China BP

Motions for China BP

China BP 2019
This House would require companies to place images of animal suffering on all meat products.
This House supports the assassination of leaders of terrorist groups
Assuming medical feasibility, This House supports making all individuals possess an identical, average level of intelligence at birth
This House believes that large online retailing platforms (e.g. Taboo, JD.com, Amazon, etc.) do more harm than good
This House opposes international disaster relief fundraising campaigns for rich countries suffering from natural disasters (e.g. US hurricanes, Japan typhoons, etc.)
Quarter Finals:
This House would not punish individuals who break the law to expose high level corruption
Semi Finals:
This House applauds Greta Thunberg
Grand Finals(WSDC):
TH prefers a world where people are narrowly focused on their self-interest
Grand Final(BP):
Assuming it is possible to measure an individual’s morality and moral track record, This House would only allow those with strong morality to run for public office

CBP 2018
This House Regrets narratives that glorify the elderly (e.g. “The old know better”; “The old deserve more” etc.)
This House Believes That Supreme Courts should refrain from making decisions on controversial social issues (e.g. gay rights, abortion)
During economic crises, This House Believes That states should prioritise fiscal stability (i.e. balancing budget) over increasing public spending
This House Believes That international criminal tribunals should introduce the death penalty for individuals convicted of crimes against humanity
This House Believes That academic journals should not publish articles that characterize colonialism as positive
Assuming feasibility, in countries with conscription, This House Would forcibly delete all soldiers’ memories of combat situations upon their discharge
This House Believes That the deaf rights movement should disproportionately emphasize the positive experiences associated with being deaf
This House, as Iran, Would resume its nuclear weapons program
This House Would allow political parties to make binding electoral promises that, once broken, will immediately trigger reelection
This House opposes the dominant social norm in favor of monogamy
High School Semi
This House prefers a world with a dominant norm of not expressing strong emotions
This House Believes That President Vladimir Putin is good for Russia
High School Final
This House Would abolish constitutional monarchies
This House Believes That the Pope should be elected by Catholics around the world
This House Believes That Asian education systems should actively promote the view that Asian culture is superior to Western Culture

CBP 2017
Round 1
This House Believes That China should set maximum rents for residential properties in large urban centers
Round 2
This House Would grant amnesty to dictators who leave office voluntarily
Round 3
Info: STEM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
This House Regrets the heavy prioritization of STEM subjects in Asian elementary schools.
Round 4
This House Would grant medical staff the right to object to providing specific treatments on religious and ethical grounds
Round 5
This House Regrets the liberal media’s demonization of white supremacists

CBP 2016
In States that have legalized euthanasia, THW allow assisted suicide to minors without regard to parental consent.
Theme: MEDIA
TH regrets social media’s (e.g. WeChat, etc.) replacement of traditional outlets as the dominant source of news.
Theme: Refugees (Save Me)
THW ban all evangelist activities in refugee camps.
Theme: I love my Family
As feminists, THW oppose the condemnatory social narrativeagainst mistresses of married men.
Theme: Attack
THBT the US should abandon its policy of establishing missile defense systems outside of their own territories.
Theme: Don’t Shoot me
In areas of persistently high rates of violent crime, THW grant police officers the authority to commit extrajudicial killings.
Theme: Mr. Loke
THBT governments should actively support and fund companies that aim to reemploy forced retirees.
Theme: Being Green
A group of prominent environmental scientists found irrefutable evidence that global warming is purely caused by natural fluctuation of temperature and not by human activity. TH, as the scientists, would not publish the research.
Theme: We’re done, I’m leaving
Assuming technology exists, THBT govenrments should support indivuduals who choose to exist exclusively in a virtual reality where one controls all aspects of that reality.
THW prohibit players in professional sports leagues from expressing their personal views while participating in league matches.
Info slide: “Legacy admissions” refers to preference given by universities to certain applicants on the basis of their familial relationship to alumini of that institution during the university admissions process.
In systems where “legacy admissions” is permitted, THW prohibit universities from favoring children of alumni during university admissions.
In States with compulsory military service, THW conscript by lottery regardless of race, gender, and religion.
THW prefer a world without choices.
CBP 2015
Round 1
This House Would ban professional modeling.

Round 2
You doctor in a conservative society, who has, through general anesthesia privately delivered a child born with both sexual organs, assuming it were possible, and with no chance of being found out, THW surgically alter the baby to be physically female.

Round 3
In schools where religion is taught in classes, This House Would make atheism a compulsory subject.

Round 4
This House Would limit the number of expatriates hired in senior positions of Multi-National Corporations (MNCs).
Info Slide:
Expatriate is: a person temporarily or permanently living in a foreign country. The term is often used in the context of professionals being sent abroad by their companies.

Round 5
This House Regrets couples staying in the marriage for the sake of their children.

Round 6
This House Believes That the EU should pay citizens to house refugees.

Round 7
This House Would ban sexbots.
Info Slide:
Sexbots are: Mechanical toys for sexual pleasure. Currently, hardware developers are working to incorporate A.I. into their designs. A Company called True Companion claims to be producing “the world’s first sex robot”, Roxxxy, this year. Roxxxy, priced at $7000, has thousands of pre-orders.

Round 8
This House, as Google, Would hide all contents (websites, publications, articles, videos, etc.) that attempt to prove that global warming is not a man-made disaster.
Info Slide:
Google: The largest search engine in the world (banned in China) uses an algorithm (program) to prioritize search results based on relevance, past user preference and advertising revenue.

Round 9
This House Would ban the use of brand logos for luxury products (BMW, Chanel, LV, Prada, Ferrari, etc.)

This House Believes That developing countries should ban labor unions for industries on which the economy is heavily dependent on.

This House Regrets the U.S.’s decision to withdraw military aid from Pakistan.

This House Believes That individuals should be allowed to stay inside prisons even after serving their sentences.

This House, as a Chinese Citizen, Would not place his/her family and country above himself/herself.

CBP 2014
That the Media should actively subvert the reporting of heinous acts of terror (e.g. beheadings of hostage, violent torture)

R2 plea bargaining
That we should require prosecutors to obtain the consent of victims or their families before conducting any plea bargaining.

R3 The enemy of my enemy is my friend
That the West should cooperate with the Assad regime in Syria to take out the Islamic States.

R4 finance
That we should ban all credit cards.

R5 You build a Great Wall.
In states with universal healthcare, illegal immigrants should never be denied healthcare services.

THBT people in the Palestine(West Bank and Gaza Strip) should be allowed to vote in Israeli General elections.

Assuming the technology exists, THBT the States should periodically swap people’s sexes.

A virus that causes people to become zombies. (Lose human sentience, desire to eat brains, is infectious through human-to-human biting) has erupted in HongKong.
So far, there is little chance to find a cure in the immediate future. Upon failure of containment, all of Asia will be affected in weeks.
There are over seven million people living in HongKong.
You have the final decision to respond to the Zombie Crisis.
You have the option of bombing HKSAR and effectively prevent the spread of the virus. Though, that abandons all of HongKong.
You can also choose not to bomb, but will substantially risk a containment failure. However, you will be able to save the significant number of the uninfected.
THBT you should bomb HongKong.

R9 THW hold bishops criminally liable for the sexual assaults committed by priests who belong to their dioceses.

THW bailout national flagship airlines.
THW cap the total number of university students within the country.
Thbt the voting right of citizens should expire On the date of their retirement
THBT the People’s Republic of China should forgive the historical grievances she has with her neighboring countries

Motions for 1stChinaBP@blcu2012

Round 1: This House believes that the State has a duty to provide free, unlimited and uncensored access to the Internet for everyone.
Round 2: This House would forcefully remove women from situations of domestic violence.
Round 3: This House believes that all criminal records of individuals who have been punished by the State should be permanently erased.
Round 4: This House would ban companies that promote unhealthy lifestyles (fast-food restaurants, alcoholic or tobacco companies) from sponsoring and advertising in sporting events and teams.
Round 5: This House would decriminalise Statutory Rape (Consensual sex with minors).
Round 6: This House would not allow citizens in their 20s to emigrate (that is, leave their own country permanently and settle in another country).
Round 7: This House believes that Israel should bomb Iranian nuclear facilities before the November 2012 elections in the United States of America.
Round 8: This House would legalise public nudity.
Round 9: THBT China should compensate its neighbours for causing environmental damages in their territories.
Octo-Finals: THBT hate speech against religions should be an internationally-recognised crime prosecutable by ICC.
Quarter-Finals: This House would abolish political parties and elect individuals into political positions.
Semi Finals: THBT Europe should re-colonise Africa.
Grand Finals: This House believes that the consumer technology industry should be patent-free.