Gemini Cup

Motions for Gemini Cup

Gemini Cup 2019
Theme: Education
THBT schools actively rank children based on their achievements and encourage competition.
THR the rise of university enrollment in developed countries.
THR the dominant narrative in children’s education that good always wins.
Theme: Media
THR progressive movements broadcasting private information of an individual or an organization on SNS as a means of punishment.
THW deny broadcasting rights to news channels that consistently fail to meet a minimum truth requirement.
THW prohibit the media from reporting on the mental illness of those accused of crimes.
Theme: Identity
THW make tax exemption to religious organizations contingent upon them not discriminating (e.g. refusing to perform religious services, not allowing participation by homosexuals.)
THW impose a male privilege tax.
THW pay a salary to stay-at-home parents.
Theme: Environment
THW make developmental aid to developing countries contingent on whether they follow an environmentally friendly agenda.
THW shorten the patents of green technologies by large corporations.
THBT countries that are major polluters should accept environmental refugees.
Oct Finals:
THBT election campaigns should be fully financed by the state.
THBT political comedians does more harm than good for democracy.
THW make the weight of votes proportionate to a person’s expected remaining lifespan.
Quarter Finals:
THW only subsidize art that is understandable to the average viewer.
THBT disabled parents should be able to ensure that their children be born disabled.
THS the use of sex appeal to generate interest in female sports.
Semi Finals:
THR the nagative stigma of lobbying.
THR the stigmatization of selfishness.
THR the narrative of having one great calling or purpose in life.
Grand Final:
You are the leader of prominent feminist political party which enjoys reasonable support but is highly unlikely to win an election on its own. The recently elected head of state, with a historically poor record with women’s rights, has asked for your party to be part of a coalition government. THW accept the offer.
TH, as an openly non-heterosexual individual, would not date people in the closet.
THR the rise of political correctness.


Pre-Gemini Cup 2019
THW limit companies ability to replace workers with technology.
THW allow individuals to opt out of employment provisions and regulations relating to health and safety in return for increased pay.
THBT corporations should have the right to include a clause in their employment contracts for women to legally agree not to get pregnant.
THW make the hosting of the Olympics contingent on a majority vote by referenda by the host country.
THW prohibit religious leaders and organizations from endorsing, supporting, or commenting on any political party or candidate.
THW require all citizens to perform two years of national civic services (ex. Healthcare, education, etc.)
THS communal child rearing.
TH opposes individual evaluation and accolades in activities competed by teams (e.g. Most Valuable Player, Speaker Score).
THBT black entertainers should not use the “N” word.
Info Slide for Motion 1:
Communal child rearing is the system of raising children as a whole society. In this system, biological parents lose parental right to their children, and the countries lose parental right to their children, and the communities give necessities of lives, educations and money for independence etc. to all children equally. Also, parents and children live apart, and don’t keep special connection to each other.
THW ban inheritance.
THW not punish people who live below the poverty line for economic crimes that they have committed.
THW introduce quota for people from working- class background in management.

Gemini Cup (2018)

Motion for Round 1
As feminist movement, TH regrets the rise of songs of female pop artists that glorify assertive female sexuality.
THBT the feminist movement should actively discourage women to take risky behavior (wearing seductive clothing, drinking alcohol etc) in order to avoid sexual assault.
THBT the feminist movement should actively support gender exclusive schools

Motion for Round 2
Info:”Utility factor” refers to the tangible, foreseeable impact on society produced by academic research. The utility factor is determined by the universities.
THW allocate research funds in public universities based purely on utility factors.
TH regrets the narrative that going to a prestigious universities is a prerequisite for success.
THBT scientists should not report the empiric results which may conclude a certain race / ethnicity is inferior to others on the aspect of neuroscience.

Motion for Round 3
“Fat acceptance movement” is a social movement seeking to change anti-fat bias in social attitudes. Recently the movement has been criticized for ignoring health issues that many studies have shown to be linked to obesity.
TH supports the rise of fat acceptance movement.
THW prioritize victims over state when providing post-war compensation.
In countries where the population is ethnically diversed, THW force ethnic minorities to provide education in national language instead of their native toungue.

Motion for Round 4
THW ban gated communities.
THBT parents should be given access to children’s passwords of social networking accounts.
TH opposes peace education that uses shocking graphic images of war victims.

Motion for Octfinals
THBT developing countries should impose a life-long taxation on their citizens who have completed tertiary education and decided to migrate.
THBT development of infrastructure in developing countries should be led by the state, as opposed to the private sector.
THBT in times of high unemployment, governments should remove all minimum standard regulations in the labour market.

Motion for Quarterfinals
Chemical castration is a castration via drugs to eliminate sexual desire. It does not remove the organs nor is it a form of sterilization.
THW impose chemical castration on sexual offenders instead of imprisonment.
THW not allow out-of-court settlements for workplace discrimination and harassment.
THW criminalize violent fouls in sports.

Motion for Semi Finals
In Western liberal democratic countries which accept a substantial number of immigrants, THW adopt policies that try to integrate them into mainstream society as opposed to actively focus on building exclusive communities (residences, workplaces, schools, social gathering places, entertainment centers, etc. )
THBT it is legitimate for states to exaggerate threats to pass unpopular legislation deemed to be in the interest of national security.
THBT the environmental activists should never use violence as a strategy to forward their case

Motion for Grand Final
Info: You are a closeted homosexual living in a discriminatory society. And you are the CEO of a successful company.
TH,as you, would remain in closeted.
Assuming that individual’s happiness is measurable by the state, THW levy a tax proportionally to happiness.
TH prefers to live in a world where individual success and failure are seen as consequences of random events as opposed to individual’s personal choices.

Pre Gemini Cup(2018)

Round 1
TH regrets movies glorifying anti-social behavior
THW ban racist and extremist political parties
THBT the disability community should oppose TV program which inspirational portray people with with disabilities.

Round 2
Info:A tax haven is a country/area with virtually very low rates of taxation, and utilized for tax saving by corporations and billionaries.
THW sanction tax havens
THW not make criminal records accessible to the public
THW never bail out failing corporations

Round 3
THW ban all advertising of consumer goods and services
THW legalize performance enhancing drugs in professional sports
THW legalize the sale of human organs

Round 4
Info: ‘Fast fashion’ retailers are clothing retailers who deliver current, up-to-trend clothing styles to mass consumers at a low price. Typically, they achieve this by deriving designs from new fashion shows, outsourcing production, and aggressive marketing. Examples of ‘fast fashion’ retailers include Zara, H&M, and UNIQLO.
THBT consumers living in the first world should boycott “fast fashion”
THBT post-conflict societies should destroy all artwork created in support of a fallen dictator
THBT humanitarian organizations should be allowed to give funding, resources or services to illegal armed groups when this is made a condition for access to vulnerable civilians

Gemini Cup (2017)

Motion for Round 1
Info slide: Tiger parent is an extremely strict parent who makes his/her children work excessively hard so that they can attain high levels of academic achievement
TH support tiger parenting
THBT universities should prohibit far-right wing racists from giving speeches on college campuses
THBT schools should show moderate pornography to teenagers as a part of sex education curriculum

Round 2 Motions
THW criminalize the membership of criminal organizations
THW judges of Supreme Court should be directly elected by the citizens
THBT illegally gathered evidence should not be admissible in criminal trials

Round 3 Motions
THW not impose any restriction on abortion regardless of the stages of pregnancy
THBT doctors should report suspected cases of domestic violence to the police regardless of the patient’s consent
THW grant those diagnosed with terminal illness the right to access to treatments that have not completed clinical testing

Round 4 Motion
THW allow strikes by those working in essential state services
THW substantially tax unhealthy food (e.g. junk food, sugary beverages)
THW ban video games in which players engage in brutal and immoral violence in a realistic setting

Oct final
THW prohibit the use of drones in military operations
THW allow individuals to pay the state to buy exemption from compulsory military service
In post-conflict societies, THBT the government should mandate society diversity in community living (e.g. housing, schools, workplace)

Quarter Final

THBT media should not emphasize successful women’s feminine features
THBT social movements in democratic countries should drive social change through the courts rather than the legislature
In a country where feminism is not widely accepted, THBT the feminist movement should form one single movement, rather than diverse types of movements under different feminist ideologies

(Info: Femininity is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with girls and women. Femininity is socially constructed, but made up of both socially-defined and biologically-created factors. Traits traditionally cited as feminine include gentleness, empathy, and sensitivity.)

Semi Final
THW prohibit atheletes from making political expressions at international sporting events
TH, as historically oppressed indigenous minorities, would embrace and promote positive but inaccurate stereotypes about their culture
TH, as a parent belonging to oppressed minorities, would teach their children about the existence of harsh discrimination from a young age

Grand Final
THBT parents should not instill their religion into their children
THBT religious organization should sell all its cultural artifacts in order to fund poverty alleviation
In a context of serious religious conflict, THW ban all religious expression in public places (e.g. public proselytization, the public display of religious symbols)

Pre-Gemini Cup (2017)
THBT essential state service should not be privatized
THBT developing states should prioritize the education for the mass over the education for creating elites
THBT multinational corporations operating in developing nations should be compelled to follow the environmental standards of western liberal democracies

THW offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power
THBT feminists should refrain from using the act of sex to further their personal or political goals
THBT figureheads of national liberation movement should refrain from running for elected office after their movements succeed

TH, as feminists, would publicly encourage women to use the rape-prevention products (e.g. Undercover Colors)
THBT police forces should reflect the racial composition of the communities that they serve
THW allow emplyees to choose not to receive any basic provision in their labor contracts in exchange for a proportional increase in wage

(Info: ‘Undercover Colors’ is wearable nail tech that identifies the presence of date rape drugs in one’s drink through color change.)

(Info: Employees are provided basic welfare through labor contracts. This includes health and safety standards in the working environment, protection from unfair dismissals, and other conditions to protect employees.)

TH prefers a world without marriage
THW prosecute suspected rapists without the formal complaint from the victim
THBT media should actively portray terrorists as criminals with legitimate grievances rather than demonizing them

Gemini Cup (2016)

Round 1

THBT governments of developing countries should actively invest in sex tourism.
THW ban sadomasochism.
TH opposes the use of sex appeal intended to gain intrest in female sports.

Round 2

THW prohibit the police from guising as children online in order to catch paedophiles.
THBT court should consider victims’ forgiveness as a mitigating factor when sentencing offenders.
THW allow the police to implement racial profiling.

Round 3

THW allow medical professionals to opt out of performing treatments on the basis of conscience.
THBT we should stop the attempt to find a ‘cure’ for autism.
THBT important decisions about children’s health should be made by medical professionals and not by their parents.

Round 4

THBT the media should not report on the mental illness of criminals.
THW provide welfare in the form of basic goods and services rather than in the form of cash payments.
THW allow parents to vote on behalf of their children.

Oct Final

THBT universities should introduces a female quota in their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) faculties.
THBT advertisements do more harm than good to consumers.
THW not require real estate agencies to disclose information concerning past incidents of suicide and crime that happened in their properties.

Quarter Final

THBT the west should arm and assist local militia in order to combat terrorists.
THBT western states should stop interventions (such as tied aid and sanctions) to enforce democracy in developing nations.
THR the denomintion of the global fight against terrorism as the “war on terror”

Semi Final

TH prefers a world without the system of marriage.
THW allow jury nullification*.
THW ban racist and extremist political parties.
*Info Slide: Jury nullification occurs in a trial when a jury acquits a defendant even though the members of the jury believe the defendant to be guilty of the charges. This may occur when the member of the jury disagree with the law the defendant has been charged with breaking, or believe that the law should not be applied in that particular case.

Grand Final

THW require religious schools to give safe sex education regardless of parental consent.
THBT states should not instill nationalism through education.
THBT students should bully each other during classes as a part of moral education.

Masters’ Debate

THW end all state funding to art.
THW leagalize dueling to the death.
THW ban all forms of pornography.

Pre-Gemini Cup (2016)

Round 1
THW allow corporations to pay higher wages to employees who agree not to have children.
THBT women should be criminally liable for harms to their fetus that resul from their lifestyle choices.
THW aggressively sexualize men in the fight for gender equality.

Round 2
THW prohibit public depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.
THW ban proselytization in public.
THW prohibit methods of animal slaughter prescribed by religions that cause prolonged pain to the animals involved.

Round 3
THW not give financial assitance for the reconstruction of disaster prone areas.
THW allow athletes to use performance enhancing drugs.
THBT politicians should not resign over private affairs. (such as sex scandals and family problems)

Round 4
THBT NGO’s/charities should refuse sposorships from entities that do not act in accordance with their aims.
THBT LGBT movement should oppose LGBT people who make self-depreciating jokes about their sexuality.
THBT the acdaemy award nominations should have a quota for racial minorities.

Gemini Cup (2015)

THBT the feminist movement should oppose popular fairy tales which portray traditional gender roles
THW introduce female quota in senior military officials
THW include gender reassignment surgery in national health care system

R2 Theme: Love sexy dynamite politician
THW suspend election in time of economic crisis
THW except politicians from protection of defamation law
THBT neighborhoods should have a right to veto construction of military bases by referendum

R3 Theme: これからの「學校」の話をしよう。
THW establish segregated schools for youth who self-identify themselves as sexual minorities
TH opposes peace education that uses shocking graphic images of victims of war
THBT universities in liberal democracies should not accept the children of the ruling elite of oppressive regimes

R4 Theme: So diverse,beyond the hands of adj core
Info slide: A plea bargain is any agreement in a criminal case between the prosecutor and defendant whereby the defendant agrees to plead guilty to a particular charge, disclose accomplices in a trial or cooperate for investigations in return for some concession from the prosecutor.
THW abolish plea-bargaining
THBT multinational corporation which operates in developing countries should abide by the environmental/labor standard of its country of origin

Info slide: A credit rating is an evaluation of the credit worthiness of a debtor, especially a business (company) or a government, but not individual consumers.
THW prohibit credit rating agencies from denying legal liability for inaccuracy of their ratings
THW prohibit journalists from going to conflict areas
THBT the gay rights movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice

Master’s round
TH regrets the narratives that Japan is the victim of WWII (e.g. Emphasis on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, less emphasis on invasion of other nations and islands)
THW never die for a country
THW introduce mandatory military conscription

THBT fear should not be used to teach religions to children
THBT Pope Francis should declare that the Catholic Church ought to conduct marriage ceremony for same-sex couples
THBT secular states should ban wearing religious symbols in public

THBT Germany should criminalize the membership of Neo-Nazi groups
THW ban international aid charities from using sensational, graphic, or overly-emotional images of suffering in fundraising and advertising campaigns
THBT any songs or films that promote or glorify socially undesirable conduct (e.g. drug abuse, racism) should be excluded from awards (e.g. Emmy, Grammy)

THW give public the power, via referendum, to pardon whistleblowers
THBT freedom of speech should include the right to offend religion
TH opposes Chinese censorship on its citizens
Gemini Cup (2014)

R1 Theme: The Vulnerables -Animal・The weak・The battered-
THW ban animal performance
THBT hacktivism is a legitimate form of protest against large corporations
THW mandate doctors to report all cases of suspected domestic violence.

R2 Theme: Media -Something exist in between-
THBT journalists who cover people in distress have a moral obligation to act as good samaritarians
THBT black entertainers should not use the “N” word
THW aggressively promote “Nuclear Family” on primetime Indian television

R3 Theme: Environment -Our Blue Planet-
THW rather use resources to adapt to climate change change than to prevent it
THBT those who caused severe damage on environment should be tried under universal jurisdiction
THW exempt indigenous communities from environmental regulation

R4 Theme: Classics -Bonus Time!!-
THW abolish circumcision for children
THW ban cosmetic/plastic surgery aimed to change racial features
THB in the right to bear arms

OF Theme: Money -Distributive Justice appertaining to something gorgeous-
THW auction off the long-term right to govern bankrupt cities for profit
THBT the developed nations with high unemployment rate should stop providing developmental aid for foreign countries
Assuming attractiveness of individual based on appearance (both face and shape) is measurable, THBT state should pay/compensate for individuals who are less

QF Theme: International Relations -Power! Peace! Ideology!-
THBT Arabic Nations should stop selling oil to countries that restrict Islamic dresses until the restrictions are removed.
THBT the EU should lift its ban on exporting sedatives used in lethal injections to the USA
THBT NATO should have been dissolved when the Warshaw Pact ended.

SF Theme: Technology -Use your imagination!-
Assuming feasibility, THW allow people to voluntarily erase their memories
Assuming technology was perfected, THW financially reward men who gave his children a birth
THW allow human cloning for military purpose

GF Theme: Social Justice -What is the right thing to do?-
As liberals, we should seek for the removal of all speech crimes.
In a world with unwanted children, as self-described pro-life activists, we are morally obliged to take an unwanted child as our child.
As gay rights activist, we should campaign for the abolition of marriage, rather than (gay) marriage

Pre Gemini Cup (2014)

R1 Theme: Blood & Care-The strength of our consanguineous bond-
THW permit inmates to raise their young children in prison
THW allow parents to remove their children from specific classes at school (such as sports, religious studies, sex education and science) on moral, religious or political grounds
THW require close relatives of the homeless to pay their welfare costs to the extent that they can afford to do so

R2 Theme: Politics -The thing inextricably linked to the phenomena of conflict and cooperation-
THBT formation of political parties based on ethnicity should be prohibited in countries where ethnic tension is prominent
THW allow public servants to strike
THBT we should celebrate/support the rise of far-right/far-left political parties

R3 Theme: War and Justice-Justice For, During, and After War-
THW abolish all exceptions to the military draft on the basis of religion, sexual orientation or gender in democratic countries that have a compulsory military draft
THW prohibit the usage of drones
THBT post-conflict societies should set a history curriculum that emphasises the wrongs done by their own community during that conflict

R4 Theme Various Movements-We should move!!…but to this way or to that way?-
THW decriminalize graffiti in public spaces
THBT the increase of diversity among progressive movements is rather harming the movement itself.
THBT self-declared feminists should not be full-time housewives
13th Gemini Cup(2013)
Motions for Round 1
Theme: Love Sexy キラキラ ☆Dynamite Saturday Morning Fever☆
THW force luxury designer brands (such as Louis Vuitton, CHANEL) to include plus-size for their collections.
THW criminalize cosmetic surgery of pets.
THBT female artists should not allow themselves to be objectified in their music videos.

Motions for Round 2
Theme: 痛い
THW make blood donation mandatory.
THW allow those diagnosed with terminal illnesses to access treatments that have not completed clinical testing.
THW include graphic images of the process and consequence of abortion in the teaching of sex education in public schools.

Motions for Round 3
Theme: これからの「浅井」の話をしよう
THBT media should reveal their sources of information in criminal cases upon courts’ requests.
THW hold accountants accountable when they fail to recognize crimes (such as insider trading) happening within the companies they are in charge of.
THW impose harsher punishment upon frauds carried out under religion.

Motions for Round4
Theme: 夜のパートナー♡
THW legalize incest.
THBT pedophilia can be allowed if an adolescent’s parents consent to the relationship.
THW legalize public nudity.

Motions for Octo Final
Theme: お母さん「じゅんこ早く起きなさい」
TH oppose tiger-parenting as a form of education.
THW impose legal duty of care on adult children for their parents.
THBT parents who seek to have biological children should fulfill the same requirements as those who seek to adopt (such as sufficient economic capability, passing of personality tests, no criminal record).

Information slide:
The tiger parent is an extremely strict parent who makes his/her children work excessively hard and severely restricts their free time so that they can continually achieve the highest grades.

Motions for Quarter Final
Theme: となりのYAMADAくん家
In the aftermath of ethnic conflicts, THW allocate the equal number of seats in the national parliament to each ethnic group, regardless of the ethnic demography.
THBT regional bodies are better than international bodies in undertaking military intervention.
THBT international sporting events should not be held in countries with high ethnic tension.

Motions for Semi Final
Theme: 소수자
THBT gay rights movements should oppose subcultures which portrait “Boys’ Love” / “Girls’ Love”.
Assuming that there is a perfect technology which carries a full term pregnancy in an incubator,
THBT feminist movements should oppose biological pregnancies.
THW ban racial segregation in prisons.

Motions for Grand Final
Theme: ジェミニのモーションが嫌いでも…私のことは嫌いにならないでくださいっ!!
THBT the issues of death penalty should be up to courts, rather than parliaments.
THBT Japanese government has a moral obligation not to export nuclear power plants to foreign countries.
TH support the right to defend property during a natural disaster (such as Tsunami, or bushfire).

Motions for Masters’ Cup
Theme: self-described progressive debaterのみなさまへ
THW never consider “diversity” in selecting breaking adjudicators and adjudication core.
Assuming that people reasonably understand English, THBT randomly selected ordinary people should judge.
THBT Japanese debate community should abolish “love motion”.
Pre-Gemini Cup(2013)
Motions for the Round 1
Theme: そふとさきいか
THW subsidize female movie directors.
THW prohibit the price gouging after natural disasters.
THW criminalize adultery.
Motions for the Round 2
Theme: はーどあたりめ
THW ban the cosmetic use of Photoshop in advertisement.
THW ban the use of religious items and symbols as a part of fashion.
THBT free speech should extend to offensive arts.
Motions for the Round 3
Theme: 噛めば噛むほど味が出るreligion+α
THW ban religions from advocating self-harm as a form of penance. (such as self-immolation of Tibetan monks)
THW not allow religious communities to expel their members on the basis of views or actions that contradict doctrinal teachings.
THW ban “Neko Café”.
Motions for the Round 4
Theme: もしかしたら たしかに そうかもしれんぽい気が しなくもない
THBT soldiers who have fought for foreign countries should be granted citizenship of these countries.
THW allow people who finish their compulsory education to re-enter the schools for compulsory education.
THW limit (but, not abolish) the right to vote of the elderly.

12th Gemini Cup(2012)
R1 Education
THBT universities should not give academic credit for volunteer work.
THW allow teachers to physically punish their students at school regardless of parental consent.
THW pay teachers progressive salary according to the academic performance of their students
R2 Legal Status
THW abolish the minimum age requirement for marriage.
THW criminalize the membership of criminal organizations, even if he/she doesn’t commit crimes on his/her own.
THBT voting eligibility should be based on the passing of civic tests instead of age.
R3 International Relations
THBT it is legitimate to use aid to buy votes in international organisations.
THBT after a humanitarian intervention has halted human rights abuses, the occupation forces should leave at once if the population so wishes
THBT Israel should assassinate Iran’s nuclear scientists.
R4 Environment
THW forcibly remove the homeless from the streets and place them in rehabilitation.
THBT carbon trading is more effective in combating global warming than emission tax.
THW make the development of eco-friendly industry a condition for receiving non-emergency aid.
Oct Final The end justifies the means.
THBT evidence which is illegally obtained should be admissible in criminal trials.
THW take and use the organs of executed death row convicts regardless of consent.
THBT the 3rd world countries should recognize the necessity of sweatshops.
Quarter Final Justice
THBT the protection of the environment should be considered a mitigating factor when sentencing eco-terrorists.
THW impose progressive fine on offenders based on their assets.
THW abolish enhanced punishment based on hate crime law.
Semi Final Freedom
THW allow public servants to criticize their government.
THW prosecute parents who take their children to another legal jurisdiction in order to carry out an act which is illegal in their home country.
THW legalize sadomasochism.
Grand Final Public Discourse
THBT entertainment awards should not be bestowed on individuals who have committed crime.
THW ban publication of political opinion polls.
THW televise the executions of criminals

11th Gemini Cup(2011)
R1: THW legalize bestiality.
R2: THBT developing nations should nationalize their natural resourses.
R3: THBT Latinos should have the right to be taught in Spanish.
R4: THW introduce plea-bargaining.
OF: THW prohibit criminals from publishing descriptions of their crimes.
QF: THBT the United States government should send troops to Mexico to fight against drug cartels.
SF: THW dissolve all political parties.
GF: THW allow abortion on the grounds of disability.

10th Gemini Cup(2010)
R1: THW abolish teaching licenses and employ teachers without them.
R2: THW ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy.
R3: THBT the head coach of the Japanese national football team should be decided through the votes of the fans and not by Japan Football Association.
R4: THBT the developed world should unconditionally accept environmental refugees.
OF: THBT the EU parliament should inspect the budget bills of its member states before they are approved by the domestic legislative bodies.
QF: THW ban fictional publications that demonize certain religions, races, or ethnicities.
SF: THW ban companies from going to the third world in order to avoid the first world restrictions on human drug testing.
GF: THW completely ban the broadcast of suicide.

9th Gemini Cup (2009)
R1: THW allow students to choose their public schools.
R2: THBT arranged marriage is better than love marriage.
R3: THBT individual rights are more important than security.
R4: THW ban the export of arms to the Middle East.
OF: THBT EU should stop subsidizing Agriculture.
QF: THW amend article 9.
SF: THBT Japanese government should give the legislative power to the government at the prefecture level.
GF: THW abolish beauty contests.

8th Gemini Cup (2008)
R1: THBT Japanese government should impose fat tax on people who have metabolic syndrome.
R2: THBT International Olympic Committee should allow athletes to use performance enhancing drugs.
R3: THBT international standard is more important than tradition.
R4: THW impose military sanctions on Myanmar.
OF: THW promote genetically modified food.
QF: THBT the Japanese Government should fully .finance election costs.
SF: THW dismantle United Nations Security Council.
GF: THW abolish death penalty.

7th Gemini Cup (2007)
R1: THW oblige teachers to renew their licenses.
R2: THBT YouTube brings more harm than good.
R3: THW amend article 9.
R4: THBT developing countries should be responsible for environmental risks in the future.
QF: THW use gambling to rejuvenate economic depressed zones.
SF: THW forcefully intervene in case of domestic violence even without a victim’s request.
GF: THW welcome immigrants.

6th Gemini Cup (2006)
R1: THW force all parents to take childcare leave.
R2: THBT MIXI does more harm than good for university students.
R3: THW invade somewhere.
R4: THW privatize water service in developing countries.
QF: THBT luxury is an enemy.
SF: THW allow surrogacy for pro.fit.
GF: THW prohibit any kinds of remission for criminals.

5th Gemini Cup (2005)
R1: THW prohibit advertisement of consumer credit.
R2: THW prioritize dating over debating.
R3: THW accept immigrants.
R4: THW allow pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.
QF: THBT insanity is not equivalent to “.not guilty”..
SF: THW impose fat tax.
GF: THBT Japan should arm herself with nuclear weapons.

4th Gemini Cup (2004)
R1: THW abolish coming of age ceremony (so called Seijin-shiki).
R2: THBT Japan should withdraw the SDF from Iraq immediately.
R3: THW legalize euthanasia.
GF: THBT going to Tokyo Disney Land is better than going to theatre for couples.

3rd Gemini Cup (2003)
R1: THW have national holidays in June.
R2: THBT “.slow life”. is better than “.fast life”..
R3: THBT we should keep scenery than construct buildings.
SF: THW compensate SARS.
GF: THBT smart diplomacy is better than smart bombing.

2nd Gemini Cup (2002)
R1: THW privatize postal service.
R2: It’s better to go out and watch World Cup than debating here.
R3: THW prohibit whale hunting.
SF: THBT expansion of EU brings harms than benefits.
GF: THBT the Japanese Government should freeze ODA for China.

1st Gemini Cup (2001)
R1: THBT we should set the alarm for summer time.
R2: THW support free trade.
R3: Let’s hunt your boyfriend or girlfriend on the website.
SF: THW prohibit patenting on genetic information.
GF: THBT .”no pain, no gain.”.