NTU Pro-Am

NTU Pro-Am 2018
TH, as a liberal party, would field conservative candidates, rather than liberal ones, in elections for predominantly conservative electorates.
THW grant amnesty to war criminals who were recruited as child soldiers.
TH, as China, would continue importing oil from Iran.
Info Slide: The US has withdrawn from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA aka Nuclear Deal) and scheduled sanctions to be imposed on importers of Iranian oil. Many countries, including South Korea, France and Spain, have reduced their imports of Iranian oil. The EU, recognizing Iran’s compliance with JCPOA terms, have agreed to a US$20 million aid package for Iran.
THBT the Feminist Movement should condemn the rise of ‘sugar’ relationships.
Info Slide: A ‘sugar baby’ is a person who is in a specific type of transactional relationship (a ‘sugar’ relationship) for the expressed purpose of achieving economic security. A person in such a relationship may receive cash, gifts or other financial and material benefits in exchange for being in the relationship.
Novice Final:
TH prefers a world where every country has nuclear weapons.
THR the decision of large technology companies (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Apple) to ban Alex Jones and Infowars from their platforms.
THBT the Federal Reserve Board of Governors should be elected by citizens rather than nominated by the president.
TH prefers a world where the app is available for public use.
Info Slide: There is an app that gives individuals access to quantitative data indicating how much fondness/dislike each other person they encounter feels towards them. This app works such that individuals with it open on their phone are able to see real-time changes in the index (e.g. if you are talking to a friend and say something that offends them, you are able to see the number drop). The index shown is not based on reported information, but is an accurate measure of the honest attitudes of the other person. For individuals to use the app to find out this information, they must consent to their ‘fondness rating’ being released to all other users of the app (i.e. for this to work, both individuals in question must have the app). The app itself does not store any data, and the base technology behind the app cannot be used for any other purposes.

NTU Pro-Am 2017
TH, as the current US government, would offer North Korea a mutual non=aggression pact without any pre-conditions.
THW decriminalize the vandalism of public property unless the vandalism amounts to hate speech.
THW ban private sector management of pension funds.
TH, as a state with failing adoption homes, would put a moratorium on IVF clinics.
Novice GF:
In patriarchal societies, THW actively encourage a culture of chivalry to achieve better conditions for women.
TH, as the Atheist Movement, would covertly infiltrate religious institutions.
TH prefers to live in a world where individuals live in recognition of their moral flaws as opposed to a convenient morality.

NTU Pro-Am 2015
THBT ASEAN countries affected by the haze should carry out cloud seeding over Indonesia’s airspace even if Indonesia objects.
THBT countries in the European Union should explicitly prioritize refugees based on skillsets that each domestic economy lacks.
THR the movement towards transforming university campuses into “safe spaces”.
Info slide: National champions are government-linked companies (either by equity share, or members of Parliament on their boards of directors) that are tacitly or openly designated as their country’s leading enterprise in the field. These companies typically pursue both corporate interests and national interests. Examples include Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, Russia’s Gazprom, China’s Sinopec etc.
THW grow national champions even if it means using protectionist measures to do so.
Novice SF:
This House would mandate that all Hollywood films should include at least one person of colour in a leading or supporting role.
Novice GF:
THR internal party elections between election cycles which seek to replace elected heads of state.
Open QF:
This House believes that all scientists have a duty to be militant atheists.
Open SF:
As a conscientious donor, THW prioritize efficiency over social need when deciding which charity to donate to.
Open GF
Info Slide: In Dan Brown’s award-winning novel “Inferno”, the antagonist designs a bio-engineered virus that randomly activates to modify DNA. The virus causes sterility in 1/3 of humans, therefore reducing population growth sharply and suddenly. In this motion, you are the antagonist. You can release the virus anonymously and get away with it. Infected people cannot have babies, but can still get hard and have sex.
This House would release the Inferno virus.