Malaysia Debate Open

Motions for Malaysia Debate Open

8th Malaysia Debate Open 2016
THS the removal of school resource officers in the united states
THBT black lives matter should adopt a strategy of tempered political moderation as opposed to aggresive, unapologetic and confrontational approaches in order to achieve their outcomes
THBT it is legitimate for protesters to shut down electoral rallies of Donald Trump
THBT the state should cease funding for all programs designed to preserve dying language
As an author of a non-colonial language (Algic, Iroquoian, Xhosa, Quechua etc), THW only write in one’s native language
THBT oppressed indigenous minorities should embrace and promote innacurate but positive myths or belief about their culure
THBT Affluenza Should be treated as a mitigating circumstance in determining sentences for crime committed by juvenile
In cases of severe domestic abuse, THW not prosecute any retaliatory actions of the victims
THW ban the formation of Police Unions
THBT Feminists should denounce any campaigns against the hijab
TH regrets prominent females who hypersexualise themselves in the name of empowerment
THS the use of feminist catch phrases about freedom, empowerment and choice in advertisement of fashion and beauty product
Assuming it was possible, THW allow people seeking to adopt to change the appearance of orphaned newborns to look more like themselves
THW prefer to live in a worlds where individual successes and failure are seen as consequences of random event as opposed to an individual’s personal choices
Assuming all jobs could be automated, THW abolish all jobs
TH supports new atheism
THBT states with a large influx of refugees should demarcate special economic zones that only employ refugees
THBT it is immoral for individuals to knowingly donate to children who are part of a begging syndicate.
The Open GF
THW remove all physical manifestation of racist legacy from university campuses and public spaces.



7th Malaysia Debate Open 2015
Round 1:
A new indisputable evidence has been discovered, which disproves the existence of higher being. Th, as the state, would actively suppress the publication of that research.
THBT the Vatican should sign extradition agreements with all countries who request it in order to pursue cases of sexual abuses.
THW ban satirical caricatures of all religious symbols, deities or entities in the press.

Round 2:
TH celebrates the rise of pedophilia advocacy organisation.
THBT the state should produce pornography to combat stereotypes.
THW legalize sadomasochistic sex.
Round 3:
THBT Saudi Arabia should prevent citizens from countries that do not belong to anti-ISIS coalition to come to Mecca for Hajj/Umrah pilgrimage .
THW criminalize moslem scholars who interpret religious scriptures in favor of ISIS.
THW hold social media network such as twitter, YouTube and Facebook liable for accounts continuously held and propagated by terrorist organization or members of terrorist organizations.

Round 4:
TH regrets the standard of affirmative consent enforced on college campuses in cases of sexual assault
THW ban men’s rights movement
THW require playable female characters in all video games

Round 5:
Assuming that the technology to transfer human pregnancies to an incubator exist, THW ban natural pregnancy
THW ban advertisements targeting children
THW require foreign filmmakers of documentaries to have local content collaborators in order to publish that documentary or film

Round 6:
THBT ICC should prosecute crimes against democracy
THBT top executive( Board of CEO) should be held criminally liable for corporate negligence( BP oil spill, Toyota airbag scandal)
THW break up Google

THW ban transfer pricing.
THBT natural resources of the world should be equally distributed among all states.
THW require government-owned enterprises to conduct and publicly release audits on a regular basis.

THBT the T should leave the LGB and form their own movement.
THBT homosexuals in western liberal democracies should not commit themselves in civil unions before marriage equality is reached.
THW make tax exemption to religious organizations contingent upon them not discriminating (e.g: refusing to perform religious services, not allowing participation by homosexuals)

Open Semi Finals:
THW hold a referendum in the entire territory of Kashmir.
THBT Indonesia should grant clemency to Australian citizens convicted with death penalty, in exchange for the Australian government opening up their borders for refugees.
THBT Hamas should demilitarize in return for Israel lifting all sanctions on Gaza.

EFL Finals:
THBT it is time for Japan to have a standing army.
THBT the Muslim Brotherhood should stop protests and riots, and focus on providing welfare services.
THBT UN Commission of Human Rights should consider the case of the Philippines ex-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as political persecution.
6th Malaysia Debate Open 2014
R1: Prison
THW offer reduced sentences to prisoners who help convict prison inmates and/or prison officials in abuse cases.
THW make house arrests default punishment for crimes.
Upon release, THBT prisoners have a right to compel the state to employ them in government offices.

R2: Women
THBT votes of the members of a household should be counted only if women of that household vote.
THW ban all commercials that promote stereotypical norms of beauty and femininity.
THW impose a “gender imbalance (disproportionate representation of men in senior management)” tax on corporations.

R3: Education
THBT developing nations should divert tertiary education funding to improving primary and secondary education.
THBT a student’s performance should be evaluated relative to his/her innate capacity.
THW cut subsidy of schools that have high rates of bullying incidents.

R4: Economics
THBT countries with high unemployment rates should ban offshoring.
THBT free trade agreements should include free labor movement.
THW put a moratorium on mergers and acquisitions in the social media industry.

R5: Russia
THBT the international community should declare the Sochi Olympics void.
THBT Ukraine should accept the result of a Crimean referendum to join Russia.
THBT the West should fund LGBT reformation initiatives in Russia.

R6: Post-Conflict Societies
In post-conflict societies, THBT the government should mandate society diversity in community living (i.e. housing, schools, workplace, etc.)
In post-conflict societies, THBT the military and police power should be commanded by an international body and not the country’s government.
In post-conflict societies, THBT historical narrative should be owned by government.

Oct Final: Health Care
THBT the state, not parents, should make all medical decisions for children until they reach the age of consent.
THW deprioritize the eldely in allocating scarse medical resources.
Where a scientifically proven treatment has been approved for a condition, THW ban any alternative medication that aims to treat the same.

Quater Final: Development
THW make development aid contingent on recipient countries having aggressively socially redistributive policies.
THBT government contracts involving natural resources should be subjected to a referendum.
THBT governments should prioritize investing in populated areas where there is the least private and/or foreign capital investment.

Semi Final: Rights-ish
THW limit the amount of land people can own.
THW ban corrective treatment for the mentally ill.
THW abolish the constitutional privilege against self-incrimination.

Grand Final:
THBT the state has no right to request or demand its citizens to surrender their own lives.
THBT there is no state duty to protect people from themselves.
THBT the state should never pardon the crimes of individuals.

5th Malaysia Debate Open 2013
Round 1: Education and Love
THW abolish all private schools
THW ban school uniforms
TH rejects the stigma on student-professor relationships in universities

Round 2: Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad
THW punish top-level corruption with the most severe punishment in the country’s judicial system (ie, death penalty or life imprisonment)
THW abolish executive pardons
THW allow prisoners to serve in the military for a reduced sentence

Round 3: War and Revolution
In the event that organized crime of a nation affects its neighbors, THB in the right to breach that nations’ sovereignity
THBT South Korea should pre-emptively attack the North
TH celebrates Hugo Chavez’s impact of South America

Round 4: Human Nature
If the technology exists, THW allow people to stop the aging process and choose the time of their demise
Assuming that extraterrestial life exists, THW treat all forms of alien life with aggression
Assuming another species is developing intelligence comparable to humans, THW actively surpress their evolution

Round 5: Media and Culture
THBT Hollywood should never cooperate with the Pentagon or the CIA in making movies
THBT black entertainers should not use the “N” word
THBT DC comics should re-boot Superman as homosexual

Round 6: Robin: Should we do econs for round 6? Val/Arinah/Hyewon: No… SEX!
THW ban pedophile rights groups (e.g. the North American Man-Boy Love Association)
THBT consent should be the only standard for any sexual relationship (not age, not genetic relationships, not number, etc)
THBT sex education in schools should move from teaching safe sex to teaching good sex

Round 7: Your very friendly Adjcore :):):)
THBT the Philippine government should not abandon the Sultanate of Sulu
THBT Singapore should continue importing high numbers of immigrants to combat the population deficit problem
THBT South Korean government should actively reduce the influence of chaebols (multinational business conglomerates like Samsung and Hyundai)

Octos: The Dismal Science
TH supports China’s right to manipulate the Yuan for economic advantage
THBT government contracts in developing countries should only be given to domestic firms
THW impose a supertax on the rich even if it does not lead to more revenues for the state

Quarters: Geopol 2.0
THW, as Fatah, abandon the two-state solution to push for a one-state solution
THBT the international community should never support non-united opposition to dictatiorships
THBT the African Union should suspend the membership of countries with individuals in government who have been/are being indicted for war crimes

Semi: Dedicated to the Glasgow University Union
THBT self-declared feminists must never take on the names of their husbands
THW financially incentivise men to either enter professions that are traditionally female dominated (eg pre-school teaching, nursing, nannies, etc) or become house-husbands
In a world with unwanted children, THBT fertility therapy should be condemned

Finals: Religion
THBT the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world
THBT it is justified to present only the positive narrative of popular religious figures
THBT fear should not be used in proselytising or instilling religious beliefs

4th Malaysia Debate Open 2012
Round 1 : “education/child rights/”
THW stream its students according to academic ability
THW not prescribe pills to minors diagnosed with ADHD
THBT indigenous people should have free and unrestricted access to universities

Round 2 : “Friends don’t let friends plead guilty”
abolish all laws against public nudity
punish passengers in car if driver is drunk
pay other countries to house prisoners

Round 3 : “systemic change”
THW abolish the IMF and the World Bank
THS the Occupy Movement
THW abolish vetos at the UN security council

Round 4 : “1Malaysia”
1Education : THW abolish vernacular schools
1Party : THW not allow politicians to switch parties after the results are announced
THW say yes to Lynas

Round 5 : “Africa”
THW stop supporting HIV medication and focus on prevention in Africa
TH prefers Chinese investment to Western Aid in Africa
THBT national parks in Africa should only be managed by the state

Round 6 : “eating”
THBT Governments should ensure a significant portion of food sold is locally produced
THBT food stamps should not be allowed to be used at fast food restaurants
THW disallow groups that glorify obesity

Round 7 : “motions with the word terrorist in them”
THW give terrorist organizations full amnesty if they give up arms and form political parties
THBT online hacktivists should be treated like terrorists
THW torture terrorists

Octos : “Media”
THBT states should support struggling major newspapers
THW allow realistic but animated pedophilic porn
THS quotas for locally produced media

Quarter : “ASEAN”
THS an ASEAN court to prosecute transgressions of former leaders
THW create a common ASEAN history textbook
THS free movement of labour within ASEAN

Semis : “middle-ish east”
THS a one state solution for Palestine-Israel
THW Arm the Syrian Opposition
TH prefers autocratic to Islamic government (in the middle east)

Finals : “motions the adj core thought would be cool to see in the finals”
THW fund public education without imposing a national syllabus
TH believes in the welfare state
THW return to a pre-partitioned india
3rd Malaysia Debate Open 2011
RD 1: Malaysia Boleh!
THBT religious conversion should not be a prerequisite for marriage
THW allow political parties to announce alliances only before elections
THW abolish the unnatural sex law (oral/anal sex)

THBT countries with overall food shortage should not join the race for bio-fuels.

THW ban speculative trading on food products

THW penalize corporations that waste food.

THW pay beggars to leave big cities
TH rejects the confinement of refugees
THBT countries should open borders to traditionally nomadic groups

RD 4: IR
THBT the West should recognize Palestinian attacks on Israeli settlements as legitimate
THS military intervention in Libya
THW re-introduce the Sunshine Policy towards North Korea
RD 5: Animals

THBT PETA(People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) should only accept vegetarians as its member

THW ban the neutering of pets.

THW allow the sale of parts of endangered animals which die natural deaths

RD 6: Religion
THBT fear should not be used as a means of propagating religion to children
THW ban religious preaching in public places
THW ban religious groups from lobbying.

RD 7: Adam and/or Eve
THBT governments of developed countries should incentivize overseas adoption from Least Developed Countries
THW introduce AA for sexual minorities (LGBT)
THBT mandatory military service should include women

THBT governments sponsorship of TV shows that promote its agendas is justified
THW disallow the making of biographical films without the consent of the subject or his/her legal heirs
THBT celebrities who openly use/glorify drugs should not be nominated for awards

QF: Law
THBT states should remove diplomatic immunity for judicial fairness
THBT states should compensate criminals who are acquitted on appeal.
THW ban the media from airing of opinions on ongoing court trials

SF: Health and Medicine
THW deny citizens who took part in organ trade privileges from its national healthcare system
THW allow drug companies to advertise their products only to doctors
THW ban the research on behavioral modification

GF: Culture & society
THBT cultural compatibility is legitimate grounds for differential immigration policies
THBT it is justified for governments to destroy historical evidence which can cause social unrest.
TH supports state initiatives to define a national cultural identity.
2nd Malaysia Debate Open 2010
Test Debate
THW hold sober passengers of drunk drivers criminally liable.

Round 1: Disasters
THW detain but not charge looters in Chile.
THBT aid to reconstruct disaster areas should be exclusively given to local contractors.
THW help victims of major disasters regardless of the affected country’s consent.

Round 2: Malaysia, truly Asia
THW forgive the student loan debt of all individuals who commit to a career in public education.
THW not allow any race-based societies in universities.
THBT 3 months is too short for National Service.

Round 3: Sports, baby.
THBT professional cheerleading harms women’s rights.
THW disallow exclusive broadcasting rights of the world cup.
THW limit the wages of Footballers.

Round 4: Individual in the State
THW ban dual citizenships.
THW abolish state-endorsed marriage.
THBT Plea-bargaining erodes the criminal justice system.

Round 5: East or West?
THBT China’s Internet censorship is a legitimate tool for stability.
THBT the west should arm local Burmese militias.
THBT Obama’s Health Care Plan is un-American.

Round 6: West Asia
THBT Southern Yemen should declare independence.
THW allow candidates linked to Saddam Hussein to run for the upcoming Iraqi election.
THW condemn Israel’s declaration of national heritage sites within the Palestinian Territories.

Octo Finals: Flora and Fauna
THW free Willy(the killer whale).
THW arm indigenous communities to fight illegal loggers.
THW allow Japan to commercialize whaling if they accept a moratorium on bluefin tuna.

Quarter Finals: Teenagers
THW ban teenagers from undergoing surgery for the purpose of inducing weight loss.
THBT the state should financially support single teenage pregnant mothers.
THW force sperm banks to reveal the identity of sperm donors upon request of the offspring upon reaching the age of consent.

Semi Finals: Geo-Bloody-Politics
THW grant developmental aid to African countries on condition they nationalize natural resources.
THBT the EU should stop supporting US led wars until they ratify the ICC.
THW not sanction Iran until Israel’s Nuclear Program is subject to IAEA Inspections.

Grand Final
THW completely ban smoking.

1st Malaysia Debate Open 2009
Test Debate
THW abolish the death penalty.

Round 1: Sex, Death and the Dreaded Slip
THBT terminally ill patients have a right to die.
THBT teenagers should have the right to vote.
THW ban “abstinence only sex education” in all schools.

Round 2: Justice
THBT criminal cases should be tried by jury.
THBT evidence obtained through unlawful means should be admissible in court.
THW elect its judges.

Round 3: Your tax dollars at work
THW allow corporations receiving government bailouts the discretion to give bonuses to their employees.
THBT the state should give incentives to the entertainment industry to produce content with positive social messages.
THW repeal tax exemptions on all religious institutions.

Round 4: In the Army
THW extradite military deserters.
THBT soldiers who suffer psychological damage from their combat experience should be eligible for military honours.
THBT we should militaries outer space.

Round 5: Shawshank Redemption
THW fund religion based criminal rehabilitation programmes.
THW nationalise all prisons.
THW allow prisoners to donate their organs in exchange for the shortening of their sentences.

Round 6: Show me the money!
THW bail out ailing foreign companies that have large local employment bases.
THW rather borrow money from individual companies than from the International Monetary Fund.
THW tax savings during times of economic recession.

Octo Finals: United States of Oh-Bum-Ah!
THW support Obama’s stance on meeting hostile foreign leaders without pre-conditions.
THBT we should remove term limits for the presidency of the United States of America.
THBT President Obama should immediately conduct a full inquiry into the abuses of the Bush administration.

Quarter Finals: The Grey in Anatomy
THBT sex change operations should be covered under the National Health Policy.
THBT the pursuit of scientific knowledge ought to be limited by a concern for societal good.
THBT alternative medication and treatment should be included in medical insurance coverage.

Semi Finals: No Man is an Island
THBT all states in the Middle East should recognise Israel unconditionally.
THW break up Sudan.
THBT the ICC should issue a warrant for the arrest of Robert Mugabe.

Grand Final
THW sell nuclear weapons to countries in exchange for them terminating their nuclear weapons program.