The Kansai

Motions for The Kansai

The Kansai 2019
THW grant amnesty to dictators if they peacefully give up their power
THW only imprison individuals who have committed violent crimes and pose a continuing threat to society
THW abolish intoxication defense in criminal cases
Info slide:
The intoxication defense is a defense by which a defendant may claim diminished responsibility on the basis of “”substance intoxication”” (included but not limited to alcohol). In many jurisdictions being drunk (or under influence of other substances) at the moment of committing a crime is recognized as a mitigating factor.


TH regrets the dominant narrative in children’s education that good always wins
THW not consume the works of art created by people who have engaged in gravely unethical behavior
TH does not recognize patriotism as a virtue
THBT the LGBT movement should abandon the words “gay marriage” and seek the legalization of civil unions or any other form of incomplete marriage equality instead
THW require all sporting events to allow MtF transgender athletes to participate in female category without gender reassignment therapy
TH, as LGBT community W actively promote the narrative that all people are essentially bisexual


THW tax companies that actively replace human workers with artificial intelligence or robots at significantly higher rates than other companies
THW limit the application of CRISPR-Cas9 to humans to therapeutic use, in exclusion to enhancement of their abilities
Assuming a technology that can burn obedience to criminal law in human brains exists, THW never use it
Info slide:
CRISPR-Cas9 is a recently discovered genome editing technology. This made targeted gene silencing and rewriting far easier and cheaper. It therefore can potentially be used for curing genetic diseases or modifying babies in an expected way.


THW ban religious institutions from propagating practices of mortification which may cause significant physical harm upon believers as a form of salvation.
TH, as a feminist woman patriarchal society, would actively use sex for social promotions.
THR the glorification of continued self-improvement (e.g. popular cultural works that glorify self-improvement, the act of constantly becoming a better person or constantly improving one’s skills and abilities)
Info slide:
Mortification is the voluntary offering up of discomfort or pain to God or some other deity; this includes but is not limited to lent, fasting, self-flagellation, and self-isolation. Mortification has a long history in many world religion.


TH supports the US’s use of economic warfare (tariffs, targeted sanctions etc.) against China in order to force compliance with the rules of the global neoliberal economic order (opening up its economy, protecting intellectual property, not engaging in currency manipulation, etc.)
THBT donators should fund local NGOs in developing countries instead of international ones operating in these countries.
THW abolish Olympic Gomes.


THW not allow workers to renounce their employment rights (e.g. holiday pay, defined working hours, sick pay, minimum wage) in return for work experience or financial benefit.
THW abolish all non-compete arguments between employers and employees.
THBT sovereign debt must be insured with the assets of that country, including, among others, land, national resources and state enterprises, in case of non-compliance.
Info slide:
Non-compete agreements usually state that the employee cannot enter into certain professions which would be considered to be in specified period of time and/ or within a specified geographic area. For example, a law firm based in New York may require that its employees cannot work as lawyers in New York for a period of 5 years if they decide to leave the firm.
Grand Final:
THR the collective label of “the feminist movement”
THP a world where human beings are satisfied at the point which they meet physiological needs and needs for safety, and don’t aspire for higher levels of needs.
THBT social media is ruining democracy.


Info slide:
(1)It is said that human desires and needs are structured in a hierarchy (a,k,a, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). From bottom to top, they are physiological needs, needs for safety , belonging/ love, esteem, and self actualization.
(2)Physiological< Safety< Love/belonging< Esteem< Self-actualization


Rookie GF:
In Japan,THBT the pursuit of a stable two- political system through the creation of an opposition alliance is within the best interest of Japanese citizens.
THW consider politicians to be under oath when making public statements on political issues.
TH supports “No Platform” Policies in universities.
Info slide:
(1)When you are “under oath”, You formally promise to tell the truth. If you lie, you get a criminal punishment for perjury(偽証).
(2) “No Platform” refers to university policies that prevent certain groups of people/ certain ideologies from spreading their ideas within the university(e.g. homophobia, Holocaust denial, etc.). This may happen by protests, banning of student groups, or rescinding invitations to someone asked to speak at an event, such as a guest lecture at a policy used by the British National Union of Students to prevent far-right wing racists from giving speeches on UK college campuses.

13th The Kansai (2018)
Time has passed and technology has developed enabling the creation of medicines that completely cure all forms of mental illness (e.g. the full cure of Asperger syndrome). Assuming this technology exists, THW not allow parents to force their children to take these medicines.
THW allow children to choose to be adopted into a new family without the consent of their current parents.
TH as a parent who has lost their child would remake the child by clone technology.

THBT all science related articles in all published works should be written solely by scientists.
Assuming that it has been perfectly proved that all human beings can go to a post-mortal utopia after death, THW not allow the publication of this information and would instead withhold it.
THBT technology companies with significant market shares should not be eligible for patent protection.

Dark tourism is a tourism that involves travelling to places associated with death and suffering caused by human-made disasters/tragedy, such as Auschwits and the Aokigahara Suicide Forest.
TH regrets the rise of “dark tourism”.
THW criminalize Yakuza membership.
TH supports the continued remilitaraization of Japan

THR the use of female body as a site of feminist protest(e.g nude and topless protests, Slutwalk)
TH regrets the dominant narrative of women as non-violent and vulnerable in conflicts and humanitarian crises.
THBT the feminist movement should oppose the advertisement of beauty services(e.g. makeup, beauty salons)

Pre QF
TH oppose long-tarm(several months) unpaid intnernships
THW bail out ailing foreign companies that have a lerge local employment base
THBT environmentalists should reject offers of corporate funding for their research

Rookie SF
THBT the media should not report on the mental illness of criminals
THBT schools should expel all students who actively engage in bullying
THW exempt indigenous communities from environmental regulations

THW abolish the limit on presidential terms for the United States presidency
THBT digital profit checks(Facebook posts,tweets) should not be allowed in the college and job admission process
THBT Democrats should accept a Mexico-United States border wall in exchange for the full legalization of DACA dreamers currently in the United States.

TH celebrates the rise of social media corporations actively intervening in controversial/offensive posts
TH supports the dominant narrative that “When you give up, that’s when the game is over”(諦めたらそこで試合終了ですよ)
THBT contemporary art has done more harm than good to the field of art.

Rookie GF
THW ban the creation and usage of killer robots
THW allow plea bargaining
TH opposes public entertainment (such as but not limited to dance, comedy, and circuses) which people with disabilities utilize their disabilities.

THW introduce “moral meat education” in to the compulsory education system
TH celebrates the rise of non-politicians presidential office (e.g. Oprah, Donald Trump)
THBT the United Nations should rebuke and rescind all support for Aung San Suu Kyi.

12th The Kansai (2017)
R1 お兄ちゃん、この前やったモーションがどうしてできないの?
THW ban inheritance
THW ban gated communities
THW grant doctors the right to strike

“THBT marginalized communities should oppose the “”Moe”” culture that aims to glorify it’s constituents”
THW grant children the right to take gender reassigment surgery without the consent of their parents
THW out closeted public figures

THW abandon the political party system
Suppose we live in the 23rd century. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developed to a level that they can feel emotions the way humans can. Assuming that an AI is emotionally and logically intelligent, THW allow It to run for public office.
THBT developing countries should ban members of political dynasties from standing for elected office

THR the dominance of liberalism in contemporary socio-political discourse
THW grant ex-convicts the right to be forgotten
THBT it is high time to abolish the separation of the Church and the State

“THBT the feminist movement should oppose “”Papa Katsu”””
“THBT the feminist movement should oppose “”anti-aging”””
THBT the feminist movement should oppose the commercialization of feminism

QFねえお兄ちゃん、英語ディベート部に入ってるってことは さぞ英語も上手いし、話も説得的だし、思考も論理的なんだよね?
THW auction off the long-term right to govern bankrupt cities for profit
THW nationalize credit rating agencies
THW establish an international body that governs all distribution of oil

Rookie SFお兄ちゃん、everything is loveだよ
“Assuming the technology exists, THW allow individuals to see the end of their relationship before it begins

Assuming feasibility, THW remove sexual desire
Assuming feasibility, TH, as individuals, would abandon the concept of love

Rookie GFお兄ちゃん、ディベート以外の趣味ってあるの?
Given the trolley problem, THW pull the lever
THB in the right to die
THW ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy

(info slide)
The trolley problem is a thought experiment in ethics. The general form of the problem is this: There is a runaway trolley barreling down the railway tracks. Ahead, on the tracks, there are five people tied up and unable to move. The trolley is headed straight for them. You are standing some distance off in the train yard, next to a lever. If you pull this lever, the trolley will switch to a different set of tracks. However, you notice that there is one person on the side track. You have two options:
Do nothing, and the trolley kills the five people on the main track.
Pull the lever, diverting the trolley onto the side track where it will kill one person.
Which is the most ethical choice?

THBT International Monetary Institutions(IMF, WB, ADB, etc)should not fund Natural Resource Extraction Projects in countries with severe corruption
THS federalism in Syria
THBT assassination of dictators can be justified

THS antinatalism
TH prefers a world without religion
“TH regrets the dominant conception that “”humility is a virtue”””

(info slide)Antinatalism is a philosophical position that assigns a negative value to birth.

12th The Kansai (2016)
THW ban price gouging.
THBT the head of central bank should be directly chosen by citizens.
THBT government regulatory bodies should break up big banks which are deemed “too big to fail”.
THBT medical NGOs should not help “public enemies”.
THBT the ICC should not indict people for war crimes when the conflict is ongoing.
THBT OPEC should reduce its oil production/export.
THBT post-conflict societies should destroy all artwork created in support of a fallen dictator.
THBT states should subsideize movies which depict their important background such as history/culture/war.
TH regrets black prize winners or members from boycotting the Academy Awards.
THW ban court-martial.
THW limit the number of winning election.
THBT historically oppressed indigenous minorities should embrace and promote inaccurate but positive myths or beliefs about their culture.
Rookie SF
THW ban religious organizations from establishing schools
THBT the Pope should be prosecuted for the crimes of Roman Catholic priests.
THW ban religious charities from engaging in proselytization.
Info slide: Grindr is the dating web site which is exclusively for the gay and bisexual people.
TH supports women to use sexuality to get aids in times of natural disaster.
THBT the feminist movement should condemn celebrities who choose to continue to pursue a personal relationship with abusive partners.
TH, as the gay community, regrets the existence of Grindr.
Rookie GF
TH regrets the concept of border.
THBT liberal democracies should prevent dictatorships from researching on space technologies, including but not limited to launching rockets.
THBT states should be allowed to use assassination.
THBT Google, YouTube and Social Media websites should remove contents which it deems to insult religions.
TH regrets the ubiquity of images of human suffering on social media.
THW exempt journalists from civil and criminal penalties for defamation.
THW abolish income tax.
THBT states should be allowed to sell the portion of their territory to the MNCs.
THW ban non-state actors from hiring private military contractors.
Info slide: Moral radicalism refers to extreme do-gooders. These people are often driven by moral rage and a need to be of pure service to the world. E.g. one couple have 2 biological children and adopt 20 more kids who need a home.
TH opposes the dominant narrative “hard work always pays off”.
TH supports moral radicalism.
In post-conflict societies, THBT historical narratives sould be owned by the government.
11th The Kansai(2015)
Info Slide: A factory farm is a large, industrial operation that raises large numbers of animals for food. Over 99% of farm animals in the U.S. are raised in factory farms, which focus on profit and efficiency at the expense of animals’ welfare.
THW prohibit corporations from accessing criminal record of job applicants.
THW ban factory farming.
THW prohibit corporations from sponsoring academic research.

Round 2:
THBT the state should be obliged to help its citizens have romantic partners(恋人) (e.g. education, counseling, etc)
THW not convict battered wives who kill their husbands.
THBT sex education in schools should prioritize good sex over safe sex.

Round 3:
THBT developing countries should prioritize the education for the mass over the education for creating elites.
THBT the European Union should only direct aid to nations that pursue environmentally sustainable development.
THBT advanced countries should ban imports of consumer goods made by child labor.

Round 4:
THBT national sporting teams should reflect the diversity of the national population.
THW allow minorities to design and teach their own history curriculum in schools.
TH opposes demonstrations for minority rights in countries or areas where there is a risk of violent backlash against those involved.

Main Pre-QF, Rookie SF:
Info: Placebo is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to receive the recipient. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition, a phenomenon commonly called the placebo effect or placebo response. (Wikipedia)
THBT the state should illegalize medicines innovated through researches which are prohibited by domestic law.
THW not fund artificial reproductive technologies.
THW allow doctors to actively lie to their patients in order to create or augment a placebo effect.

Main QF:
THBT feminist movement should celebrate slut pride.
THBT feminist movement should condemn popular novels which glorify female submission (e.g., sado-masochism portrayed in Fifty Shades of Gray)
THBT feminist movement should oppose the policy of male-dominant companies (e.g., Facebook, Apple) paying female workers for freezing their eggs (cryopreservation) and not for methods which support working mothers

Rookie GF:
THW prosecute communities for complicity in honor killing.
THBT priests should report the confession of serious crimes to the police.
THBT criminal defendants should only be defended by a public attorney.

Main SF:
TH, as African countries, regrets the existence of natural resource in their territory.
THW require the ICC to allow a defense of “cultural relativism” to the crime of recruiting and using child soldiers.
THBT the Western intelligence agencies (such as CIA) should rig the elections of post conflict countries to ensure that moderates win.

Main GF:
Theme: “Perfect” Motions For Grand Final
Assuming that it’s possible, THW incapacitate human beings from making a lie
TH regrets the policy which benefits the current generation, but sacrifices greater benefit of the future generation (e.g., economic policy harming environment)
THW ban abortion at all stage of pregnancy

10th The Kansai (2014)
【R1】Theme: Kansai Loves Money 1)THW abolish income tax. 2)THW bail out failing foreign companies if they have a lot of employment in local area. 3)THW introduce sin tax on free-to-play online games.

R2】Theme: Family 1)THW deprive custody right from parents after their children spend a certain period of time at child care institution. 2)THBT child custody should be decided by children in divorcing if both parents are capable of caring. 3)THBT DNA paternity testing at birth should be mandatory.

【R3】Theme: Science & Technology 1)THBT those scientists who are found guilty of scientific misconduct (such as falsification or plagiarism) should give up on their academic careers. 2)THBT oil companies should not have patents on recyclable energies. 3)THBT technology which enhance human longevity should not develop anymore.

【R4】Theme: 海外で起きてるんだよ! 1)THBT Republic of Korea should not limit right to believe in / support access to North Korean Communism. 2)THW seek to introduce universal common historical facts in history education. 3)THBT it is legitimate for states to use aid as a way to get votes in international organizations.

【Main Pre-QF】Theme: the burden of obligation 1)THBT Medical NGOs should not help “Public enemies” (ex. terrorists, pirates, war criminal groups). 2)THBT civilian agencies (such as humanitarian NGO and Doctors without borders) should not ally with military. 3)THBT journalist should not write, use, spread “unconfirmed” rumors on their SNS.

【Main QF】Theme: Politics 1)THW always guarantee certain number of seats to the opposition party of the parliament. 2)THW deprive politicians, who recorded extremely low pledge implementation rate, of their right to run for election. 3)THBT politicians should not resign due to their personal problems, such as verbal gaffes, inappropriate relationship and so on.

【Rookie SF】Theme: 2014.2.8, Russia 1)THBT IOC should only focus on direct inspection rather than appealing campaigns of candidate countries in the process of decidinf the host of the Olympic games. 2)THW force all media companies to provide same amount of air time on both the Paralympic games and the Olympic games. 3)THW abolish subjective standards (ex. Artistry, Beauty) from the Olympic games.

【Rookie GF】Theme: Gender 1)THW abolish marital tax deduction. 2)THW ban advertisements which utilize traditional gender roles. 3)THBT female movements should oppose beauty contests.
9th The Kansai (2013)
R1 Theme:893
THW criminalize gang membership
THW ban film and music which glamorizes gang culture
THBT Japanese Government should tolerate certain criminal activities of Japanese “Yakuza” in exchange for fighting against foreign criminal organizations, such as the Chinese Triads

R2 Theme:Past, future, and afterlife
THBT state should forcefully expropriate historically important cultural relics and arts owned by private individual.
THBT the world should aim to create a single unified cosmopolitan language, and abolish all other languages
THW cap the amount of money family can spend on funerals

R3 Theme:Law and Order
THW introduce racial profiling by the police
In countries where euthanasia is legal, This house would allow prisoners, sentenced to life im prisonment, who is diagnosed with terminal illness to euthanize themselves.
In countries facing severe economical crisis, This house would impose a punishment by fine to non-violent criminals who would otherwise be sentenced to prison.

R4 Theme:Distributive Justice
THBT the International Court of Justice should divide and allocate disputed natural resources according to that countries level of fulfillment of international environmental agenda(such as the Kyoto Protocol)
THBT the Japanese government should forcefully allocate radioactive debris of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster to each and every loal community, even if citizen refuses.
THBT the Japanese government should forcefully expropriate farming land from small-scale farmer , and reallocate it to large-scale farmer.

Rookie QF  Theme:The Wealth of Nations
THW privatize the water industry
THWrecognize child labor as necessary evil for the development of third world nations.
THW appoint the head of central bank by a national election

Main QF Theme:Sovereignty (笑)
※ info:There are severe allegation against the Vatican bank for being complicit in money-laundering operations linked to the Italian Mafia
THBT the Italian Government should impose economical sanction against the Vatican State until it implements drastic reforms to clean up corruption within the Vatican Bank
THW recognize severely harming neighboring countries due to projects which massively damages the environment(such as the construction of dam by the Chinese government, in upper Mekong Basin), as equivalent to an act of war, and approve the use of military force to remove such cause of environmental degradation.
THBT multinational corporation which operates in developing countries should abide by the environmental/labor standard of its country of origin.

Main SF Theme: Eugenics
THW ban the abortion of fetuses on the grounds of their permanent disability
THW provide additional state support to people with severe genetic disorder, who choses to sterilize and not have any child
THW allow dwarf couples to use medical technology to ensure that they have dwarf offspring

Main GF Theme:GOD
TH opposes the rise of “Mega-churches” in the United States.
THBT the Japanese government should forcefully deprogram all former members of Aum-Shinrikyou, including members of “Aleph” and “The Circle of Rainbow Light”.
You have discovered the first-ever scientific evidence which irrefutably disproves the exitence of a God. THBT you should destroy it.

8th the Kansai (2012)
R1: THW give more votes to parents based on their children under legal age.
R2: THW abolish statute of limitation in all criminal cases.
R3: THW forcibly feed an anorexics
R4: THBT local government should prioritize domestic products or services
QF: THW abolish tenno system.
SF: THW universally ban private army contracts.
GF: THBT consential canibalism can be justified.
6th the Kansai (2009)
R1: THW withdraw English education from elementary school.
R2: THW protect the rights of the minority.
R3: THBT Switzerland should welcome more foreign laborers from EU area.
R4: THW ban the usage of cloning technology for pets.
QF+Rookie SF: THBT Japanese Government should not send the Self-Defence Forces abroad.
SF: THW introduce a national referendum for recalling Prime Minister.
Rookie GF: THW ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy.
GF: THW legalize euthanasia in Italy.

5th the Kansai (2008)
R1: THBT a company had better terminate the businesses if local people are forced to work under poor conditions.
R2: THW set a gap year between leaving school and starting university.
R3: THW correct gender disparity in rearing children.
R4: THW hate the use of private cars.
QF: THW introduce a tax system with a constant rate into income tax.
SF: THW introduce conscription.
GF: THW support the income of all commercial farm households.

4th the Kansai (2007)
R1: THW end ODA for China.
R2: THBT bullied children can choose death in some case.
R3: THBT Ethiopia should have not intervened in Somalia militarily.
R4: THW enforce payment.
QF: THW impose harsher punishment on celebrity.
SF: THW drive out companies when they violate quality of product.
GF: THW legalize abortion in Portugal.

3rd the Kansai (2006)
R1: THW let children choose their own teachers.
R2: THBT the French government should withdraw the First Job Contract(CPE).
R3: THW raise taxes on the rich.
R4: THW allow Iran to develop nuclear power.
QF: THW render local referenda legally binding.
SF: THBT children born of AID have the right to know their genetic parents.
GF: THW legalize prostitution.

2nd the Kansai (2005)
R1: THW found public schools for soccer.
R2: THW establish a public election system for the prime ministership.
R3: THW allow gay marriage.
R4: THW oblige the people in Japan to pay the fee for NHK.

1st the Kansai (2004)
R1: TH prefers the price of products including consumption tax.
R2: THW ban pornography.
R3: THW accept illegal immigrants.
SF: THBT the restriction of foreign trade should be based on scientific reasons.
GF: THW prohibit non-nuclear powers from possessing any material and technology related with nuclear weapons.