashion’ retailers are clothing retailers who deliver current, up-to-trend clothing styles to mass consumers at a low price. Typically, they achieve this by deriving designs from new fashion shows, outsroucing production, and aggressive marketing. Example of ‘fast fashion’ retailers are Zara, H&M, and Topshop.

This house, as India, would not apply the AFSPA to Kashmir
Info Slide:
The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) is an Act of the Indian Parliament that grants the military wide powers of arrest, the right to shoot to kill, and to occupy or destroy property when carrying out counter-insurgency operations in ‘disturbed areas’. The AFSPA was applied to Kashmir in 1990 and has been in force since.

This house regrets the social preferences for positivity and optimism.
Grand Final:
This house believes that countries whose main language is not English, should adopt English as the main language of politics, academia, and commerce.

Jakarta Asian BP 2016
This House would give exclusive control over the national curriculum of social sciences (including but not limited to history, civic studies, political science, etc) to minority communities.
This House supports the passing of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act(JASTA).
THR the rise of the millennial left’s political advocacy
THBT the EU should provide economic aid and assistance to the Gulen Movement
THW require all finacial institutions to be owened and operated as cooperatives of savers
THBT the state allocation of resources to patriarchalcommunities should be proportional to the workforce participation rate of women in their communities
Pre-Quarter Final:
TH supports the use of divestment as a tool of social and political protest
Quarter Final:
THW ban mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry
Semi Final:
THW remove all markers of race and religion from national symbols and anthems
EFL Grand Final:
THW require prison labor standards to be at par with national labor standards
Grand Final:
TH prefers a world where individuals, upon specific deliberate contemplation, know the outcomes of their choices.

Asia Pacific ABP 2015
Round 1:
THBT Celebrities From Dominant Cultural Majorities Should Not Attempt to Adopt Minority Cultures
Round 2:
THBT post-conflict states should suppress discourse surrounding the period of conflict in order to promote peace.
Round 3:
THBT Myanmar should grant political representation to armed rebel groups in exchange for permanent peace deals
Round 4: Info:
Trade liberalization is the removal or reduction of trade barriers between nations. This includes the removal or reduction of tariffs, quotas and subsidies.
THBT economic development organizations(e.g. IMF and World Bank) should not make aid conditional upon trade liberalization.
Round 5:
THW aggressively sexualize men in the fight against gender inequality
Round 6:
(You are a prominent social activist leading an influential NGO fighting for human rights in an undemocratic country. The ruling government has been engaging in systemic human rights violation. The government offers you a deal. They would give you an important position in the government that would allow you yo work closely with influential leaders internally. This will potentially allow you to make policies related to human rights protection. But in return, you have to denounce and dissolve your organization.)
THW accept the offer.
As a voter who is socially liberal and fiscally conservative, THW priorities socially liberal values over fiscally conservative values during elections.
Grand Final:
TH regrets the increasing medical classification of behavioural patterns as psychological illnesses

6th Asian BP Borneo (2014)
Round 1
TH supports athletes making political and religious expressions at international sporting events
Round 2
THW abolish all systems that attempt to rank universities
Round 3 ]
As feminists, TH celebrate sugar babies
Round 4
TH regrets the Occupy Central movement
Round 5
As friends of the US, THW grant asylum to whistleblowers who disclose sensitive security and military information regarding the US
Round 6
THW allow corporations to vote
As Fatah, THW collaborate with the US & Israel to bring down Hamas
Quarters/EFL Semis
THW always require police officers to wear surveillance cameras while on duty
THBT the UN should establish a minimum quota for global refugee acceptance, allocated to and tradable amongsignatory countries of The Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (CRSR)
EFL Finals
THW financially incentivize closeted homosexuals to come out
THW compel religions to remove the concept of the afterlife from their religious doctrines (including, but not limited to preaching,
discussing, publishing)

5th Asian BP China (2013)

THW ban all arranged marriages
In sports or teams with a culture of pressure to dope, THW only prosecute the management (not the athlete) for the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs
THW stop teaching classic literary works (e.g. shakespeare, Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, etc.) in favour of recently written texts, when teaching literature in schools
THBT Iran should take a leading role in peace negotiations in Syria
THW ban Google from retaining user data
THBT the media should never report on crimes intended to attract public attention
THW prohibit financial settlements in lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies
THBT indigenous groups (e.g. Native Americans, Australian aborigines, etc.) who live in geographically separate areas should be given their own completely autonomous government
THW allow individuals to contract out of all basic employment provisions in their contracts (such as health & safety, unfair dismissal etc.) in return for increased wages

You are a doctor at an IVF clinic. A prominent conservative politician is at your clinic seeking IVF treatment. A “gay gene” has been identified, and one of the politician’s embryos carries it. THW implant the gay embryo
THBT the US should reform its political system to encourage the creation of smaller parties (for e.g. a Labour Party, a Tea Party, a Green Party, etc.)
THW ban all donations to religious organizations
THBT Free Trade Agreements should be subject to approval by referendum in the respective signatory countries
(Michael murdered his wife and 2 children. In his bid to escape the police, he fell and hit his head. As a result of the fall, he lost all his memories after age 5.)
THW not convict michael of any crime
THBT Southeast Asian Nations should not help to stop the flow of asylum seekers to Australia
THBT military conscription should be regarded as a war crime

BIPEDs Asian BP (2012)

THW abandon diversity as a criterion for university admission.
THBT the state should not grant autonomy to regions based upon religious lines.
TH supports a quota for Homosexual athletes in sporting teams.
THW ban corporations from making political campaign finance contributions.
R5: ]
THBT the state should compensate convicts who have been wrongfully convicted.
THBT the European Union should become a political and economic federal superstate.

THBT a victim’s forgiveness can be used to mitigate a wrongdoer’s prison sentence
THBT the Nobel Peace Prize has lost its purpose.

Main Pre-QF:
THW make environmental policies of countries a standard in granting financial assistance.
Main QF:
Assuming that sex selection tech is perfected,THW financially incentivize families tht choose to hv female children in patriarchal societies
Main SF:
THBT The state should prosecute alleged criminals even when they are dead.
Main GF:
THBT democratic states should hold a referendum before engaging in a military intervention.

Motions for NSU Asian BP (2011)

THW ban violent sports.
TH regrets Myanmar’s appointment as future ASEAN chair.
THW abolish gated communities with extensive private security.
THW require all media outlets to be organized as cooperatives, owned and run by journalists only.
THW not allow countries undertaking military intervention abroad to harvest natural resources while they are there.
THBT feminists should campaign for fathers’ right!
Pre Quarter:
THW criminalize the refusal to render reasonable assistance to people in distress.
THBT states should punish more harshly acts of terrorism committed by own citizens than those committed by citizens of their countries.
Semi Finals:
THW use state education system to actively promote atheism.
THBT micro-credit program should stop exclusively targeting women.

Motions for Asian BP (2010)

THBT chemical castration should be a precondition for releasing violent sex offenders
THW make Internet sites that host hate material criminally liable.
THW abolish the euro zone.
cultural treasures をcountries of their origin に戻す
R5: THW lift up all sanctions on Burma.

Motions for Asian BP (2009)

R1: This house would ban children working as models.
R2: This house believes the US should withdraw military aid from Israel until the settlements in the West Bank are removed.
R3: This house would allow teachers to have sexual relationships with students over the age of consent as long as the relationship is declared.
This house would punish poachers and traders of endangered species in the same way as murderers.
This house believes individuals in developing nations who receive government funding for tertiary education should be prohibited from emigrating.
This house believes that religions should not be allowed to discriminate on grounds of sexuality or gender when offering employment.
This house believes the Pakistani government should assassinate Taliban leaders in the north west frontier province.
This house believes foreign companies should be denied access to developing nations natural resources.
This house believes parents should not be allowed to create designer babies to save the life of an earlier child.
This house would not allow family members of politicians from participating in politics.