Wakaba Cup

Motions for Wakaba Cup

Wakaba Cup 2019
THW legalize organ transplant for profit


Assuming that love is quantifiable, THW prohibit couples who take low scores from getting married


THW introduce a female quota to the number of executive board of companies


THW introduce grade retention in compulsory education


THBT divorce should be recognized as a positive decision

Wakaba Cup 2018
R1 THBT schools should put students into classes according to their academic ability from the early stage of education
R2 THW provide welfare in the form of basic goods and services rather than cash payments
R3 THW allow donations of vital organs even at the expense of the donor’s life

R1 THW force both parents to take parental leave.
R2 THBT private activities of political candidates should never be disclosed by media.
R3 THW allow public servants to strike.

Wakaba Cup 2017
R1 THW ban gun
R2 THW introduce grade retention in compulsory education
R3 THW introduce performance enhancing drugs in international sporting events
R4 THW prohibit corporations from accessing criminal record of job applicants

R1 For the purpose of this motion, homeschooling is defined as a system where parents take a responsibility over the education of their children instead of schools. It’s different from a system where parents temporarily educate their children on behalf of the school under circumstances where the child is unable to go to school.
THW legalize homeschooling

R2 THW introduce environmental tax on all countries
R3 THW ban convicted criminals to narrate their crimes for media including but not limited to books, TVs, website or e.t.c.

Wakaba cup 2016
R1 THBT students with disabilities should be taught in the same class as everyone else.
R2 THW leagalize organ transpant for profit.
R3 THW make parental leave mandatory for both parents.
R4 THW prohibit developing countries from hosting international sporting events. (such as the Olympics, the World Cup, etc.)

Pre-Wakaba 2015
R1 Theme: Warming up
THW ban gun.
R2 Theme: Its up to you.
THW legalize euthanasia.
R3 Theme: バイト代は100万円を越さないようにしましょうby TD
THW legalize part-time job for junior high school students.

Wakaba cup 2015
R1 Theme: Now, let’s talk about “female right.”
THW introduce a female quota to the number of executive board of companies.
R2 Theme: Who’s responsible?
THW punish teachers when their students commit suicide due to bullying.
R3 Theme: Environment -Our blue planet-
THW impose environmental tax on all countries.
R4 Theme: Don’t be an information underdog.
THW prohibit journalists from going to the areas dominated by ISIS, such as Syria or Iraq.

Pre-Wakaba 2014
R1 THW ban combat sports.
R2 THW make voting mandatory.
R3 THW introduce environmental tax .

Wakaba cup 2014
R1 THW legalize organ transplant for profit.
R2 THW introduce grade retention in compulsory education.
R3 THBT doctors should tell their patients true condition of illness.
R4 THBT Japanese government should welcome immigrants.

R1 THW legalize marijuana
R2 THBT personality is more important than appearance in choosing boyfriend/girlfriend
R3 THW make high shcool students whose grades are poor pay for their own school fee
R4 THW deprive the elderly of their driver’s license
R1 THW raise tax on fatty food.
R2 THBT living together is better than living separately for student couples in university.
R3 THW ban anonymous writings on the Internet.
R4 THW introduce female quota to the parliament.
R1: THW also punish parents when their children commit a crime.
R2: THW ban combat sports.
R3: THBT finding a boyfriend or girlfriend at the same club is better than finding them at any other place.
R4: THBT Japanese government should abolish nuclear power plants.

R1: THW give students the right to choose their teachers.
R2: THW make voting compulsory.
R3: THBT a long-distance relationship is better than a short-distance relationship.
R4: THW introduce environmental tax.

R1: THW abolish school uniform.
R2: THW introduce compulsory voting.
R3: THBT having a roommate is better than living alone for university students.
R4: THW ban possession of gun.

R1: THBT it is better for a baseball player to go to abroad than staying in Japan.
R2: THW prohibit pornography.
R3: THW make volunteer compulsory in high school.
R4: THW ban possession of gun.

R1:THW allow corporal punishment for education.
R2:THW establish casinos.
R3:THBT going to the sea is better than going to the pool.
R4:THW legalize euthanasia.

R1: THW abolish nuclear power plants.
R2: THW make volunteer work compulsory in schools.
R3: THW prefer traveling abroad to traveling in Japan.
R4: THW impose tax on carbon dioxide.

R1: THBT internet is harmful for elementary school students.
R2: THW abolish death penalty.
R3: THBT university students should do part-time job.
R4: THW introduce parliamentary debate at school.