Feminist Open

Motions for Feminist Open

Feminist Open 2019

Round 1
As feminists, this house supports all forms of self-commodification of one’s sex appeal, excorting, sugardaddying / mommying, and starring in porn videos.
Round 2
This house believes that Japanese feminists should advocate for the abolition of the Imperial system (天皇制) as opposed to advocating for the inclusion of female imperial members in the line of succession for the Imperial throne.
Round 3
This house believes that women who have experienced gender based discrimination are justified in commiting misandry.

Info: Misandry is the categorical hatred for, contempt for, or prejudice against men or boys. It includes but is not limited to overgeneralized criticism, hate speech against men, discrimination in promotion opportunities, etc.

Grand Final
This house, as the feminist movement, would advocate for the introduction of a socialized care system in which all people needing care (the elderly, people with disabilities, etc) are cared for by workers selected by a national draft system.

Info: A Draft Lottery is a system in which citizens randomly selected by a lottery are conscripted to serve. While the term is commonl used for selective military conscription, a similar scheme is used for the selection of juries and lay judges (裁判員) in the court system.