World Universities Peace Invitational Debate

Motions for WUPID
Motions for World Universities Peace Invitational Debate

World Universities Peace Invitational Debate 2012
R1: THW ban race-based parties.
R2: TH Supports A One Country, Two Systems Policy For China And Tibet.
R3: THBT any cyber attack that harms civilians or civilian infrastructure should be considered a war crime.
R4: THBT Encouraging women to withold sex to end conflicts is a good strategy.
R5:THW offer amnesty to assad in return of stepping down.
QF: THW allow minorities to design and teach their own history curriculum in schools
SF: THW restrict banks from paying their executives in years in which their institutions make a loss.
Final: THBT the UN should grant full membership status to Palestine

World Universities Peace Invitational Debate 2011
R1: TH would abolish permanent membership of the UN Security Council.
R2: With the benefit of hindsight, TH regrets awarding President Barrack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize.
R3: THBT Asia should welcome Chinese Military Expansion.
R4: THBT Malaysia should embrace the right to peaceful assembly.
R5: THBT The peaceful resolution of conflicts in South America must include the international legalization of cocaine.
QF: THBT the UN should insist on focused assassination attempts prior to approving wider military action for regime change.
SF: THBT all whistle blowers from the military should be given amnesty.
GF: THBT unfettered capitalism is the greatest obstacle to world peace.

World Universities Peace Invitational Debate 2010
R2. This house believe that there is no place for monarchy in a modern technology
SF. THBT the EU should abolish the euro.
GF. TH would support malaysia plan to develop nuclear energy.

World Universities Peace Invitational Debate 2009
R1: THBT There should be a limit on the number of terms that elected officials may serve
R2:THW support al-jazeera’s right to air their propaganda.
R3: THW abolish vernacular school in Malaysia
R4: THW suspend protest in new democracy
R5: THBT western nation should withdraw all military support from Pakistan.

World Universities Peace Invitational Debate 2008
R1: THBT Obama should close the Guantanamo Camp immediately.
R2: THBT it is time to close the borders to ecnomic migrants.
R3: THW eliminate compulsory service in Malaysia.
R4: THW legislate against the embedding of journalists.
R5: THW prosecute Robert Mugabe for crimes against humanity.
QF: THW bomb terrorist bases in Pakistan.
SF: THBT South American countries should nationalize their natural resources.
GF: THW use military force against Somali pirates.
World Universities Peace Invitational Debate 2007
R1: THW pursue a policy of constructive engagement with rogue states.
R2: THBT the state should only provide education in the medium of the first language.
R3: THBT civil disobedience is an integral part of a peaceful society.
R4: THW give the Kurds a homeland.
R5: THBT the Bolivarian revolution has failed.
QF: TH rejects the use of private military contractors.
SF: THW extend the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to cover peaceful nuclear programmes.
GF: THW allow fast-track membership to Serbia in EU for the independence to Kosovo