ICU Tournament

Motions for ICU Tournament

25th ICU Tournament(2016)
Round 1
THBT Western media should not use the term “Islamic State” to describe the terrorist group.
THW ban art that glorifies criminality.
THBT social media platforms should not censor discriminatory opinions.

Round 2
THBT the governments should disallow the religious leaders from publicly endorsing, supporting, or commenting on any political party or candidate.
THW remove all presidential term limits.
THBT, in established democracies, the court should pardon journalists who eavesdrop on goverment officials when they can prove they have reasonable suspicions that the said officials have committed acts of corruption.

Round 3
THBT self-proclaimed progressive white actors and actresses should boycott the Oscars.
THBT deaf communities and respective NGOs should actively focus on building exclusive communities (residences, workplaces, schools, social gathering places, entertainment centers, etc.) for deaf people instead of trying to integrate them into the mainstream society.
THBT it is legitimate for indigenous communities to take armed resistance against development projects which affect their communities.

Round 4
THW allow immigrants to vote in all elections.
THBT Japan shold actively attract and accept mass immigration.
THBT developing countries should improve life-long taxation on their citizens who have completed tertiary education and decided to migrate.

Round 5
THBT EU should require its member states to send troops to occupy and set up safe zones within Syrian borders in order to settle Syrian refugees.
THBT USA should cease all aid and support to Israel until it agrees to and implements the two-state solution proposed by the UN.
THBT countries which claim to move away from nuclear energy should not export nuclear technology abroad.

Round 6
THBT the state should prosecute sexist and misogynist comments.
THW not use imagery of extreme suffering of women or children to promote the feminist agenda.
In countries where gay madrriage is not leagalized, THBT the LGBT movement shold agressively break up Lavender marriages.
Info slide: Lavender marriage refers to a heterosexual marriage between a heterosexual woman and a homosexual man, or vice versa, or between two homosexual partners. The partner may or may not have entered into the marriage knowing that the other partnar is homosexual.

Oct Final
THBT religious leaders should update religious texts to reflect modern feminist views.
THBT liberal democracies should allow religious communities to implement their own family laws, including but not limited to marriage, inheritance, child custody and guardianship.
THW require all religious schools to include comparative religious studies (including Atheism) in their compulsory curriculum.

Quarter Final
You are a prosecuter against a serial murder. You believe that the murder is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. You have discovered a new piece of evidence. You think that piece of evidence does not change your judgement, but will most probably sway the jury to acquit the murder. THW destroy that piece of evidence.
THW not allow suspects of severe crimes to plea bargain.
THBT citizens should have the right to petition and dismiss government officials from their positions via a public referendum if they are suspected to be corrupted even if they are acquitted by or not prosecuted by the court.

Semi Final
THBT China should cease all measures that aim to control the prices of its stock market.
THBT developed countries should require their MNCs to hire a significant portion of their labour from their country of origin.
THW heavily tax corporations in accordance with the number of manufacturing robots they employ.

Grand Final
TH regrets the predominant narrative that one has to actively seek purpose in life.
When mutually exclusive, THBT one should prioritize realizing one’s passion over securing a materially successful life.
Assuming that there is a technology that allows you to live a healthy life eternally, TH as an individual would reject immortality.

24th ICU Tournament(2015)
Round 1 Theme: Children
THBT teachers should actively instil values (eg. political. social, moral) in their students
THW not allow couples (heterosexual or homosexual) to marry unless they commit to raising children
THBT children should be normalized to images and concepts of sex and intimacy

Round 2 Theme: Society
THBT governments should prioritize the influx of immigrants rather than incentivizing higher rates of childbirth from citizens
THW ban convicted criminals from speaking to, or being interviewed by, any media outlet (including but not limited to journalists and filmmakers)
TH regrets the role played by alcohol in East Asian societies

Round 3 Theme: Sex and sexuality
TH regrets the decriminalization of adultery in South Korea
THBT Western liberal democracies should legalize animated child pornography
TH supports the outing of closeted homosexual politicians by the LGBT movement

Round 4 Theme: Media
TH supports colorblind casting for TV or movie characters that have traditionally been portrayed as a particular race (e.g. Superman, James Bond, etc)
THBT liberal democracies should actively assist citizens of repressive states in circumventing censorship (such as throughout funding, technology proxy sites, etc)
THW ban owners of media companies from holding any financial interest (such as shares or ownership) in any non-media companies

Round 5 Theme: Islamic State
THBT full and unedited versions of Islamic State (IS) videos should be shown, and made available, by media
THBT, as a Muslim, one has a personal duty to denounce the Islamic State
THW treat the deliberate destruction of important cultural artefacts as a war crime

Round 6 Theme: Women
TH regrets the choice of female athletes who use their sexuality or physical appearance for marketing purposes
TH supports the use of feminist catchphrases about freedom, empowerment and choice in the advertisement of fashion and beauty products
THW ban anti-abortion protests outside abortion clinics

Octo Final Theme: Crime
THBT police forces should reflect the racial composition of the communities they serve
In countries where vaccination is mandatory, THW criminalise “vaccine denial (publicly denying the efficacy or safety of vaccines that have been scientifically proven to be effective and safe)
THBT the length of criminal sentences should, in part, be denied depending on the forgiveness, or otherwise of the victim

Quater Final Theme: Economics
THBT the EU should immediately forgive all of Greece’s debt
THBT the heads of national central banks should be popularly elected
THW ban companies from building planned obsolescence* into their products
*Planned obsolescence is when companies design a product with an artificially limited useful life, so that it becomes no longer functional, or unfashionable, after a certain period of time

Semi Final Theme: International Relations
THW grant the Taliban an autonomous state in the areas under its control
TH, as the US and EU, would arm the Ukrainian government.
THBT states with nuclear arsenals should disarm them.

Grand Final ~MUCH tech. WOW future. VERY Japan.~
Assuming the technology exists, THW remove aggression from human behavior.
TH prefers a world where humans look and sound alike.
Assuming the technology exists, THW revive people who committed suicide.

23rd ICU Tournament (2014)
Theme : It’s all in the family
This house would prefer that the children of racial minorities be adopted by parents of that race
This house would pay women to not have abortions
THB the most dangerous jobs in the military should be given to people without immediate families

Theme : Justice
THB prior convictions can be used as evidence in establishing the guilt of accused criminals.
THW criminalise adultery.
THW allow the public to pardon whistleblowers through public referenda.

Info: “Amateur pornography features models, actors or non-professionals performing without pay. This type pornography usually comes in the form of homemade video, which are usually posted online or submitted to porn sites. Amateur porn has been called one of the most profitable and long lasting genres of pornography. ”

Theme : Kevin’s favorite:)
THW ban the sale and consumption of amatuer porngraphy.
This House, as feminists, would support pornography that portrays females as the dominant gender during intercourse.
THS sex tourism in developing countries.

Theme : Sports
THW allow professional athletes to use legally available performance enhancing drugs.
THW abolish sports involving animals.
THW abolish the Olympic games.

Theme : International Relations
THBT Jerusalem should become a UN protectorate.
THW empower the ICC to use military force to capture indicted war criminals.
THW eject Russia from the G8.

INFO SLIDE: “discontinued product” is a service or good that was once sold on a regular basis, but is no longer available or produced.

Theme : It’s Business Time
THBT corporations should never abandon support (technical, upgrades, repairs) for discontinued products that are deeply integrated in a nation’s economy.
THB the board of directors of multinational corporations should reflect the ethnic diversity of the countries in which the corporation does its business.
THW make corporations liable for human right abuses that occur anywhere in their products’ supply chain.

Oct Final
Theme : Politics
THBT politicians representing a political party when running for office should lose their seat in parliament when s/he quits the party.
This house would ban celebrities from participating in politics
THBT true democracy would allow its citizens to vote for authoritarianism.

Quater Final
Theme : Economics
THBT Eurozone should dictate fiscal policy for its member states.
This house would let failing cities fail.
THBT the U.S. federal government should nationalize and control its Marijuana industry

Semi Final
Theme : Religion
THB Pope Francis should invite homosexual couples to marry in the Catholic Church
THW tax religious institutions that engage in politics
This House Opposes the notion of a “White Jesus”

Grand Final
Info slide:
Defamation is any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that damages a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person.
In the United States, a successful defamation suit must satisfy two requirements. (1) Proving the defamer knowingly disseminated false information, and (2) proving the defamer acted with malice.
In the United States, it is currently illegal for a politician or public figure to sue someone for defamation.

Theme : Hot topics in Japan, Thailand, and the United States
THW give politicians the right to sue people for defamation.
This House Opposes the media’s emphasis of successful women’s feminine features
THBT the tourism authority of Thailand should actively promote the sex appeal of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual) persons to attract foreigners

22nd ICU Tournament (2013)

Round 1 Criminal Justice
THBT bosses should be held criminally liable if their subordinates commit suicide due to overwork
THBT states should fund the identity change of prisoners when they are released
THBT states that have abolished the death penalty should never extradite criminals to states where they face the death penalty

Round 2 Minorities
THBT there should be a quota to ensure that the majority of supreme court judges would be composed of ethnic, religious or sexual minorities
THW ban all research that attempts to find a ‘cure’ for autism
If the technology exists, THW allow parents to alter the sexual preference of their unborn children

Round 3 All is just in WAR….
THBT state-run media entities should be legitimate targets in times of war
THBT terrorists who are also citizens of a country should be punished more severely than foreign-born terrorists
THBT assassination should never be a legitimate tool of foreign policy

Round 4 The perfect motions for a Sunday morning 🙂
THW not enforce patents of large tech companies
THBT the government should not support development of new fossil fuels
THBT welfare to the poor should be in cash rather than through services

Round 5 Politics & Democracy
THBT self-professed progressive politicians whose children also seek to be elected have a moral obligation to officially back up other candidates
THW ban corporations from influencing their employees during elections
TH regrets the rise of caste-based parties in India

Round 6 Where the Sun Rises
THBT Japanese history textbooks should be submitted for approval by an international panel of experts from nations who experienced Japanese occupation
THBT monarchies should have no place in democracies
THBT teachers in public schools should have the right not to sing the national anthem

Pre-Quarter Finals Immigration
THW pay youths to not move to cities
THBT multi-ethnic states should base immigration policies on maintaining the ethnic balance of that state
THBT citizens should be made to pay an exit tax once they change citizenship

Quarter Finals What’s missing from the ICUT Adjcore?
THW make all decisions related to abortion rights by holding referenda in which only women can participate
THW allow only women to establish companies that reject or discriminate against men in employment
THBT feminists should oppose the practice of “Lady’s Night” in nightclubs (‘Lady’s Night”: Where nightclubs allow women in for free or on a discount so as to attract paying male customers)

Semi-Finals Nostalgia
TH regrets the Arab Spring in Egypt
THBT the world was better off during the Cold War
THBT figureheads of national liberation movement (Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Dalai Lama) should not become politicians after their movement succeeds

Grand Final Adjcore’s Favorites
THBT states should be allowed to openly fund political parties in other states in order to further their own agendas
THBT developing countries should prefer the Chinese model of development over the Western model (Chinese model: the sacrifice of civil-political rights for economic development)
THBT, if the end of the world is coming without hope of survival, governments should keep it secret from society
21th ICU Tournament (2012)
1:THW remove tax exemptions given to religious organizations.
2:THW prohibit methods of animal slaughter prescribed by religions that cause prolonged pain to animal.
3:THW abolish all education institutions established and run by religious organizations.

R2:”Gender and Sexuality”
1:THW ban international marriage agencies.
2:THBT liberal democracies should send female ambassadors to states that repress women.
3:THW include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sexual orientation in the teaching of sex education in all schools.

1:THBT the resignation of a Prime Minister should trigger an immediate general election.
2:THW tear down the Yasukuni Shrine.
3:THW lift the obligation to label Japanese products with their geographic origin.

1:THW repeal Three Strikes Laws.
2:THBT attempted crimes should have the same punishments as those that were successfully carried out.
3:THBT ex-convicts should be allowed to erase past convictions from their criminal record after a fixed period of good behavior.

R5:”Show me your money”
1:THW abolish all sin taxes
2:THW impose a 100% inheritance tax.
3:THW replace progressive taxation with a flat income tax.

R6:”International Relations”
1:THBT the Mexican state should tolerate drug cartels instead of waging an all-out war against them on the US’ behalf.
2:THW make development aid conditional on the leaders of recipient nations denouncing dictators in other nations.
3:TH supports intervention by a coalition of willing nations in Syria without a United Nations mandate.

R7:”Science and Technology”
1:THBT scientific research that attributes negative traits to a particular ethnic group should not be published
2:THW use taxpayers’ money to compensate creators of copyrighted content for losses due to piracy
3:THBT corporations should not be allowed own the results of university research that they have sponsored

OF:”The kids are not alright”
1:THW punish parents who get divorced while they have children below the age of majority.
2:THW hold teachers accountable in cases of school bullying.
3:THW require doctors to inform the parents of minors on whom they perform an abortion procedure.

1:THW subsidize documentary films criticizing government policies.
2:THW exempt journalists from civil and criminal penalties for defamation.
3:THW force journalists to reveal their sources in criminal cases.

SF:”Who we let in”
1:THW grant legal status to undocumented migrants who have been employed in the host country for a fixed period of time.
2:THBT universities in liberal democracies should not accept the children of the ruling elite of oppressive regimes.
3:THW remove immigration restrictions that are based on an individual’s HIV status.

GF:”This good earth”
1:THW abolish emissions trading.
2:THBT countries that have starving or malnourished citizens should not export agricultural products.
3:THBT questions on the validity of the science behind human-induced global warming should be irrelevant.

20th ICU Tournament (2011)
THBT IMF should cap government debt of member states.
THW elect all judges.
THBT healthcare policy should be determined by an expert committee and not politicians.

THW terminate lethal pregnancies without the mother’s consent.
THW abolish school uniforms in all levels of education.
THW allow school boards to fire teachers whose class consistently underperforms in standardized tests.

THBT world governments should subsidize social networking sites to liberalize oppressed societies.
THBT international development aid should concentrate on building IT infrustructure in lease developing countries.
THBT United Nations Security Council should recognize cyber attacks by government as an use of military force.

THBT the WTO should not allow govenment contracts that limit the competition to only domestic firms.
THW introduce mandatory natural disaster insurance system.
THBT China should prioritize major industries now.

THBT prison over capacity should not be a reason for earlier release of inmates.
THBT criminal defendants should only be defended by a public attorny.
THW abolish the power of the executive to implement martial laws.

THW ban gangster rap.
THW redirect all state art funding from reproductino of classic works of art to new works of art.
THW outlaw animated child pornography.

THBT Palestine should domilitarize in return for a guaranteed sovereign state.
THW give control of Southern Afganistan to the Taliban.
THBT the West should supply weapons to rebels trying to overthrow oppressive regimes.

19th ICU Tournament (2010)
THBT the United States should introduce a universal government health insurance program.
THBT the United States should abandon arms sales to Taiwan.
THBT the United States should actively pursue a weak dollar policy to boost exports.

THBT the Democratic Party of Japan should have a coalition government with the Liberal Democratic Party.
THW pardon corrupt public officials that disclose fraudulent activity committed by their organization and imprison others involved.
THW subsidize election candidates new in politics.

THBT the United Nations should coordinate disaster relief efforts given by other countries.
THBT the United Nations should be allowed to bring peace by military force in conflict zones.
THBT the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council should abandon the veto power.

THBT the WTO should concentrate on regional trade agreements, rather than global ones.
THW ban subsidies and tax breaks to non-core industries.
THW introduce minimum quota on bank lendings to small and medium-size companies.

THBT entertainment celebrities should not be involved in environmental protection movements.
THBT nuclear power plants should be built in urban areas.
THW ban trade barriers that offset disadvantages of domestic companies from green house gas emission reduction policies.

THBT the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank should introduce one-country, one vote system.
THW channel all developmental aid for Africa through the African Union.
THBT the International Criminal Court should have universal jurisdiction.

THBT governments should let go of dying languages.
THW end government funding of the arts.
THW introduce a salary cap in professional team sports.

THBT countries in a state of civil war should resolve their conflict through the permission of warlords and paramilitary organization to exist.
THBT Russia and China should send troops to Afghanistan.
THBT we should support military intervention in Somalia.

18th ICU Tournament (2009)
R1: Banks
THBT the central bank should give the right of minting to the government.
THBT the British Commonwealth should introduce a zero interest policy.
THBT the central bank should support other countries banks to avoid defaults.

R2: Research
THW abolish the Novel Prize.
THW give academic researchers a free access visa to politically opposing nations.
THW prioritize the basic research rather than the practical research.

R3: Gender
THW promote pornography for women.
THW decriminalize the act of sex with under-ages as long as there is mutual understanding.
THBT the army should not dismiss the sexual minorities.

R4: Sports
THW abolish the limitation on the number of foreign players in the domestic sports leagues.
THW nationalize professional sports leagues.
THBT broadcasting of the Olympics should be done freely, not by a few monopolizing companies.

OF: Information Technology
THBT public services should adopt Open-source software instead of those which are proprietary.
THBT the government should illegalize Real Money Trading in the on-line games.
THW not admit copyrights on actively posted online materials.

QF: Medicines
THW enact a Good Samaritan Law for doctors.
THBT doctors in the Asian nations should stay within their home countries.
THW introduce the Private Finance Initiative into the medical services.

SF: International Relations
THW give the sanction on Zimbabwe.
THW give up Afghanistan.
THW develop positive relationships with North Korea.

GF: Labor
THBT companies should not ask employees of their educational backgrounds.
THW allow public servants to strike.
THW prioritize companies which employ people with disabilities, in providing public enterprises.

17th ICU Tournament (2008)
R1: Economy
THBT Venezuela should give up its doctrine of socialism.
THW abolish the consumption tax on food.
THW reject advertisement of foreign products.

R2: Health
THW require companies to reward their employees for giving up unhealthy habits.
THW oblige citizens to implant a microchip carrying those people’s medical records.
THW control all doctors as public servants.

R3: Con.flict
THBT Israel should release Hamas activists.
THW send a peace keeping operation to Somalia.
THBT China should let Tibet independent.

R4: Environment
THBT developing countries should apply the same standards of regulating pollution as advanced countries.
THW abolish the patenting of environment-friendly technology.
THW ban sports which emit exhaust gases.

OF: Security
THW stop exporting uranium to countries which have nuclear weapons.
THBT arms companies should support reconstruction in post-war con.ict area.
THW criminalize cults.

QF: Law and Order
THW .fine offenders according to their assets progressively.
THW guarantee the right to vote to prisoners.
THW give amnesty to illegal immigrants.

SF: Culture
THBT education programs for aid should be provided in local languages.
THBT works of art should be returned to the countries they are from.
THBT deaf parents have the right not to screen out deaf embryos.

GF: Government Control
THW legalize the ivory trade.
THW legalize female circumcision.
THBT individual reproductive right is more important than government population control.

16th ICU Tournament (2007)
R1: Children
THW send overweight children to compulsory diet camp.
THW prohibit child actors and actresses from working in weekdays.
THW use public money to enriched education for gifted and talented children.

R2: Technology and Society
THBT NASA should make its information publicly available.
THBT terminal patients have a right to have experimental treatments.
THW force pornography websites to move to an .xxx domain.

R3: EU
THBT the EU should depend less on Russia in terms of its energy security.
THBT the EU should not accept workers sent by North Korea Government.
THW abolish the Euro.

R4: Law and Order
THW abolish statutes of limitation.
THW not punish the leaders of opposing factions after a civil war in order to reestablish national stability.
THW abolish fi.nes in criminal cases.

THBT the UN should mediate Kosovo’s independence.
THBT NGOs should have a right to vote in the UN.
THBT a resolution passed by General Assembly should be enforced to the same degree as one passed by the Security Council.

QF: Environment
THW end all old growth logging in South East Asia.
THBT advanced countries should stop exporting industrial waste to developing nations.
THBT environmental terrorism is justi.able.

SF: Religion
THBT the British Government can enforce Catholic adoption agencies to place orphans with single-sex couples.
THW introduce religious education into schools.
THBT the Chinese Government should allow its citizens to establish churches freely.

GF: Economic Disparities
THW shorten the supporting period for jobless people.
THW allow developing nations to produce soft-drug.
THBT economic development should not be supported for world equality.

15th ICU Tournament (2006)
R1: Media
THBT Google should stop censor to the internet.
THW not criminalize any publication which denies holocaust.
THW justify a.ffirmative action on domestic movie industry.

R2: Education
THW advocate home schooling.
THW stop swear an oath at the school in US.
THW allow corporal punishment in school.

R3: Security
THW not negotiate with terrorism.
THW introduce compulsory military service in Self Defense Forces.
THW advocate the right to have nuclear power.

R4: Bioethics
THW utilize the organs of death-row-convicts.
THW prohibit women over the age of 45 years from accessing to in vitro fertilization.
THW legalize euthanasia on permanent disabilities.

QF: Economy
THW introduce Asian common currency.
THW prefer privatization to nationalization for infrastructure.
THW establish pan-American FTA.

SF: International Organization
THW provide voting right according to monetary contribution in UN general assembly.
THBT WTO should force its member states to reject products made by child labor.
THW ASEAN should follow EU way.

Rookie GF: Sports
THW allow drug in sports.
THW abolish bloody sports
THBT sports players who face racial discrimination should boycott the game.

GF: Human Rights
THBT victims of sex traffi.cking should be given automatic residency.
THW justify torture.
THBT religious doctrine is more important than human rights.

14th ICU Tournament (2005)
R1: Current Issues
THBT EU should expel weapons to China.
THW abolish national broadcasting system.
THW obey the Kyoto protocol.

R2: Asia
THBT ASEAN should democratize Myanmar.
THW attack North Korea.
THBT strong authoritarian is the way to go.

R3: People and Sex
THW protect virginity until marriage.
THBT pornographic materials should be included in public library.
THW distribute condoms at junior high school.

R4: Economy
THW divide Microsoft.
THW stop controlling Yuan.
THW advocate free-trade with any regulation for all over the world.

QF: United Nations
THW establish UN its own army.
THBT IAEA should control movement of uranium more strictly.
THW establish counter-UN organization.

SF: Law and Order
THW impose capital punishment on drug tra.fficker.
THW treat child criminal in the same way as adult one.
THBT anti-terrorism law is not justi.able.

Rookie GF: Bioethics
THW create human clone.
THW advocate designers baby.
THBT organ donation should be mandatory.

GF: Equality
THBT Military should accept any social minorities as long as they have citizenship.
THW kick out radicalist party from the parliament.
THW forgive all debt in developing countries.

13th ICU Tournament (2004)
R1: Moral and Ethics
THW legalise prostitution.
THW abolish capital punishment.
THW allow cloning.

R2: Integration of Europe
THBT enlargement of the European Union brings harms rather than benefits.
THW advocate an army of the European Union.
THBT the EU should have its own president.

R3: Economy
THBT emission trade saves the environment.
THBT multilateral trade is superior to bilateral trade.
THBT subsidies are necessary to protect own nationals.

R4: Today’s Dinner
THW eat beef.
THW eat pork.
THW eat whales.

R5: Asia
THBT Asia should reject any foreign military presence.
THBT Asian democracy is an illusion.
THBT ASEAN should follow the European way.

QF: Religion
THBT religion can cohabit with education.
THBT the voice of religious leaders should be reflected on the politics.
THW support separatism movements based on their religious belief.

SF: Rule of the Law
THBT International Criminal Court is the way to go.
THW ban plea-bargain.
THW accept the extradition of a criminal.

GF: Journalism
THW restrict war journalists.
THBT freedom of expression overweighs privacy.
THBT a pen is mightier than a sword.

12th ICU Tournament (2003)
R1: National Policy
THW introduce compulsory voting.
THBT ODA should focus on development rather than human rights.
THW make English as the second official language.

R2: Environment
THW abolish nuclear power plants.
THW impose environmental tax.
THW allow cloning of endangered species.

R3: George W. Bush
THBT George W. Bush is better than James Earl Carter, Jr.
THBT George W. Bush is a bigger threat to international peace rather than Saddam Hussein.
THBT George W. Bush should resign.

R4: Economy
THBT AFTA is beneficial.
THBT to merge is a good choice for corporations.
THBT the Third World debt should be cancelled.

R5: Bioethics
THW eat genetically modified food.
THW make advances in medical treatment for infertility.
THW legalize euthanasia.

QF: Intellectual property
THW provide AIDS drugs for free in developing countries.
THW give back treasures to their home.
THW award individual researchers rather than corporate ions for invention.

SF: Europe
THBT EU should become a federation.
THBT Turkey is a part of Europe.
THBT EU should have its own army.

GF: International Society
THW abolish veto in the Security Council.
THW remove U.S. military bases from Asia.
THBT terrorism is justifiable.

11th ICU Tournament (2002)
R1: Bioethics
THBT abortions should be prohibited.
THBT reproductive cloning should be admitted.
THBT gene diagnosis is beneficial.

R2: International Agreement
THBT we should establish International Criminal Court.
THBT U.S. should ratify the Kyoto protocol.
THBT India and Pakistan should ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

R3: Animal Rights
THW hunt whales.
THW abolish zoos.
THW prohibit animal experimentation.

R4: Globalization
THBT free trade is beneficial for developing countries.
THBT the environment should come before economic prosperity.
THW put a speed limit human traffic.

R5: Developing Countries
THW legalize prostitution.
THBT child labor is necessary for developing countries.
THW give national treasures back to its people.

QF: Middle East
THBT Jerusalem should be governed under the United Nations.
THBT the Middle East peace process is doomed.
THBT we should establish the Palestine state.

SF: European Union
THBT Euro is the way to go.
THBT enlargement of the European Union is beneficial.
THBT we should establish a European standing army.

GF: National Policy
THBT there is only one China.
THBT the neutrality of Switzerland is outdated.
THW reserve seats for women.

10th ICU Tournament (2001)
R1: Military
THBT Uncle Sam should follow regional rule.
THBT NMD leads the peace.
THBT military expansion is the just right of states.

R2: Family
THBT marriage is graveyard.
THW give co-habitants civil rights.
THBT she and he should start from an equal line.

R3: Immigration
THW block the border.
THBT immigrants are the same as natives.
THW admit refugees to Japan.

R4: Be Creative!
THW give up golf.
THW give penguins sunscreen.
THW abolish POI.

R5: Bioethics
THBT death is no longer in the hand of God.
THBT cloning saves couples.
THBT surrogate mother is the modern stork.

QF: Regional Conflicts
THBT Taliban should have seat in Afghanistan.
THBT there is no right to restrict religious cult.
THBT it is justifiable to bomb civilians.

SF: Economic Policy
THBT there is no tariff. on the imports from the least less-developed countries.
THW say no more ODA.
THBT new medicine is our common property.

GF: Democracy
THBT the Parliamentary system is better than the president system.
THBT voting is our fundamental duty.
THBT democracy is gloomy.

9th ICU Tournament (2000)
R1: Social Issue
THBT we should legalize marriage between the same sex couples.
THBT we should promote paternity leave.
THBT we should introduce Internet voting.

R2: Political Structure
THBT regime by coup is justified.
THBT international interference into domestic affairs is justified.
THBT prosecution beyond national border is justified for human rights.

R3: Bioethics
THBT cloning of a pig will save a human.
THBT the right of women comes before that of fetus.
THW oppose merchandising human genes.

SF: Regional Conflicts
THBT autonomous in Northern Ireland should be resumed right now.
THBT Israel should return Golan Heights to Syria immediately.
THBT it is impossible to have two national .flags in China.

GF: Asia
THBT we need political union in Asia.
THBT we need single currency in Asia.
THBT we need military independence in Asia.

8th ICU Tournament (1999)
R1: THBT we should elect the Prime Minister directly.
R2: THBT social order should never yield to freedom of religion.
R3: THBT the media is the phantom menace.
SF: THBT we need the United States in Asia.
GF: THBT salad bowl tastes no good.

7th ICU Tournament (1998)
R1: THBT Pakistan was correct to test nuclear weapons.
R2: THBT science is an enemy of human society.
R3: THBT international marriages should be encouraged.
SF: THW introduce majority-rule in the UN Security Council.
GF: THBT monopolies are necessary.

6th ICU Tournament (1997)
R1: THBT English should be removed from university entrance examination.
R2: THBT technology rules.
R3: THBT the sword is mightier than pen.
SF: THBT monogamy is out of date.
GF: THBT democracy is the way to go.

5th ICU Tournament (1996)
R1: THBT children have the obligation to take care of their parents.
R2: THBT man is the woe of woman.
R3: THW regrets the existence of natto.
SF: THBT destiny is stronger than free will.
GF: TH believes in the power of deterrence.

4th ICU Tournament (1995)
R1: THW more closely regulate religious corporations.
R2: THBT the time has come for Japan to act like a world leader.
R3: THW isolate those with contagious diseases.
SF: THW never fall in love, never, never.
GF: THBT Tokyo should host the World City Expo’96.

3rd ICU Tournament (1994)
R1: THBT marriage is an outmoded concept.
R2: THW abolish University of Tokyo.
R3: THW impose sanctions on North Korea.